What Kind Of Hairstyle Suits My Face

Hairstyle is one of the main things that can affect your overall appearance. A haircut can either enhance or detract from your face’s natural characteristics. For this reason, it is essential to choose a hairstyle that will flatter your facial features and complement your personality. But how can you determine what kind of hairstyle suits your face? In this article, we will explore the different face shapes and the ideal haircuts for each one.

Understanding Face Shapes

Before we delve into the various types of hairstyles for different face shapes, we must first understand face shapes. Faces come in different shapes, but experts generally classify faces into six shapes:

1. Oval Face
2. Round Face
3. Square Face
4. Heart-Shaped Face
5. Diamond Face
6. Oblong Face

To figure out your face shape, stand in front of a mirror and look straight on. Use a washable marker to draw the outline of your face shape. Then, compare the shape with the dimensions of each of the above face shapes. Once you have identified your face shape, you can proceed to find out what hairstyle suits you best.

What Kind of Hairstyle For Oval Face?

An oval face is typically longer than it is wide, with a forehead that is slightly wider than the chin. If you have an oval face shape, you’re in luck since almost every haircut works for this type of face. However, some hairstyles flatter oval faces better than others.

Best Hairstyles for Oval Face

– Long Layers: Long layers bring out the best in oval faces, creating volume and movement around the face. Long hair with layers starting from the cheekbones or chin can accentuate your features by framing your face properly.
– Pixie Cut: Short haircuts like the pixie cut can look great on people with oval faces. Pixie cuts with choppy layers and flicked-out ends can make your face appear rounder than it is.
– Loose Waves: Adding some waves or curls to your hair will add volume to your hair and add texture to any straight hair. A messy bun can look amazing and effortless as well, especially on women with a long or thin face.
– Bob Cut: The bob cut is another great option for people with oval faces. With a bob, you can add some volume and direction to your hair, highlighting your facial features without hiding them.


Since oval faces are symmetrical, they are devoid of sharp angles that need softening. So there are not many hairstyles that oval faces should avoid. However, try to avoid overly long hair that covers the face as it can hide the proportion of the face, or a middle-parting as it can also make the face look wider.

What Kind of Hairstyle For Round Face?

Round faces are typically as wide as they are long, without many angles. The goal of a haircut for a round face is to create angles and lift around the face.

Best Hairstyles for Round Face

– Pixie Cut: Shorter haircuts, especially how the Pixie cut, can help create height, and angles that keep the focus on the features. Pixie with wispy cuts, feathered layers, and nape undercut can work wonders in elongating your face.
– Bob Cut: The bob cut, particularly longer cuts, can also be flattering to women with round faces. Bobs works if the front pieces of hair are a bit longer than the back as it will draw the eye downwards, lengthening the face.
– Long Layers: Long layers sliced at an angle toward the front work really well in creating accents that shape a round face. The wispy layers can visually slim the face.
– Side-Swept Bangs: A parted fringe with a deep side-swept bang can create the illusion of a slimmer face.


Unfortunately, many hairstyles can make your face look rounder, and these are the hairstyles you should avoid. A one-length cut that’s straight around the edges would be too blunt with little-to-no facial framing. Avoid curls or ringlets that maintain the roundness.

What Kind of Hairstyle For Square Face?

The square face has a strong and angular jawline, with width and a straight hairline.

Best Hairstyles for Square Face

– Long Layers and Waves: Curled, wavy layers can soften a square face and draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Having a side-fringe with long layers around the face can add even more of a roundage to the jawline.
– Pixie: If you have a squared jawline, it’s best to create volume up top. Don’t take the cut too short, and also try out different layers that add a bit of direction. Tormented layers and volume up top can work wonderfully.
– Bob Cut: A shoulder-length bob that ends around the shoulders works great for square faces. The blunt cut can minimize the sharpness of the jawline. As long as the mid-lengths are angled for a little bit of roundness towards the face, you’re good to go.
– Side-Parted Soft Braid: A messy, swept-back, or side-parted braid can soften the square angles and add texture and dimension.


Square faces should avoid bluntly cut and angular hairstyles. Center parts, straight bob haircuts, and straight bangs are a big no-no.

What Kind of Hairstyle For Heart-Shaped Face?

The heart-shaped face has a wider forehead, narrows at the cheeks, and then narrows further at the chin. This caused by a sharp jawline.

Best Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Face

– Side-Swept Bangs: Side-swept bangs that fall onto the forehead can soften the forehead’s width and distract from the pointy chin. Asymmetrical bangs, layered bobs, and choppy bangs to either side can all work.
– Long Layers: If you’re in the mood for length, long, subtle layers can give balance to the heart-shaped face and create the illusion of an oval shaped one. Cascading layers and subtle waves can provide balance to the face shape and can all provide great movement.
– Chin-Length Bob Cut: A textured, wispy chin-length bob that sweeps slightly forward in the front creates balance even more.
– Pixie Cut: A short-textured cut with choppy pieces framing the ears or a soft shag can work wonders on a heart-shaped face.


Heart-shaped faces should avoid too much volume around the crown of the head or on the sides of the face. Heavy, blunt bangs, too short layers, and chin-length bobs angled toward the chin are all styles you should avoid.

What Kind of Hairstyle For Diamond Face?

The diamond-shaped face is similar to an oval face, but the forehead and chin endpoints are sharp, with a pointed chin.

Best Hairstyles for Diamond Face

– Pixie Cut: For all the edgy women out there, a pixie can hug the diamond-shaped face in fantastic ways. Pixies work well on a diamond-shaped face as long as the hairstyle adds volume to the temple or crown area.
– Long Layers: A long, loose, and layered hair ending in a V-shape at the collarbone will look great on a diamond-shaped face. Tucking the hair behind one ear can put the narrowest part of the face on display.
– Bob Cut: The angled bob that thins at the edges can help soften the angles and bring out the eyes. As long as the length goes below the chin, it will look great.
– Softly Swept Bangs: Blunt bangs look too severe in a diamond-shaped face, but soft, side-swept bangs add a touch of balance.


Diamond-shaped faces should avoid the slick hairstyle, severe straight-across bangs, too much volume at the crown, and jaw-length thick blunt cuts as they emphasize an already long and wide face.

What Kind of Hairstyle For Oblong Face?

Oblong shaped faces have an elongated and narrow shape that’s often characterized by high foreheads and pointed chins.

Best Hairstyles for Oblong Face

– Side-Swept Bangs: Bangs that sweep across part of the face can shorten an oblong-shaped face as a style. The bangs should be long and thin, as heavy or square-cut bangs can widen, not shorten the face.
– Long Layers: Long layers which start mid-way down the hair, can appear to elongate the neck and make the proportions of the face work together.
– Lob Cut: The long bob exposes the neck, enhancing the face’s shape’s proportions. Lob cuts with hair that’s shorter in the back and longer in the front can also help create volume and body.
– Pixie Cut with Fringes: A short edgy cut around the ears drives attention away from the length of your face.


Oblong-shaped faces should avoid straight hairstyles that fall past the shoulder. A straight centre part is also another style to stay away from because it creates a long, narrow look.


1. How do I determine my face shape?

You can use a washable marker to draw the outline of your face shape on a mirror and then compare it to each of the six face shapes identified in this article.

2. Can any hairstyle work for my face shape?

Every face shape can work with the right hairstyle, but some haircuts may flatter one face shape more than others.

3. Can hair color help suit my face shape?

Yes, hair color can help suit your face shape. Darker hair color can slim round and oval faces, while lighter hair color adds width to narrow faces.

4. Should I ask my hairstylist which hairstyle suits my face?

Yes, it’s a good idea to ask your hairstylist for their recommendations since they have more experience in this field than you do. They can advise on the best haircut for your hair texture, color, face shape, and lifestyle.


Remember, every face is unique, and there is no “one size fits all” hairstyle. However, by matching your face shape to the right hairstyle, you can enhance your natural features and look your absolute best. Take note of the tips shared in this article and keep experimenting with different hairstyles until you find the one that works best for you.

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