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Choosing a hairstyle is a task that can be daunting and confusing, especially with the vast array of options available. While you may have some hairstyles in mind, you may still find it hard to determine which one will bring out the best in you. It is common to have questions about what works for you and what doesn’t. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for tips on how to choose the perfect hairstyle, what suits your face shape, and what trends to keep an eye on.

What is your face shape?

One of the primary considerations when choosing a hairstyle is your face shape. The shape of your face plays a major role in determining which hairstyles suit you. The following are the five primary face shapes:

1. Oval face shape

An oval face shape has balanced features and slightly rounded chin and forehead. People with this face shape can pull off a wide range of hairstyles.

2. Round face shape

A round face shape features soft features, wide cheekbones, and a round chin. The ideal hairstyle for a round face shape should balance out the roundness and elongate the face.

3. Square face shape

A square face shape has a prominent jawline and forehead, with sharp angles. The best hairstyle for this face shape should soften the angles and add some height.

4. Heart face shape

A heart face shape is characterized by a broad forehead, a sharp chin, and high-cheekbones. Hairstyles that bring attention to the eyes and soften the jawline are great for this face shape.

5. Diamond face shape

A diamond face shape features a narrow forehead and a small chin. The best hairstyle for this face shape is one that adds volume to the top of the head while minimizing the width of the cheekbones.

What is your hair texture?

Another factor that influences your hairstyle choice is your hair texture. You may have fine, coarse, thick, or curly hair, among others. Different hairstyles work better for specific hair textures.

Fine hair has a thinner diameter than other hair types and can have less volume. Adding layers can give it more body and volume, while keeping it at a medium length can keep it looking healthy.

Coarse hair is thicker and can be more difficult to style. A layered hairstyle can work, but keeping it short can make it more manageable.

Thick hair can have a lot of volume and body. A short or medium haircut can work best, but layers can also add more movement and texture.

Curly hair can be tricky to style, depending on the level of curl. Long, curly hairstyles are lovely, but a short or medium haircut can be more suitable for a person with extremely curly hair.

What are the current hairstyle trends?

Hairstyle trends come and go, but it’s worth keeping an eye on them to stay up-to-date and choose the perfect one for you. Here are some current hairstyle trends:

1. Bob haircuts

Bob haircuts are a timeless classic that is still trendy today. They can be short, medium, or long and come in a variety of styles and lengths that can complement any face shape.

2. Natural curls

More people are beginning to embrace their natural hair texture. Curls come in various shapes and sizes, so choosing a suitable hairstyle will depend on hair texture and face shape.

3. Beach waves

Beach waves are a summer staple and can be achieved through various methods. They can be simple or more elaborate, depending on your preference.

4. Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts have become increasingly popular and come in different styles. They can be modern, classic, asymmetrical, or textured.

5. Shaggy haircuts

Shaggy haircuts create a relaxed and effortless look, and they work well on all hair types. They can be customized to fit your preferences.


1. Can I color my hair with my chosen hairstyle?

Color can enhance haircuts and bring out the best in them. It is important to consider the haircut and hair color as a pair. It is best to seek advice from a professional hairstylist on the best color to complement your hairstyle.

2. Can my face shape change?

Your face shape can change due to weight fluctuations or age. It’s best to reevaluate your face shape and adjust your hairstyle accordingly.

3. How do I determine my hair type?

You can determine your hair type by examining the diameter of your hair strands. If it’s narrow, you have fine hair, if it’s thick, you have coarse hair, and if it’s in-between, you have medium hair.

4. Will the same hairstyle work for different hair textures?

The same haircut can work for different hair textures, but the haircuts need to be customized to suit each hair type. It is important to consider texture when choosing a hairstyle.

In conclusion, choosing a hairstyle that suits you involves various factors such as face shape, hair texture, and current hair trends. Consulting a professional hairstylist can also help in choosing the perfect hairstyle. By understanding these factors and keeping up with trends, you can choose a hairstyle that complements your look and makes you feel confident.

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