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Choosing the perfect hairstyle can be a difficult task as it is essential to find the style that compliments your facial features, lifestyle, and personality. With so many hairstyles available today, it can be overwhelming to determine which hairstyle will be best for you. In this article, we will be discussing the factors that help determine which hairstyle suits you the best.

Face shape:

Determining your face shape is the first step toward finding the most suitable hairstyle for you. Different face shapes require diverse hairstyles, and once you determine your face shape, it becomes easy to find the right style. Typically, there are six face shapes – square, heart, diamond, oval, round, and oblong.
– Oval face: An oval face works with almost every hairstyle.
– Round face: For a round face, a hairstyle with a lot of layers and volume on the top is an excellent option.
– Square face: The square face requires a hairstyle that softens the angles, adding texture to the hair works great.
– Heart face: Heart-shaped faces require a hairstyle that adds volume to balance the face, with a deep side parting.
– Oblong face: For an oblong face, short to medium haircuts with side-swept bangs work the best.
– Diamond face: Chic layered hairstyles work great for a diamond face shape with soft wavy or curly locks that frame the face elegantly.

Hair texture:

Another crucial factor to consider while choosing a hairstyle is the natural texture of your hair. Each texture requires different hairstyles that work best for that type. Here are a few options for different hair textures:
– Fine hair: For fine hair, a layered bob cut works outstanding, as it creates the illusion of thick hair.
– Thick hair: Thick hair requires haircuts with a lot of layering to reduce the heavy bulk, which could make your hair look undesirable.
– Wavy hair: For wavy hair, go for a shoulder-length haircut, with a lot of texture through the ends.
– Curly hair: Curly hair requires haircuts that define and enhance the natural curls. A shoulder-length cut with a lot of layers works well.
– Straight hair: Straight hair can allow you to have a range of haircuts, such as choppy layers, a classic bob cut, or a sleek the blunt style.


Lastly, lifestyle plays a significant role in determining the perfect hairstyle for you. Your hair should match your lifestyle and be practical. For instance, if you have a busy schedule, having a low-maintenance hairstyle might work best for you. If you frequently visit the gym, having a hairstyle that works well with sweat and is pulled back can be suitable.


1. Q: Can I pull off a short haircut even if I have a round face?
A: Yes, you can pull off a short haircut with a round face. The round face shape works well with a crop cut, which shows off more of your face, framing it nicely.

2. Q: I have fine hair, which hairstyle would work the best for me?
A: For fine hair, a layered bob cut works best, as it creates the illusion of thick hair. Allowing you to keep the length while also adding volume, this will give your hair more depth and texture.

3. Q: I have curly hair, and I desire to have it straightened. Should I take the step?
A: Whether you should straighten your curly hair or not depends on your hair’s health. Straightening your hair with frequent heat can make it more susceptible to breakage and damage. However, if you are willing to commit to a great hair care regime to protect it, like deep conditioning treatments and heat protectants, then go for it.

4. Q: I am not sure what style to choose for my wedding day. How do I choose?
A: The best way to choose a style for your wedding day is to try out different hairstyles you might have in mind beforehand. This way, you can see what style compliments your dress and overall wedding theme. A hairstylist can also help you decide.


Choosing the best hairstyle for you requires you to assess your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle. Each of these factors plays a crucial role in determining the best hairstyle for you. Remember to take the time to research and try different hairstyles to see what works best for you. Finally, working with a hairstylist can assist you in determining the hairstyle that compliments your features and style well.

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