What Hairstyle Is Most Attractive To Guys

What Hairstyle Is Most Attractive To Guys?

There are plenty of different haircuts and hairstyles out there for women, but when it comes to what men find attractive, some styles tend to stand out more than others. While it’s important to remember that everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to hairstyles, there are a few trends that have proven to be particularly popular among men. So what hairstyle is most attractive to guys? Let’s take a look!

Long Hair

Long, flowing locks have been a popular hairstyle for women for centuries, and it’s not hard to see why. Long hair can be incredibly feminine and alluring, especially when it’s styled in soft waves or loose curls. Many men find long hair to be incredibly attractive because it can make a woman look both elegant and edgy at the same time. However, it’s worth noting that long hair requires a lot of maintenance and care, so it’s not the best option for everyone.

Bob Haircut

A bob is another hairstyle that many men tend to find attractive. This classic cut flatters many different types of faces and can be customized to suit a variety of styles. Bobs are typically short to shoulder-length, and they can be straight, curly, or wavy. They’re also relatively low-maintenance, making them a practical choice for many women. One of the best things about the bob is that it can be dressed up or down. It can be worn with an elegant dress for a formal occasion or with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual night out.

Layered Haircut

A layered haircut can be incredibly flattering for many women, especially those with medium to long hair. This style is characterized by layers of different lengths throughout the hair, which can add depth and movement to the overall look. Many men find layered haircuts to be particularly attractive because they give off a youthful and carefree vibe. Plus, they’re easy to style and can be worn straight or wavy depending on the occasion.

Pixie Cut

Finally, the pixie cut is a short, cropped haircut that many men find incredibly sexy. While this style may not be for everyone, it can be incredibly flattering for women with angular features or a strong jawline. The pixie cut can be styled in a variety of different ways, from slicked-back and edgy to soft and feminine. One of the biggest benefits of this hairstyle is that it’s incredibly low-maintenance and easy to style, so it can be perfect for women who need a quick and easy look.


Q: Why do men find long hair so attractive?

A: Many men find long hair to be attractive because it can make a woman look more feminine and alluring. Long hair can also indicate good health and vitality, which can be a big turn-on for many men.

Q: Are there any hairstyles that men find unattractive?

A: While everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to hairstyles, there are a few trends that men tend to find less attractive. These can include overly complicated hairstyles that require lots of time and effort to style, as well as hairstyles that look messy or unkempt.

Q: Should I choose a hairstyle based solely on what men find attractive?

A: While it’s important to feel confident and attractive around the people you’re interested in, ultimately, your hairstyle should be something that you feel comfortable and happy with. Ultimately, the most important factor is how you feel about yourself, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Q: Can I change my hairstyle depending on the occasion?

A: Absolutely! One of the best things about hairstyles is that they can be versatile and can be changed to suit your needs. Whether you want to go for a classic bob or a long, flowing mane, you can choose a hairstyle that’s perfect for any occasion.

Q: Are there any hairstyles that work better for certain face shapes?

A: Yes! Different hairstyles can flatter different face shapes and features, so it’s important to choose a style that complements your natural beauty. Talk to your hairstylist about what types of haircuts and styles would work best for your features.


In the end, what hairstyle is most attractive to guys will depend on a variety of factors, including personal taste, fashion trends, and individual preferences. However, by choosing a style that flatters your features and makes you feel confident and beautiful, you’ll be sure to turn heads no matter where you go. Whether you prefer long locks or a short, cropped pixie style, there are plenty of different hairstyles out there that can help you look and feel your best.

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