What Is The Right Hairstyle For Me

Your hairstyle speaks volumes about you and your personality. With countless options available, finding the right hairstyle can be daunting. To make things simpler, we have put together this guide to help you choose the best hairstyle for your face shape, hair texture, lifestyle, and personality.

Understand Your Face Shape

The first and most important step in finding the right hairstyle is understanding your face shape. The shape of your face will determine which hairstyles suit you and which ones don’t. Here are the most common face shapes and the hairstyles that flatter them:

1. Oval Face

An oval face shape is considered the most versatile of all face shapes, and almost any hairstyle works well with it. Whether you have long, short, straight, wavy, or curly hair, an oval face can pull it off effortlessly. However, medium-length hairstyles, like a layered bob or a choppy lob, tend to be the most flattering.

2. Round Face

A round face shape has rounded and soft edges with a width that is almost similar to its length. The goal for a round face shape is to elongate, add height, and make it look slimmer. A long layered haircut, an asymmetrical bob, or a side-swept fringe will help achieve this goal.

3. Square Face

A square face shape is characterized by sharp angles and a strong jawline. The aim here is to soften the angles of the face. Soft waves, layers, or a shoulder-length bob cut with a deep side parting can help achieve this look.

4. Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face shape is broader at the forehead and tapers down to a narrow chin. The goal here is to add width at the jawline and minimize width at the forehead. A side-swept fringe, textured waves, and a chin-length bob are the most flattering styles for this face shape.

5. Long Face

A long face shape has an elongated chin, cheekbones, and forehead. The goal here is to reduce the length of the face and make it appear wider. A long bob with blunt ends, curtain bangs, or a layered style that adds volume at the sides can help achieve this look.

Consider Your Hair Texture

Your hair texture plays a crucial role in determining your hairstyle. The texture of your hair can be classified into three categories – straight, wavy, and curly. Here are some recommended hairstyles for each texture:

1. Straight Hair

For straight hair, a blunt bob, a long layered cut, or a sleek, straight ponytail are the best options. Straight hair can also hold a sharp bob cut well, which is an excellent option if you want to achieve a sophisticated look.

2. Wavy Hair

For wavy hair, the best haircuts are a long shag, a shoulder-length lob, or a middle-parted long layered cut. Your hair’s natural waves will add body and texture to the hairstyle, thus giving you the perfect beachy look.

3. Curly Hair

Curly hair looks best in longer locks because it weighs the curls down and makes them less poofy or frizzy. A layered cut that hits below the shoulders or a curly bob with side-swept bangs is an excellent choice for curly hair. Curly hair can also be styled into romantic updos or a messy bun, which compliments the texture of curly hair.

Identify Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle also plays an important role in determining the right hairstyle. If you lead an active lifestyle, you might want a low-maintenance style that requires less time and effort. On the other hand, if you work in a professional environment, you might want a sleek and sophisticated style that gives off a professional vibe. Here are some examples:

1. Professional Hairstyles

For a professional look, a low bun, a sleek ponytail, or a short bob with straight and sharp lines are perfect. These hairstyles present a neat and polished look that exudes professionalism.

2. Active Hairstyles

For an active lifestyle, a messy bun, a ponytail, or a braid that keeps your hair out of your face would work best. These hairstyles require less maintenance, and you do not have to fuss with your hair throughout the day.

Understand Your Personality

Your personality and personal style should reflect the choice of hairstyles you make. Bold personalities should seek out colorful hairstyles and edgy cuts that match their risk-taking spirit. On the other hand, a more conservative personality would prefer a classic cut that is timeless and refined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How often should you cut your hair?

It depends on the style you choose, but, on average, it is recommended to trim your hair every six to eight weeks to keep it healthy.

Q2. Will a particular haircut hide my facial features?

Yes. Certain haircuts can make your facial features more pronounced or hide them, depending on the style.

Q3. Can I have any color in my hair?

You can choose any color, but it is always better to choose a color that suits your skin tone to avoid looking washed out.

Q4. Is it necessary to use styling products?

Using styling products can help keep your hair in shape and emphasize the characteristics of the hairstyle.


Choosing the right hairstyle can feel like an insurmountable task, but it will be worth it in the end when you find a style that fits your personality and lifestyle. You want a hairstyle that flatters your face shape and hair texture, suits your personality, and fits your daily routine. Consider these factors while choosing your next hairstyle and be confident in your choices.

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