What Type Of Hairstyle Fits My Face

When deciding on a new hairstyle, one of the most important factors to consider is your face shape. The right hairstyle can enhance your best features and balance out any less desirable traits, while the wrong one can have the opposite effect. So how do you determine what type of hairstyle fits your face? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Determine Your Face Shape

Before you can choose a flattering hairstyle, you need to determine your face shape. There are six common face shapes:

– Round: a short, wide face with full cheeks and a rounded jawline
– Oval: a face that’s longer than it is wide, with balanced features and a slightly rounded jawline
– Square: a face with a broad forehead and a strong, angular jawline
– Heart: a face with a broad forehead and cheekbones and a narrow chin
– Diamond: a face with pointed cheekbones and a narrow forehead and jawline
– Oblong: a face that’s longer than it is wide, with balanced features and a straight or slightly rounded jawline

If you’re not sure which face shape you have, stand in front of a mirror and use a washable marker or lipstick to trace the outline of your face. Then, step back and compare your drawing to the six face shapes listed above.

2. Consider Your Hair Texture and Type

In addition to your face shape, your hair texture and type also play a role in determining the best hairstyle for you. Generally speaking, fine, straight hair looks best in shorter styles, while thicker, wavier or curly hair can handle longer lengths and more layers. However, there are exceptions to this rule, so take your personal preferences into account.

3. Choose a Style That Flatters Your Features

Now that you know your face shape and hair type, it’s time to choose a hairstyle that flatters your features. Here are some guidelines for each face shape:

– Round: Avoid hairstyles that add volume to the sides of your face, as they can make it appear wider. Instead, opt for styles that add height and length, such as long layers, a deep side part, or a layered bob that hits just below the chin.
– Oval: Lucky you, oval faces can wear just about any hairstyle! Experiment with different lengths and styles to find your perfect look.
– Square: Soften a strong jawline with hairstyles that create volume around the crown of your head, such as a layered pixie cut or long layers that start at the collarbone.
– Heart: Balance a wide forehead and narrow chin with a style that draws attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Shoulder-length waves or a layered bob with side-swept bangs are great options.
– Diamond: Highlight your cheekbones and balance your forehead and jawline with styles that add volume at the crown and narrow at the chin. Try a short, layered cut or a mid-length hairstyle with lots of layers.
– Oblong: Create the illusion of width with styles that add volume to the sides of your face, like a wavy lob or a short, layered cut with side-swept bangs.

4. Experiment with Length, Layers, and Bangs

Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on your face shape and hair type, you can experiment with different lengths, layers, and bangs to find your perfect style. Keep in mind that the length and weight of your hair will affect how your face looks, so don’t be afraid to make changes until you find a hairstyle that makes you feel confident and beautiful.


Q: Can I wear bangs with any face shape?
A: Yes, but the type of bangs you choose should be based on your face shape. For example, lighter, wispy bangs work well for round or heart-shaped faces, while long, side-swept bangs flatter square or diamond-shaped faces.

Q: Does hair color affect how a hairstyle looks on me?
A: Yes, hair color can affect how a hairstyle looks on you. Lighter hair colors tend to highlight the texture and layers of a style, while darker colors can make hair look thicker and more voluminous.

Q: Can I still wear long hair if I have a round face?
A: Yes, you can still wear long hair if you have a round face, but it’s important to choose a style that adds height and length to your face. Layers and long bangs can help achieve this effect.

In conclusion, choosing a hairstyle that fits your face shape is crucial to looking and feeling your best. By considering your face shape, hair type, and personal preferences, you can find a style that flatters your features and highlights your unique beauty.

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