What Hairstyle Makes Your Nose Look Smaller

Your hairstyle can have a significant impact on how your nose appears. A well-chosen hairstyle can enhance your facial features and visually balance the proportions of your face. If you feel your nose is too prominent and you are looking for ways to make it appear smaller, here are some hairstyle tips to consider.

1. Side-swept bangs

If you have a prominent nose, side-swept bangs can be a great hairstyle choice for you. These bangs create diagonal lines across your forehead, drawing attention away from the center of your face. They also create a soft and flowy frame around your face, making your nose appear smaller in comparison.

When getting side-swept bangs, you should ensure to have them cut long enough to cover a significant portion of your forehead. Shorter bangs tend to emphasize the nose area more, which could work against your intended goal.

2. Layers

Adding layers to your hair can also make your nose look smaller. Layers create movement and volume around your face, causing the focus to shift from your nose to other areas of your face. Layers also help soften the angles of your face, making your facial features appear more harmonious.

If you have a round or heart-shaped face, long layers that start around your cheekbones would work best for you. For square-shaped faces, you could get shorter layers around the jawline and cheekbones.

3. Updo

Wearing your hair up in an updo can also help make your nose appear smaller. An updo pulls your hair away from your face, which naturally highlights other areas of your face, making it look more balanced. Additionally, updos create the illusion of a taller forehead, which could draw attention away from your nose.

The classic bun, the french twist, and the sleek high ponytail are some of the popular updo hairstyles you could try. However, ensure to keep your updo smooth and sleek to prevent emphasizing your nose area further.

4. Waves and Curls

Waves and curls can also help create volume around your face, taking the focus away from your nose. They add softness to your facial features and create a natural flow around the face. Additionally, waves and curls reflect light differently than straight hair, which can give your face a more dimensional look.

When curling your hair, you could try loose waves or curls to create a relaxed and effortless look. Alternatively, you could also go for tighter curls or ringlets for a more dramatic look.

5. Side part

A side part can be an effective hairstyle choice if you want to make your nose look smaller. The off-center part can help create an asymmetrical look to your face, which can take the focus away from your nose. Additionally, a side part helps create volume at the crown of your head, which elongates your face and makes your nose appear less prominent.

When doing a side part, ensure to keep your hair smooth and sleek to avoid highlighting your nose area.


Q: Why does getting the right hairstyle matter when making your nose look smaller?

A: The right hairstyle enhances your facial features and balances the overall proportions of your face. A well-chosen hairstyle can take the focus away from your nose and highlight other areas of your face.

Q: What are the best hairstyles for a prominent nose?

A: The best hairstyles for a prominent nose are side-swept bangs, layers, updos, waves and curls, and side parts. These hairstyles create volume and movement around your face, which helps take the focus away from your nose.

Q: Can the wrong hairstyle make my nose look bigger?

A: Yes, the wrong hairstyle can make your nose look bigger. Hairstyles that emphasize your nose area, such as center-parted hairstyles, could make your nose appear more prominent.

Q: Are there any other tips for making my nose look smaller?

A: Yes, there are other tips you could consider for making your nose look smaller. You could use makeup techniques to contour your face and make your nose appear smaller. Additionally, you could accessorize with statement earrings or necklaces that draw attention away from your nose.

In conclusion, the right hairstyle can make a significant difference in how your nose appears. Side-swept bangs, layers, updos, waves and curls, and side parts are some of the hairstyle tips to consider if you want to make your nose look smaller. Remember, the goal should be to create a balanced and harmonious look and take the focus away from your nose area.

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