How To Pick A Hairstyle For Men

For a lot of men, choosing the right hairstyle can be a daunting task. A good hairstyle can enhance your overall appearance and personality, while a bad one can have a negative impact on your confidence and self-esteem. With so many hairstyles to choose from, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. But, don’t worry, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you pick the perfect hairstyle for you.

1. Consider Your Face Shape

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing a hairstyle is your face shape. Different hairstyles suit different face shapes. For instance, if you have a round face, it’s best to avoid hairstyles with too much volume on the sides and go for a style with some height on top. If you have a long or oval-shaped face, a short haircut can make your face appear wider. So, it’s important to pick a hairstyle that complements your face shape.

2. Your Hair Type

Knowing your hair type is important when choosing a hairstyle. Different hairstyles suit different hair types. For example, if you have thick hair, you can go for a hairstyle that involves texture and layers. If you have thin hair, a shorter style might look better as it can create the illusion of thicker hair.

3. Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is another important consideration to make when choosing a hairstyle. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time for heavy styling, a low maintenance short hairstyle might be the best choice. If you have a more flexible schedule, you can go for hairstyles that require more styling such as a pompadour or undercut.

4. Consider Personal Preference

Ultimately, the most important factor in picking a hairstyle is your personal taste. You should choose a hairstyle that you feel comfortable with and that reflects your personality. At the end of the day, you’ll be the one rocking the hairstyle, so it’s important that you love it.

Now that we’ve covered some of the factors to consider when picking a hairstyle, let’s talk about some popular hairstyles and what they work best with.

1. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a short and low maintenance haircut. It’s perfect for those with an active lifestyle who don’t want to take too much time to style their hair. The buzz cut looks great on men with square or oval face shapes.

2. The Classic Side Part

The classic side part is a clean and timeless hairstyle that suits a variety of face shapes. It involves a deep side part with hair combed to one side and is perfect for those who prefer a more polished look.

3. The Undercut

The undercut is a longer style that involves short sides and a longer top. It looks great on men with square faces and can create a bold and confident look. The undercut requires some maintenance and is perfect for those with the time and willingness to style their hair.

4. The Pompadour

The pompadour is a voluminous and stylish haircut that is perfect for those who like to make a statement. It involves a high top and short sides, and looks great on men with oval or diamond-shaped faces.


1. How do I find the right hairstylist?

Look for hairstylists in your area who specialize in men’s haircuts. You can read reviews and check their portfolios online before making an appointment.

2. How often do I need to cut my hair?

It depends on your hairstyle and how fast your hair grows. Short haircuts typically need to be trimmed every 4-6 weeks, while longer styles can go up to 8 weeks.

3. How should I style my hair?

It depends on the hairstyle you choose. Ask your hairstylist for styling tips and product recommendations that are best for your hair type and chosen hairstyle.

4. What should I do if I don’t like my new haircut?

If you don’t like your new haircut, communicate with your hairstylist. They may be able to make adjustments or provide you with some styling tips to help you get used to your new style.

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