What Is Leon Kennedy\’S Hairstyle

Leon Kennedy is a famous fictional character that appeared in the popular horror game series, Resident Evil. He is known for his heroic acts and his distinct hairstyle that has gained wide recognition and popularity among gaming enthusiasts. Over the years, Leon’s hairstyle has evolved and undergone several changes. In this article, we will explore what Leon Kennedy’s hairstyle is, its history, and how to achieve it.

Leon Kennedy’s Hairstyle

Leon’s hairstyle can be described as an undercut, with his hair shaved on the sides and back, leaving longer hair on the top and front. His hair is mostly pushed back to give a neat and clean look. The style is known for its versatility and can be worn in different ways, such as messy, slick, and spiky.

History of Leon Kennedy’s Hairstyle

Leon Kennedy first appeared in the 1998 game Resident Evil 2, with a classic 90s haircut that was typical for that era. He had short hair that was parted to one side, and his bangs covered his forehead. However, when Leon returned in Resident Evil 4, his hairstyle had undergone a significant change.

In Resident Evil 4, Leon’s hair was much longer and was styled into the distinct undercut that fans are familiar with today. His hair was also pushed back to make it appear neater and more professional. This new look made Leon more recognizable and increased his popularity among gamers.

Since then, Leon’s hairstyle has continued to change and evolve, with each installment of the game presenting a different variation of his look. For instance, in Resident Evil 6, his hair was slicked back and appeared shorter than in previous games. In Resident Evil: Vendetta, Leon’s hairstyle was once again pushed back, but this time, it featured an edge-up, which gave it a sharper look.

How to Achieve Leon Kennedy’s Hairstyle

Achieving Leon’s hairstyle is relatively easy and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to style it:

Step 1: Start by growing your hair out to the desired length. The hair on top should be longer (about two to three inches) than the hair on the sides and back, which should be buzzed or shaved.

Step 2: Wash your hair thoroughly, and towel-dry it.

Step 3: Apply a styling product to your hair. A hair gel, pomade, or wax will work well. Start with a small amount and add more if needed.

Step 4: Comb back your hair using a comb or your fingers to achieve the desired look.

Step 5: Finish off with a hairspray to hold the hairstyle in place.


Q: What kind of face shape suits Leon Kennedy’s hairstyle?

A: Leon’s hairstyle can suit most face shapes, but it works best for those with oval or square faces.

Q: Can this hairstyle work with curly hair?

A: Yes, Leon’s hairstyle can work with curly hair. However, it may require more time and effort to straighten and style the hair. A hair straightener can help you achieve the desired look.

Q: How often should I cut my hair to maintain this style?

A: To maintain this style, you should cut your hair every four to six weeks. This will help keep the sides and back of your hair short while allowing the top to grow longer.

In conclusion, Leon Kennedy’s hairstyle is a classic and versatile look that has become a signature style for the popular gaming character. With a bit of effort and the right styling products, anyone can achieve this stylish and trendy look. So, go ahead and give it a try!

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