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Finding the perfect hairstyle is essential for looking your best, but with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one. The type of hair, face shape, and age can all impact which hairstyle will suit you best. This article aims to provide male readers with a guide on how to choose the perfect hairstyle for them.

Face Shape

A person’s face shape plays a significant role in determining which hairstyle suits them. There are six primary face shapes: round, square, oval, oblong, heart, and diamond.

For men with a round face, it is best to choose a hairstyle that adds length and fullness to the top of the head while keeping the sides short. A side part and comb-over can elongate the face and balance the features. Men with a square face should opt for a hairstyle that features short sides and a full top with a side-swept fringe to soften the sharp angles. Those with an oval face can pull off almost any hairstyle, but a layered cut with texture on the top and sides would add dimension and body. Men with an oblong face should opt for hairstyles with shorter sides and volume on the crown of the head. A side-swept fringe is also an excellent option, as it helps to make the face appear wider. A heart-shaped face, on the other hand, looks best with a more extended top and shorter sides. A textured fringe will add volume and balance the proportions. Finally, men with a diamond face shape should aim for hairstyles that add volume to the top of the head, like a pompadour or quiff.

Hair Type and Texture

Another thing to consider when choosing the perfect hairstyle is hair type and texture. Each type has its characteristics, and it’s essential to choose a style that works for the hair type and texture.

For example, those with fine, straight hair should opt for a shorter cut that adds volume on top. Layers and texture can also help to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Men with thick, straight hair can achieve a sleek and modern style with a straight fringe and short sides. Layers are less necessary in this case. Men with curly hair should look for hairstyles that accentuate their natural texture, such as a longer cut with shorter sides or a messy textured look. Men with wavy hair should opt for a style that helps to enhance the waves, like a side-parted comb-over.


Age also plays a role in determining the perfect hairstyle. As men get older, their hair tends to thin out, and some may suffer from hair loss. In such cases, it is essential to choose a hairstyle that works with the hair you have.

For instance, older men with thinning hair should avoid wearing hairstyles that are too long or have a lot of layers, as this can highlight hair loss. A crew cut or buzz cut is an excellent option as it hides hair thinning. A side-parted comb-over or a slicked-back look adds volume and texture to aging hair. Men with grey hair can embrace it by wearing a natural style that emphasizes the grey strands. Classic styles like a side part and a short-back-and-sides cut are timeless and suit all ages.


Q: What hairstyle should I wear for an interview?
A: A classic, clean hairstyle is ideal for interviews. Opt for a side-parted style or a short-back-and-sides cut that is neat and tidy.

Q: Can men with receding hairlines wear long hairstyles?
A: Men with receding hairlines should avoid wearing long hairstyles as this will draw attention to the hair loss. Instead, choose a shorter, textured cut that adds volume and body.

Q: How often should I cut my hair?
A: It varies from person to person and also depends on the hairstyle. A shorter hairstyle may require more frequent trims to maintain the shape, while longer styles can go for several months between cuts. An average of six weeks between cuts is a good guideline.


Choosing the perfect hairstyle can be challenging, but it is essential to consider factors such as face shape, hair type and texture, and age. Ultimately, the best hairstyle is one that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and consult your stylist for advice and recommendations. With the right hairstyle, you can look and feel your best.

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