How To Wear A Fascinator With A Bob Hairstyle

Fascinators are a great way to add some extra elegance and charm to any look. A feminine and quirky accessory, they are often worn for special occasions and events. However, if you have short hair, specifically a bob hairstyle, you might be wondering how to wear a fascinator. This guide is here to help you with this question, covering tips, tricks, and FAQs for styling fascinators with bob haircuts.

What is a Fascinator?

Fascinators are headpieces that are trendy and fashionable accessories worn by women, especially for special events. They are typically made from feathers, flowers, fabrics and embellishments, and can come in a variety of sizes. Fascinators originated in the 17th century French culture and has since become a famous fashion accessory loved by women of all ages.

How to Wear a Fascinator with a Bob Hairstyle?

There are numerous styles and variations of fascinators available in the market, so picking the right one to match your hairstyle can be tricky. Here are a few tips on wearing fascinators with bob hairstyles.

1. Placement Matters: When wearing a fascinator with a bob, the placement is crucial. Fascinators are meant to be worn slightly off-centre. You can also opt for placement at the front of your head, to complement your haircut.

2. Choose a Fascinator that Matches Your Outfit: A fascinator should complement your outfit and not take away attention from it. Don’t forget to keep in mind the color, textures, and style of your dress when choosing a fascinator.

3. Consider the Size: If you have short hair, then wearing a large fascinator that covers your face or goes past the side of your head might not be a good idea. Instead, pick a smaller fascinator or one that is more compact and doesn’t take up too much space.

4. Be Mindful of Your Bob’s Length: If you have a longer bob that is shoulder-length or below, then wearing a fascinator might be easier since there’s more hair to work with and style. However, if you have a shorter bob hairstyle, then you need to be creative and clever in the type of fascinator you choose and how you style it.

5. Style It Carefully: Tuck the headband of the fascinator securely within your hair at the back of your head. Style the hair on top of your head accordingly to cover it.

6. Don’t Go Overboard: Remember, a fascinator is just an accessory, not the entire outfit. Don’t wear too many different accessories along with the fascinator.


1. Can I wear a fascinator if I have short hair?

Yes, absolutely! Fascinators are versatile and can be styled with any hair length.

2. How do I secure a fascinator in my short hair?

If the fascinator comes with a headband, that’s the easiest way to secure it. You can also use bobby pins to help keep it in place.

3. What kind of fascinator should I choose for my bob hairstyle?

Choose a fascinator that complements your outfit and face shape. Consider the size, placement, and style of the fascinator as well.

4. Can I wear a fascinator if I have a curly bob?

Absolutely, you can wear a fascinator regardless of your hair texture or style.

5. Can I wear a fascinator with a casual outfit?

Fascinators are often associated with formal events, but if you choose to wear a casual one, then you can definitely wear it with a casual outfit. It can add some extra flair and glam to your look.


Fascinators are a great way to add some extra charm to any outfit. They are easy to style and can be the perfect finishing touch to your look. Now that you have the tips and tricks, you can wear a fascinator with your bob hairstyle confidently. Remember to choose a fascinator that matches your outfit and style it in a way that complements your haircut. Be mindful of the size and placement, and style your hair around the fascinator carefully. With these tips, you can wow your friends and family with your fashionable and elegant look.

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