What Is A Beehive Hairstyle

A beehive hairstyle, also known as a B-52 hairdo, is a classic updo that has been around for decades. This hairstyle is characterized by its high-rise dome shape and teased bouffant appearance, reminiscent of a beehive.

The beehive hairstyle became popular in the 1960s, thanks in part to big-name celebrities like Aretha Franklin, Dusty Springfield, and Priscilla Presley. The style was a hit with women of all ages and quickly became one of the most iconic hairstyles of the era.

If you’re curious about this timeless hairstyle, keep reading as we dive into the details about what a beehive hairstyle is and how to create it.

What Is a Beehive Hairstyle?

The beehive hairstyle is a voluminous, up-do hairstyle that traditionally features long, smooth sides and a rounded bouffant top. The style is created by teasing sections of the hair at the crown to create volume and then smoothing the teased hair over a hair pad to form the signature high-rise dome shape.

While the classic beehive style is worn with straight, long hair, variations of this hairstyle can be achieved with curly or textured hair, making it a versatile style that can be adapted to suit any occasion.

How to Create a Beehive Hairstyle

Creating a beehive hairstyle may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of practice and confidence, it can be a fun and easy style to pull off. Here’s how to create a classic beehive hairstyle:

Step 1: Start by gathering all your tools. You will need a teasing comb, hair spray, bobby pins, and a hair pad to create the height of the beehive.

Step 2: Starting at the crown of your head, tease small sections of hair. To tease the hair, brush down the section of hair towards the roots using a teasing comb. Repeat this process multiple times for extra volume.

Step 3: Once you have teased the crown area, secure it with bobby pins. Pull the rest of your hair up and over your hair pad and secure it with bobby pins as well.

Step 4: Smooth down the sides of your hair with a brush, and then use bobby pins to tuck and secure any loose hair.

Step 5: Finish the style off with a generous coating of hair spray to hold everything in place.

Beehive Hairstyle FAQs

Q: Is the beehive hairstyle suitable for every hair length?

A: No, the beehive hairstyle is traditionally worn with long, straight hair, as it’s easier to achieve the smooth sides that create the signature beehive shape. However, variations of the style can be achieved with shorter hair lengths or curly hair.

Q: What type of hair accessories can be worn with the beehive hairstyle?

A: The beehive hairstyle looks great with a variety of hair accessories, including headbands, scarves, and decorative hair brooches.

Q: How can I maintain my beehive hairstyle throughout the day?

A: To keep your beehive hairstyle in place throughout the day, use a strong hold hair spray and avoid touching or brushing the style too much. If you need to touch up your style, use bobby pins to secure any loose sections.

In Conclusion

The beehive hairstyle is a classic up-do that has stood the test of time. Whether you’re creating a retro look for a themed party or a modern spin on this iconic style, the beehive hairstyle is a fun and versatile style that is sure to turn heads. Follow the tips included here and get ready to rock this classic hairstyle with confidence.

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