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Hairstyles are an essential aspect of a man’s overall appearance and personality. A well-groomed hairstyle can significantly enhance a man’s look and boost his confidence. However, choosing the best hairstyle can be challenging, especially when you have no clue which style suits you best. This article aims to provide guidelines and tips on how to choose the best hairstyle for your unique facial characteristics, using the male upload photo technique.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hairstyle

When picking a hairstyle, some factors have to be considered to determine the best suited for an individual. Here are some of the essential factors:

1. Face shape – An individual’s face shape has a massive impact on the overall appearance of the hairstyle. It is essential to note the appropriate hairstyle that suits your face shape- round, square, heart, or oval.

2. Hair type – The hair type varies as some men have thick, thin, curly, fine, or coarse hair. It’s crucial to choose the right hairstyle based on the hair type to enhance the style and ensure easy maintenance.

3. Lifestyle – Your lifestyle should be a significant factor when picking a hairstyle; busy men who rarely have time for proper grooming should opt for a low maintenance hairstyle.

4. Hair color – The hair color is also a critical factor in choosing the best hairstyle. It is recommended to select colors that complement your skin tone and blend perfectly.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle Using Male Upload Photo Technique

The male upload photo technique is a simple and effective tool that can be used to determine the best hairstyle for an individual. Using this technique requires a recent and clear picture of the individual’s face. Here are some tips on how to use the male upload photo technique:

1. Analyze your face shape.

It is crucial to establish what your face shape is before picking a hairstyle. To do this, take a front-facing photo of your face and compare it against the following face shapes:

a. Round: a relatively short forehead, wide cheeks, and soft jawline.
b. Oval: the forehead is slightly wider than the chin, and the face narrows gradually towards the jawline.
c. Square: prominent jawline, square jaw, and forehead proportions with a strong shape.
d. Heart-shaped: wide forehead and cheekbones, and a narrow chin.

2. Choose the appropriate hairstyle based on your face shape.

a. Round face shape: Round faces benefit more from hairstyles that minimize roundness, creating angles and elongating the face’s appearance. Good hairstyles include short haircuts with natural waves, texture on top, and a coupled taper fade, pompadours with a side-parted haircut or soft bangs, and a rugged undercut or a top section with sleek trimmed sides.

b. Oval face shape: Oval face shape has the perk of looking fantastic with almost every style of hair. However, it is ideal to opt for hairstyles that maintain the natural proportions of the face and add texture to create volume. Good options include buzzcuts, quiffs, fringe hairstyles, side parts, and slicked back hairstyles.

c. Square face shape: Square faces call for haircuts that soften the facial feature and remove the prominent facial angles. Good options include classic side parts, textured crew cuts, messy spikes, short haircuts with a taper fade or undercut on the sides, and medium-length haircuts like flowing fringe or side-swept bangs.

d. Heart-shaped face shape: Heart-shaped faces benefit from hairstyles that add width to the jawline, emphasize the cheekbones, and minimize the forehead’s size. Good options include top-heavy haircuts like quiffs, messy crops, and wispy bangs, off-center parts, and low fades or textured sides.

3. Consider Hair Type and Texture.

a. Thick hair types: Men with thick hair types should choose haircuts that embrace the hair’s thickness and create dimension. Good hairstyle options include high fades, layered haircuts, textured crops, and side-parted haircuts.

b. Thin hair types: Men with thin hair types should choose haircuts that create volume and texture to add volume to the hair. Good hairstyle options include quiffs, fades, fringes, short and textured haircuts, and layered medium-length hairstyles.

c. Curly hair types: Curly hair types require haircuts that enhance natural curls while embracing the hair’s texture and depth. Good hairstyle options include fades, textured afros with tapered sides, short to medium haircuts with curls on top, and layered haircuts with textured trimmed sides.

d. Coarse hair types: Coarse hair types require haircuts that add shape and texture, eliminating dryness and frizz. Good hairstyle options include short-to-medium fades; angular fringes, lined undercuts, layered crops and brushed back styles.


Q: Can I change my hairstyle often?

Yes, one can change hairstyles as many times as they like. Experimenting with different styles leads to a dynamic and attractive appearance. However, it is essential to avoid changing hairstyles abruptly or too often, as it could lead to hair damage.

Q: Does hair color matter when choosing a hairstyle?

Yes, hair color plays a significant role when choosing a hairstyle. Choosing the right color can enhance your overall appearance and complement your skin tone.

Q: How important is hair maintenance after choosing a haircut?

Maintaining your hair is crucial after picking a haircut. Maintaining your hair helps enhance your appearance, promote hair growth, and keep hair in good condition. Proper hair maintenance includes regular shampooing, conditioning, and trimming the hair.


The male upload photo technique is an innovative and straightforward method to help find the best hairstyle that suits an individual’s unique facial features- face shape, hair type, hair color, and lifestyle. Choosing a perfect hairstyle is a crucial part of grooming for men, and this article highlights the essential factors to consider before choosing a hairstyle. It is essential to remember to choose a hairstyle that suits you best, enhances your appearance, and provides you with the confidence you need.

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