How To Save Hairstyle Maplestory

Maplestory is one of the most popular online MMORPGs that has been around for over a decade. Along with its engaging gameplay and vibrant graphics, Maplestory allows players to customize their characters in various ways, including hairstyles. However, sometimes players may accidentally delete their favorite hairstyle or forget to save it, leading to frustration and disappointment. Fear not, as in this article, we will be discussing how to save hairstyle in Maplestory.

Step 1: Purchase a Hairstyle Coupon

The first step to saving a hairstyle in Maplestory is to purchase a Hairstyle Coupon. These coupons can be found in the Cash Shop under the Beauty or Appearance category. However, before making your purchase, make sure that you have enough NX Cash, which is Maplestory’s virtual currency. You can purchase NX Cash through a variety of methods such as credit card, PayPal, mobile payments, and more.

Step 2: Go to the Hair Salon

After you have purchased the Hairstyle Coupon, head to the Hair Salon in the game. The Hair Salon can be found in most towns and cities in Maplestory, and there are multiple salons per town to avoid overcrowding. Once you arrive at the Hair Salon, talk to the Hair Stylist NPC, who will then provide you with a list of available hairstyles.

Step 3: Choose and Save Your Hairstyle

Once you have selected your desired hairstyle, the Hair Stylist will confirm your selection and then ask you if you want to save the hairstyle. Choosing “Yes” will save the hairstyle to your character’s appearance. If you choose “No,” you will have to purchase another Hairstyle Coupon to choose the same hairstyle again. It is essential to note that some of the more exclusive and unique hairstyles may require additional requirements or costs, such as owning a specific item or reaching a particular level.

Step 4: Retrieving Your Saved Hairstyle

After you have saved your hairstyle, it will be available to your character permanently, unless you change it. To retrieve the saved hairstyle, head back to the Hair Salon, and speak to the Hair Stylist.

Under the “Get a Haircut” option, select the tab labeled “Saved Hair,” and your saved hairstyles will be available to select. You can switch between the saved hairstyles as often as you like, and you can also change the color of the hairstyle using a Hair Dye Coupon, which is available in the Cash Shop.


Q: Can I change my saved hairstyle?

A: Yes, you can change your saved hairstyle by heading back to the Hair Salon and speaking to the Hair Stylist. However, you will need to purchase another Hairstyle Coupon to change your hairstyle.

Q: Will my saved hairstyle be deleted if I don’t play Maplestory for a while?

A: No, your saved hairstyle will not be deleted if you stop playing Maplestory for some time. However, if you delete your character or start a new one, your saved hairstyle will be lost.

Q: Can I save multiple hairstyles?

A: Yes, you can save multiple hairstyles by purchasing multiple Hairstyle Coupons and repeating the steps mentioned earlier.

Q: Can I share my saved hairstyle with other players?

A: No, your saved hairstyle is exclusive to your character and cannot be shared with other players.

Q: Can I remove my saved hairstyle?

A: No, you cannot remove your saved hairstyle. However, you can change it at any time by heading back to the Hair Salon and purchasing another Hairstyle Coupon.

In conclusion, saving your favorite hairstyle in Maplestory is an easy and straightforward process that only requires you to purchase a Hairstyle Coupon and head to the Hair Salon. By following the steps mentioned above, you can save and retrieve your hairstyle whenever you want, ensuring that your character always looks its best. So go ahead and experiment with different hairstyles without worrying about losing your favorite one!

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