What Is Proudlocks Hairstyle Called

Proudlock’s hairstyle is one of the most iconic hairstyles in recent times. Known for his signature haircut, Proudlock has become an inspiration for many men around the world. His hairstyle is one that has caught on like wildfire, with people all over the world trying to replicate it. In this article, we will delve into what Proudlock’s hairstyle is called and explore its origins, characteristics and how to achieve it. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about the Proudlock hairstyle towards the end of this article.

What is Proudlock’s hairstyle called?

Proudlock’s hairstyle is commonly referred to as the ‘Proudlock undercut’. It comprises a heavily textured top, with an undercut around the sides and back, giving it a unique and edgy look. The Proudlock undercut is famous among men who want to make a statement with their hairstyle.

Origins of the Proudlock hairstyle

Proudlock’s hairstyle originates from a technique called ‘disconnection’. The idea behind disconnection is to create a distinctive contrast between the top and sides of the hair. This results in a more textured and edgy look. The Proudlock hairstyle incorporates this technique by using a disconnected undercut that separates the top from the sides and back. This technique provides a high level of versatility and enables the wearer to style their hair in a variety of ways.

Characteristics of the Proudlock haircut

The Proudlock undercut is characterized by a short or buzzed back and sides, with the hair left longer on top. The top is usually cut in layers to add texture and volume. The front is usually styled in a quiff or fringe, which can be pushed to one side. This hairstyle is versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways, including sleek or textured.

Achieving the Proudlock hairstyle

The Proudlock hairstyle is achievable with a bit of patience and the right tools. Before starting, it’s important to ensure that your hair is dry and free of tangles. A set of clippers with guards, a pair of scissors, and styling products are required for this haircut.

Step 1: Cut the sides and back

Start by cutting the sides and back of your hair with the clippers using a #1 to #4 guard, depending on the length you like. The undercut should be disconnected and emphasized by a line or fade at the lower edges. This technique will ensure that the hair on top will have less weight, providing more texture.

Step 2: Cut the top

Using a pair of scissors, cut the hair on top to the desired length. The hair should be cut using layers to create the textured look. Longer hair at the front will create a fringe or quiff that can be styled in different ways.

Step 3: Styling

The Proudlock hairstyle can be styled using a variety of products, including pomade, wax, or gel. Run the styling product through your hair with your fingers, concentrating on the ends and avoiding the roots. Then, use your fingers or a comb to push the fringe to one side or create a messy quiff.


Q: Is the Proudlock hairstyle suitable for all hair types?

A: The Proudlock hairstyle can be achieved with any hair type, but it works best with thick hair. People with fine or thin hair may need to use products to add volume and texture.

Q: How often do I need to get a Proudlock haircut?

A: To maintain the Proudlock undercut, it’s recommended to get a trim every four to six weeks. This will help keep the sides and back short while allowing the hair on top to grow for added texture.

Q: Can women wear the Proudlock hairstyle?

A: While the Proudlock undercut is usually worn by men, women can also rock this haircut. However, women’s hair is usually longer, so the cut will need to be adapted. Women may prefer to grow out the sides and back while keeping the top shorter for a similar look.


Proudlock’s undercut has become a style icon for people around the world, and for good reason. It’s an edgy, trendy, and versatile hairstyle that can be adapted to suit a variety of hair types and face shapes. The disconnected undercut emphasizes the texture and contrast between the top and sides, providing a unique and eye-catching look. With the right tools and a bit of practice, almost anyone can achieve this signature hairstyle.

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