What Is Kj Smith Hairstyle Called

Kj Smith is a popular American actress best known for her appearances in movies and TV shows such as “The Family Business,” “Queens,” and “Sistas.” She has a natural beauty that radiates on screen and off it, and fans are always curious about her hairstyles. One of the most asked questions about Kj Smith’s look is the name of her hairstyle. In this article, we will explore Kj Smith’s trendy and unique hairstyle, its name, and everything you need to know about it.

Kj Smith’s Hairstyle: What Is It Called?

Kj Smith’s hairstyle is called “Jumbo Box Braids.” Box braids are a protective hairstyle that originated in Africa and involves sectioning hair into small, box-shaped parts and braiding them together. It is a popular hairstyle for women and particularly popular among Black women. Jumbo Box Braids, as the name implies, refers to larger sections of hair braided together. These braids are bigger than traditional box braids, which makes them quicker to install, and they can be styled in several ways.

What Makes Kj Smith’s Jumbo Box Braids Unique?

Kj Smith’s Jumbo Box Braids are unique because of their size and length. It is common to see box braids that reach the mid-back but Kj Smith’s Jumbo Box Braids are waist-length, making them stand out. The actress also often styles them in different ways, further making her hairstyle unique. Some of the styles she has been seen rocking include a half-up half-down look, a top knot, and a low ponytail.

Kj Smith’s Jumbo Box Braids are also unique because of their versatility. She has been seen wearing them in several colors, including blonde and black, which is quite daring. The length and thickness of her braids make it possible to style them in any way she wants, which is a massive advantage of this hairstyle.

How to Achieve Kj Smith’s Jumbo Box Braids?

Jumbo Box Braids are easy to achieve, especially if you have braiding skills. However, if you are new to braiding or are not confident in your skills, it is best to have a professional hairdresser install them for you. The steps to achieving Jumbo Box Braids are as follows:

Step 1: Wash and condition your hair

To achieve the best results, you must start with clean hair. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. You can use a leave-in conditioner for extra hydration.

Step 2: Section your hair

Section your hair into small, box-shaped parts using a comb. The sections should be larger than traditional box braids.

Step 3: Begin braiding

Start braiding your hair from the roots using a braiding extension. It is best to use a braiding extension that matches your hair color.

Step 4: Repeat the braiding process

Repeat the braiding process until all sections of hair are braided.

Step 5: Style your braids

Style your Jumbo Box Braids as desired. You can leave them hanging or style them in different ways like Kj Smith.


1. How Long Does It Take to Install Jumbo Box Braids?

The length of time it takes to install Jumbo Box Braids depends on the complexity of the braids and the hairdresser’s skill level. However, it generally takes about 6-8 hours to install Jumbo Box Braids.

2. Are Jumbo Box Braids Easy to Maintain?

Jumbo Box Braids are relatively easy to maintain. You can wash them and condition them while keeping them in the braids for up to two months. You should also wrap your hair at night to prevent tangling and maintain the style.

3. How Much Does It Cost to Install Jumbo Box Braids?

The cost of installing Jumbo Box Braids varies depending on several factors, including the hairdresser’s location, their skill level, and the length of the braids. However, on average, it costs between $100 and $300 to install Jumbo Box Braids.


In conclusion, Kj Smith’s hairstyle is called Jumbo Box Braids, and it has gained popularity among Black women because of its versatility and capacity for different styles. Jumbo Box Braids are perfect for anyone who wants a low-maintenance hairstyle that lasts for several weeks at a time. The hairstyle is also unique because of Kj Smith’s length and daring color choices, making her stand out even more. Regardless of your hair type or texture, Jumbo Box Braids are a great hairstyle to try out.

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