Which Hairstyle Suits Your Face

Choosing the right hair hairstyle can be a daunting task, as there are endless options available and not every hairstyle will suit your face shape. Your hairstyle can either enhance or detract from your overall look, making it essential to pick the right one. In this article, we will explore which hairstyles suit your face shape and provide you with some helpful tips to make sure you choose the best one for you.

Face Shapes and Characteristics:

The first step in choosing the perfect hairstyle is to determine your face shape. There are seven different face shapes that are commonly recognized by hairstylists: oval, round, square, oblong, heart, diamond, and triangle. Here is a brief introduction to each of them:

1. Oval Face Shape:

Oval face shapes are considered to be the most versatile, as they have balanced features and can pull off almost any hairstyle. The length of the face is about one and a half times the width, with a gently curved jawline and forehead.

2. Round Face Shape:

Round face shapes have soft, circular features and a cheeky appearance. The length and width of the face are nearly equal, and the jawline is less defined, creating a rounded appearance.

3. Square Face Shape:

Square face shapes have a strong jawline and forehead, comparable width, and fixed angles along the corners of the face.

4. Oblong Face Shape:

Oblong face shapes are long and narrow, with a pointy chin and straight cheekbones. They often have a high forehead and elongated facial features.

5. Heart Face Shape:

Heart face shapes are characterized by their broad foreheads and narrow chins, giving the face a ā€œVā€ shape. They have a delicate jawline and cheekbones that are similar to those of an oval face.

6. Diamond Face Shape:

Diamond face shapes have a narrow forehead and chin, with a wider cheekbone area. The diamond face shape may have a pointed or rounded chin.

7. Triangle Face Shape:

Triangle face shapes have a wide forehead and a narrow chin, opposite of the heart face shape. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face.

Once you know your face shape, it’s important to consider the following factors:

The length of your hair: If you have a round face shape, it is best to avoid short bobs or cuts, as it will make your face appear more round. Women with square face shapes should avoid very long cuts that can add to the squareness of the face. Heart-shaped faces should avoid short cuts, as it can make the forehead appear larger.

The texture of your hair: The texture of your hair will also play a significant role in determining the best style. Thin and fine hair can appear more voluminous by adding layers or bangs, while thick hair may look better with longer cuts.

The style of your hair: If you have a diamond face shape, try to avoid hairstyles that accentuate the sharp angles. Women with heart-shaped faces are encouraged to wear hairstyles that balance the forehead and chin.

The color of your hair: The color of your hair can also affect the way your face shape is perceived. Darker colors tend to make the face appear more defined and smaller, while lighter colors can make the face appear larger.

Hairstyles To Consider Based On Your Face Shape:

1. Oval Face Shape:

Women with oval face shapes can experiment with any haircut style as long as they are proportional to their facial features. The classic bob is perfect for oval faces as it adds volume and movement without overwhelming the features.

2. Round Face Shape:

Layers are highly recommended for women with round face shapes as they add volume and length. The short bob is not recommended as it can make the face appear more round. Long hair with waves is an excellent option for a softer appearance.

3. Square Face Shape:

Soft, layered cuts are great for enhancing square-shaped faces. Women with square faces can try a medium or long cut with layers or side-swept bangs to soften the sharp angles of the jawline.

4. Oblong Face Shape:

Medium-length haircuts that end at the collarbone will suit oblong face shapes perfectly. Long layers and beachy waves will help create volume and movement.

5. Heart Face Shape:

Side-swept bangs and chin-length haircuts are perfect for balancing out the broad forehead and narrow chin. Soft layers will also work well by framing the face.

6. Diamond Face Shape:

Short haircuts are perfect for diamond face shapes as they draw attention to the cheekbones. A pixie cut or cropped bob will add a soft touch to a sharp face shape.

7. Triangle Face Shape:

Layers, curls, and waves are ideal for triangle face shapes. They help balance out the face and draw attention upwards toward the cheekbones. Mid-length cuts or longer are great options as short hairstyles can make the jawline appear even wider.


1. Is there any hairstyle that suits every face shape?

There is no specific hairstyle that will compliment every face shape. However, side-swept bangs look great with every facial structure and can be played around with to suit your individual face shape.

2. Can I opt for shorter hair if I have a round face shape?

If you have a round face shape, you should avoid very short haircuts as they make the face appear rounder. Opt for long or medium-length haircuts with layers, particularly around the chin and collarbone area.

3. What hair color suits my face shape?

Darker hair colors tend to make the face appear smaller and more defined, while lighter hair colors can make the face appear larger. People with oval face shapes can try any hair color, while others should follow this guideline to choose the best one for them.

4. What factors should I consider when choosing a hairstyle?

The length, texture, style, and color of your hair are critical factors to consider when choosing a hairstyle that will compliment your face shape best.

In conclusion, your face shape plays a crucial role in determining which hairstyle you should choose. It is essential to understand the characteristics of your face shape and what will work best for it. The right hairstyle will help enhance your natural features and bring out your best self.

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