What Is G Eazy Hairstyle

G Eazy is known for his unique sense of style, both in terms of fashion and his hairstyle. His distinctive hairstyle has become a trademark for the popular rapper over the years. This article will discuss the G Eazy hairstyle in detail, including its history, how to achieve the look, and some frequently asked questions.

History of G Eazy Hairstyle

G Eazy, whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum, was born on May 24, 1989, in Oakland, California. He began his music career in 2006 when he started producing music in his bedroom and uploading his songs on Myspace. He gained a following from his mixtapes and self-produced albums, and his career really took off in 2014 with the release of his debut album, These Things Happen.

G Eazy’s sense of style and hairstyles have evolved over the years. In his early career, he had a more traditional hip-hop look with cornrows, a standard fade, or a buzz cut. However, as his music gained popularity, he started experimenting with his hair and developed his signature hairstyle.

The G Eazy hairstyle is characterized by a slick, swept-back undercut, usually styled with a side part. The sides of his hair are shaved or faded, leaving longer hair on top that is then combed back or pushed to the side. The style is often achieved with the help of products like hair wax or pomade to create a high-shine, sleek look.

How to Achieve the G Eazy Hairstyle

If you’re interested in trying out the G Eazy hairstyle, here’s how to achieve it.

1. Grow out the top: To achieve G Eazy’s swept-back style, you’ll need at least three to four inches of hair on top. Grow out the top of your hair and part it to the side.

2. Shave or fade the sides: The sides of G Eazy’s hair are short, shaved or faded. You can ask your barber for an undercut, where the hair is shaved underneath the longer hair on top, or a fade, where the hair gradually gets shorter from the top to the sides.

3. Use hair wax or pomade: To get the slick, high-shine look of G Eazy’s hair, you’ll need to use hair wax or pomade. Apply a coin-sized amount of product to your fingertips and work it through your hair, starting at the back and working your way forward.

4. Comb it back: Use a comb to slick your hair back and to the side, using the part as a guide. You can also use your hands to push the hair back and to the side for a more natural look.

5. Set it with hairspray: Once you’ve achieved the desired look, set your hair with hairspray to keep it in place all day.


Q: How often does G Eazy have his hair cut?
A: It’s unclear how often G Eazy has his hair cut, but given the shortness of the sides, it’s likely every two to three weeks.

Q: Can the G Eazy hairstyle work for different hair types?
A: Yes, the G Eazy hairstyle can work for different hair types, including straight, wavy, or curly hair. However, it may require different techniques or products to achieve the slick, swept-back look.

Q: Do you need a specific face shape to pull off the G Eazy hairstyle?
A: While the G Eazy hairstyle is often associated with his angular face shape, it can work for a variety of face shapes. However, if you have a rounder face, you may want to adjust the length of the top of the hair to avoid making the face appear wider.

Q: How do you maintain the G Eazy hairstyle?
A: The G Eazy hairstyle requires regular maintenance to keep the sharp lines of the undercut or fade. Be sure to get regular haircuts, and touch up the sides every two to three weeks. You may also need to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove any buildup from the products.


The G Eazy hairstyle is a distinctive look that has become synonymous with the popular rapper. It’s a sleek, polished style that’s achieved with the help of hair wax or pomade and a comb. While it can work for different hair types and face shapes, it requires regular maintenance to keep the sharp lines of the undercut or fade. So, if you’re looking for a unique, stylish hairstyle, give the G Eazy style a try.

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