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Importance Of Education In Our Life & Society

Importance Of Education In Our Life & Society

An old man was slowly walking by the side of the unpaved street. It was past midnight and freezing cold, He had in his hands a piece of paper clutched tightly and was trying to wave to the cars passing by. I was extremely tired after driving for three consecutive hours yet couldn’t resist myself form stopping when I saw his old silhouette just inches away from my blue mustang. As soon as I applied brakes, he scurried forward and handed me that crumbled piece of paper. I brushed aside the dirt and grim and looked closely to make out some words. It was clearly an address, Blimey! This man had lost his way and had no idea of the place he should be at instead of roaming on these freezing streets at this hour of the night! I invited him to hop in my car and the very first question I asked him was: “ why didn’t you make any phone call?” , he slowly answered, “because I don’t know how to use a phone”, I looked at him with amazement and further questioned, “Maybe you could have explained someone that you have lost your way home”, what he said left me speechless for sometime , “dear son, How can I explain to any educated person that I am uneducated and am in need of help , Do you think people help such kinds these days?”

Importance Of Education In Our Life & Society

This is why we say that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Analyzing the current situation of modern society, man has become completely dependent on technology, which is by all means a byproduct of education. Has any one wondered, why many areas of the world seem as huge misfits? Just because women there are still looked down upon and treated as slaves, gender discrimination hits the peaks and child abuse is just another horror story. This is what lack of education does to their social, economic and political systems. Where poverty settles down for ages and guns become toys for kids, education becomes the only cure. It rubs away the pains of the land and brings in new hopes for a better tomorrow. Education has transformed nations and has eradicated evils enrooted in the depths of human life and society. Specifically education helps in making the society better by allowing a free flow of communication. Ability to read and write is indeed the first step that leads to further development of any individual or any society but there is also a lot more to it, lets have a look:

  • Helps in communicating by speech, body language and gestures. An educated person would know how to use technology to communicate in a better fashion.
  • Helps in Confidently expressing views and opinions. Even when good writers and poets get popular due to their inborn talents, it is still education that enhances their skills.
  • Helps in serving the society by gaining professional education in fields of engineering, medicine, law etc.
  • Helps in gaining prestige in society. Money is not the only key to a reputable status is society but an educated background serves in a similar fashion.
  • Helps in becoming rational and rejecting superstitions that corrupt human minds.
  • Helps in advancement of technology. Television and Internet are two big evolutions that have improved the vision of life for mankind.
  • Helps in personal grooming and gives a wide exposure of cultures and tradition around the world.
  • Helps in making decisions independently and enables economic planning before starting any business venture.
  • Helps in discovery of new techniques that enhance productivity. An educated workforce will have a better idea of using new machines to boost productivity.
  • Helps in working in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Helps in reducing infant mortality rate as educated mothers have a better idea of taking care of their little ones and can also provide first aid in case of any emergency.
  • Helps in achieving goals and ambitions in life as education increases motivation level and shows new ways to achieve goals and targets.
  • Helps in improving social harmony. This is one reason why there are no wars in current times, as man has learnt to be patient and tolerant with people from different cultures and races.

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The story doesn’t end here, as the benefits education bestows on mankind and society are endless. We have seen revolutions take place as man reaches the heights of knowledge in all disciples. How modern scientists and physicians are making use of concepts and ideas derived by Aristotle, Democritus, Delton, Brown etc . Their derivations opened up doors to amazing discoveries and inventions. The journey hasn’t stopped and we see a new era of advancements already on its way!

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