What Hairstyle Does Steve Harrington Have

In the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, Steve Harrington is known for his signature hairstyle. The formerly popular high school jock went through a transformation in season two, becoming a hero and fan-favorite. Along with his character arc, Steve’s hairstyle also changed, and it has become one of the most iconic looks on the show. Here’s everything you need to know about what hairstyle Steve Harrington has.

Steve Harrington’s Hairstyle In Season One

During the first season of Stranger Things, Steve Harrington’s hair was a classic 80s mullet. The hairstyle was popular at the time, especially among young men who wanted to look cool like their rockstar idols. Steve’s hair was partly shaved on the sides, and the longer hair on the top and back was styled back with copious amounts of hairspray. The result was a voluminous, textured look that suited Steve’s confident and carefree personality.

Steve Harrington’s Hairstyle In Season Two

In season two, Steve’s character development went hand in hand with his hairstyle. He ditched the mullet and opted for a modern, edgier look that reflected his newfound maturity and heroism. His hair was still long on top, but it was slicked back tightly, with shaved sides and a slightly faded back. The look was more refined and elegant than the wild and untamed mullet of season one.

To achieve this look, Steve’s actor, Joe Keery, reportedly used hair products from Bumble and Bumble, specifically the Bumble and Bumble Sumotech and the Bumble and Bumble Semisumo. These products helped him create the sleek and smooth texture of Steve’s hair, without weighing it down or making it greasy.

Steve Harrington’s Hairstyle In Season Three

In season three, Steve’s hairstyle once again evolved, and this time, it was a little shorter. The sides were still shaved, but the top was less voluminous and styled in a messy, tousled look. This look reflected Steve’s character arc, which took a more dark and chaotic turn in season three. He became more vulnerable, emotional, and conflicted, which was reflected in his hairstyle.

To achieve this look, Joe Keery reportedly used Hanz De Fuko hair products, specifically the Hanz De Fuko Claymation and the Hanz De Fuko Quicksand. These products created the messy, textured look of Steve’s hair, without making it look greasy or unkempt.

Steve Harrington’s Haircut

To get Steve Harrington’s haircut, you can ask your barber or stylist for a disconnected undercut. This is a style where the hair on the top is long and styled back, while the sides and back are shaved or short, creating a stark contrast between the two lengths. The length and style of the top part can vary, depending on your preference. You can ask for a slicked-back look, a messy tousled look, or any other style that suits you.

Steve Harrington’s Hairstyle FAQs

What Kind of Hair Does Steve Harrington Have?

Steve Harrington’s hair is thick and wavy, with a lot of volume and texture. This type of hair is perfect for creating the slicked-back look he had in season two, but it can be difficult to maintain and style if you don’t have the right products and tools.

What Hair Products Does Steve Harrington Use?

Joe Keery, the actor who plays Steve Harrington, reportedly used Bumble and Bumble Sumotech and Semisumo in season two, and Hanz De Fuko Claymation and Quicksand in season three. These products helped him create the sleek, smooth texture of Steve’s hair, as well as the messy, textured look of season three.

How To Style Steve Harrington’s Hair?

To style Steve Harrington’s hair, you need to start with clean, damp hair and apply a hair product that suits the style you want. For a sleek, slicked-back look, use a medium-hold pomade or wax. For a messy, textured look, use a matte finish clay or hair paste. Use a comb or your fingers to style your hair, and finish with a hairspray or finishing product to hold the style in place.


In conclusion, Steve Harrington’s hairstyle has become one of the most iconic looks on Stranger Things. The mullet of season one gave way to the sleek, modern disconnected undercut of season two, which then transformed into the messy, tousled look of season three. Each hairstyle reflected Steve’s character development, and each one was equally memorable and stylish. If you want to try out Steve Harrington’s hairstyle, make sure you have the right hair products and tools, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and looks.

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