What Not To Wear Hairstyle

What Not To Wear Hairstyle

The world of fashion and style has evolved over time, and one aspect that has consistently remained a crucial part of the fashion industry is hair. The right hairstyle can amplify your overall look and give you the confidence boost you need to conquer your daily activities.

On the flip side, choosing a wrong hairstyle can ruin your appearance, making you look disheveled and unkempt, and ultimately affect your confidence level. That’s why it’s important to know what does not work when it comes to hairstyles.

In this article, we’ll be sharing what not to wear hairstyle-wise and giving you an in-depth guide to making the right choices for your hair.

1. Overly Long Hair

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to hair is keeping it too long. While long hair can be pretty and glamorous, it is not suitable for everyone and can be unflattering. Long hair can make you look unkempt, age you, and bring attention to your flaws.

If you have long hair, you don’t have to chop it all off, but you can consider a mid-length style that is manageable and suitable for your face shape and lifestyle.

2. Bowl Cuts

Bowl cuts became popular in the 80s and 90s, and while they are a blast from the past, they do not translate well in today’s fashion industry. Bowl cuts are unflattering, make your head appear rounder, and bring attention to your ears and jawline.

3. Excessive Teasing

Teasing your hair to add volume is an excellent technique, but excessive teasing is a hairstyle mistake to avoid. Excessive teasing can damage your hair, making it weak and prone to breakage.

Additionally, it can make you appear older than you are and bring attention to your flaws. Instead, opt for a more subtle tease that looks natural and enhances your hair’s overall appearance.

4. Unkempt Hair

Unkempt hair is never in style and is a hairstyle mistake to avoid. Unkempt hair can make you look unprofessional, lazy, and disheveled. Regardless of how busy you are, taking care of your hair is essential to looking presentable.

Ensure to maintain the cleanliness of your hair, brush it daily, and groom it appropriately. Creating a hair routine that works for you is essential for healthy hair care.

5. Elaborate Braids

Elaborate braids, such as those that involve intricate designs or multiple braids, are in fashion. However, they are not suitable for everyone. Elaborate braids can make people with round faces appear fuller and make their heads appear disproportionate.

Instead, opt for simpler braids that are more natural and flatter your facial structure.

6. Overly Straight Hair

Straight hair can be alluring. Still, overly straight hair is a hairstyle mistake to avoid because it tests how authentic it looks on you. Furthermore, overly straight hair can make your hair look unnatural and take away from your overall appearance.

Instead of going for flat ironed hair, opt for a moderate straightening technique with soft curls to avoid looking rigid.


Q: Can I have a pixie cut if I have a round face?

A: Yes, a pixie cut can flatter a round face but ensure to add some volume to your hair to give the appearance of elongated features.

Q: Is adding hair extensions a good idea?

A: Hair extensions can add volume and length to your hair, but ensure to choose extensions that blend with your natural hair to avoid looking fake.

Q: Are bangs suitable for everyone?

A: Bangs are suitable for most people, although it’s important to ensure that it’s the right type of bangs for your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle.

Q: How can I tell which hairstyle is best suited for me?

A: Consider your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle when choosing a hairstyle. Additionally, consult a hairstylist for expert advice on which hairstyle is most flattering for you.


Hairstyles are a vital aspect of fashion, and what not to wear hairstyle-wise is crucial knowledge for anyone looking to revamp their style. Avoiding the common hairstyle mistakes we’ve outlined in this article will ensure that you’re making the right choices for your overall appearance. Remember, taking care of your hair is an essential aspect of your daily routine, and having a hairstyle that works for you can give you the confidence boost you need to conquer the world.

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