What Is Justin Bieber\’S Hairstyle Called

Justin Bieber, the Canadian singer, songwriter, and actor, is known for his music as well as his iconic hairstyles. Over the years, he has sported a variety of haircuts, each one making a statement. From his signature shaggy hair to his blonde buzz cut, Justin Bieber’s hairstyle has inspired millions of fans around the world. In this article, we will explore the different hairstyles of Justin Bieber and what they are called.

1. The Side-Swept Fringe

One of Justin Bieber’s earliest hairstyles was the side-swept fringe. This look consists of longer hair on top of the head, combed to one side. The hair on the sides and back is usually shorter, creating a contrast between the lengths. The side-swept fringe gives a youthful and carefree look, and it was popularized by Bieber during his early career as a teen heartthrob.

2. The Fauxhawk

The fauxhawk, also known as the “fake Mohawk,” is a trendy hairstyle that Bieber has also tried. It involves cutting the hair on the sides short while leaving a strip of longer hair in the center. The longer hair is then styled upward, creating a spiked effect. The fauxhawk can be achieved with or without hair products, making it a versatile and low-maintenance look.

3. The Bowl Cut

The bowl cut is a classic haircut that has made a comeback in recent years. Justin Bieber added his own twist to the look by combining it with a blonde dye job. The bowl cut involves cutting the hair in a straight line around the head, creating a bowl-like shape. The bangs can be styled to one side or kept straight across the forehead. Bieber’s bowl cut was a bold choice that added a touch of edginess to his overall look.

4. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a hairstyle that involves cutting the hair short, usually with clippers. Justin Bieber rocked a blonde buzz cut in 2017 and received mixed reactions from fans and critics. The buzz cut is a low-maintenance look that can be achieved quickly and easily. It is a popular choice for men who want to keep their hair short and tidy.

5. The Shaggy Hair

The shaggy hair is Justin Bieber’s signature hairstyle. It is a messy, textured look that involves growing the hair out slightly longer and keeping the layers uneven. The shaggy hair has become synonymous with Bieber’s laid-back, casual style. It can be styled to one side or tousled for a more edgy look.

FAQs Section

Q. How does Justin Bieber style his hair?

Justin Bieber styles his hair differently depending on the hairstyle. For example, he combs his hair to the side for the side-swept fringe, spikes the hair in the center for the fauxhawk, and leaves it messy for the shaggy hair.

Q. How long does it take to style Justin Bieber’s hair?

The time it takes to style Justin Bieber’s hair depends on the length and complexity of the hairstyle. For example, the side-swept fringe can be styled fairly quickly, while the shaggy hair requires more time and effort.

Q. Which of Justin Bieber’s hairstyles is the most popular?

Justin Bieber’s shaggy hair is arguably the most popular hairstyle he has had. It has become his signature look and is often imitated by fans around the world.

Q. Can I pull off Justin Bieber’s hairstyles if I don’t have his face shape?

Yes, you can still pull off Justin Bieber’s hairstyles even if you don’t have his face shape. The key is to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape and hair texture.

Q. How often does Justin Bieber change his hairstyle?

Justin Bieber changes his hairstyle fairly frequently, often sporting a new look for a music video or photo shoot. However, he tends to stick to a few signature hairstyles that he is known for.

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