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It’s a fact that both men and women want to look their best at all times, and one of the first things people notice about someone is their hair. Your hairstyle not only reflects your personality but also plays a significant role in enhancing your overall physical appearance. With different hairstyles available today, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect one that suits you and reflects your personality. However, this article aims to educate you on selecting the perfect hairstyle that suits you, and provides answers to some frequently asked questions about men’s hairstyles.

Factors to Consider Before Selecting Your Hairstyle

1. Face Shape

Your face shape is an essential factor to consider when choosing the right hairstyle that suits you. There are six primary face shapes: square, round, oval, rectangle, diamond, and heart-shaped faces. Each face shape has its unique features, and a suitable hairstyle will enhance those features. For instance, men with a square face should opt for a haircut with sharp angles to balance their facial features. An Oval-shaped face has almost no limitations, and most hairstyles will work. However, men with a round face should consider a haircut with some length on the top to create an illusion of a longer face.

2. Hair Texture

Your hair texture is another vital factor to consider when selecting a stylish haircut. Hair texture refers to the thickness or fineness of your hair and is generally categorized into thin, medium, and thick. The thickness of your hair will determine the ideal haircut style that will work for you. For instance, a textured crop will work perfectly for men with thin and fine hair, while a buzz cut style suits men with thick and curly hair.

3. Hair Type

There are three primary hair types – straight, wavy, and curly. Your hair type is another essential factor to consider when choosing the perfect hairstyle. Men with straight hair can sport a classic undercut or a side part to create a thicker and more voluminous look. On the other hand, men with wavy and curly hair should consider longer hairstyles that enhance their hair’s natural wave pattern.

4. Profession

Your profession or occupation is another important factor to consider when choosing a hairstyle. It is essential to choose a style that will suit your work environment. For men in corporate organisations, a polished and neat hairstyle works best, while a more relaxed and trendy hairstyle will suffice for men in creative industries.

5. Lifestyle

Your lifestyle, interests, and personality are significant factors to consider when selecting the right hairstyle. Choose a style that reflects your personality and interests. If you are an adventurous person, a more daring or unique hairstyle can work best. For instance, a slicked-back undercut or a bold mohawk can make a fashion statement while reflecting your adventurous personality.

Best Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes

1. Oval Face

Men with an oval-shaped face have a rounded forehead and jawline, and most haircuts will work perfectly for them. Men with oval-shaped faces should consider a classic undercut, pompadour, Caesar cut, or textured fringe.

2. Square Face

Men with a square-shaped face have sharp angles and a square jawline. The ideal haircuts for men with a square face are those that soften the sharp features and balance the symmetry of their face. A textured crop, crew cut, or a side part styles work perfectly.

3. Round Face

Men with a round-shaped face have a rounded forehead and chin, with no sharp angles. The ideal haircut should add definition and create an illusion of an oval-shaped face. A short back and sides haircut with some length on the top or a side part can help create a sharp look.

4. Rectangle Face

Men with a rectangle-shaped face have a longer face with defined angles. The best hairstyle for a rectangle-shaped face should help create a proportional balance with some symmetry. A textured crop or short back and sides with a side part work perfectly.

5. Diamond Face

Men with a diamond-shaped face have narrower foreheads and jawlines with defined cheekbones. The ideal haircut should help balance facial features and add symmetry. A side part, textured crop, or a sleek Pompadour works great.

6. Heart-Shaped Face

Men with a heart-shaped face have a wider forehead and more angular jawline. The ideal hairstyle should create a proportional balance and add some volume to the upper head. A slicked-back hairstyle, fringe, or a messy quiff works great for men with a heart-shaped face.


1. What hairstyle is in trend in 2021?

The undercut, textured crop, and messy quiff are in trend in 2021.

2. Which is the best hairstyle for a corporate office?

A classic undercut or a side part hairstyle works best for men in corporate environments.

3. How often should I cut my hair?

It is best to cut your hair every four to six weeks to maintain its shape and style.

4. Which hair product should I use for my hairstyle?

The hair product to use depends on your hairstyle. For instance, a textured crop requires a matte hair wax or pomade, while a slicked-back hairstyle requires a classic hair gel.

5. Should I dye my hair?

Dyeing your hair is a personal choice but consider your skin tone and the condition of your hair before making this decision.


In conclusion, choosing the perfect hairstyle that suits you and reflects your personality can be a challenging task. However, with an understanding of your face shape, hair texture, hair type, profession, and lifestyle, you can select the perfect haircut that enhances your physical appearance. Ensure you also frequently ask your stylist for recommendations and advice on the best hairstyle that works for you.

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