What Hairstyle Suits Oval Face Female

Oval face shape is a well-balanced face shape with its forehead being wider than your jawline. If you have an oval face, you’re lucky because you can get away with almost any hairstyle. However, the trick is to find a hairstyle that accentuates your facial features and highlights your unique traits.

In this article, we will discuss the hairstyles that suit oval face females, containing different types and trends of hairstyles that can enhance the beauty of the face. Moreover, we will also provide some FAQs related to the topic towards the end of the article.

Hairstyles that suit oval face females:

1. Long Layers

Long layers work really well for oval face females, creating a natural flow and complimenting your face’s balanced shape. Long layers add volume and texture to long hair. However, if you have thin hair, the layers may highlight the lack of volume in your hair.

2. Side Bangs

Side bangs work wonders for people with oval face shapes. Side bangs accentuate the angles of your face, drawing attention towards your cheekbones. A side-swept fringe can be a fantastic solution, partly because it can give the illusion of a smaller forehead, but also because it can draw the eye towards your cheekbones and chin.

3. Center Part

A center parting can provide an ideal structure and balance your face’s natural shape. A center parting paired with Hollywood waves and length will provide an elegant and timeless look. Make sure to avoid going for a style that is too straight as it could elongate your face and make it look longer.

4. Pixie Cut

Pixie cut has become increasingly popular and perfect for those wanting a more low maintenance hairstyle. This style is perfect for those with oval face shapes and provides a great edgy and bold look. A short pixie cut elongates the neck and gets rid of the hair’s bulk, giving a streamlined look.

5. Bob Cut

A long bob cut is suitable for oval face females because it complements their jawline, making it look sharper and more defined. Bobs add texture, shape, and volume to your hair, making your cheekbones appear more prominent. You may opt for balayage highlights to add a hint of color and volume to your hair.

6. Updos

Updos are perfect for oval faces as they add an air of sophistication and elegance. Updos that highlight the forehead and the neck add a touch of glamour to your feature and provide a more formal look. However, avoid high buns and top-heavy hairstyles as they may elongate your face.


1. What hairstyles should oval face females avoid?

Oval-face females should avoid hairstyles that elongate their face, such as heavy and blunt fringes. Moreover, high buns and ponytails can elongate the neck, giving an unbalanced look to your face. Lastly, avoid asymmetrical cuts that draw attention to an off-center jawline.

2. Can oval face females rock a short hairstyle?

Yes, pixie cut and bob cut are popular short hairstyles that look great on oval face females. Short hairstyles provide a bold and edgy look while also elongating the neck and highlighting the facial features.

3. Can oval face females sport a middle part hairstyle?

Yes, oval face females can easily sport a middle parting hairstyle, as it accentuates a well-proportioned face. Middle parts work well with most hairstyles, including updos, bobs, and even ponytails.


In conclusion, choosing the right hairstyle can accentuate your natural features and make you look great. Oval faces are versatile and can pull off multiple hairstyles effortlessly. However, it is essential to keep in mind the tips we have highlighted and ask for professional advice from your hairstylist before choosing your dream hairstyle.

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