How To Make Zig Zag Hairstyle

Hairstyling is something that we all love. There are numerous hairstyles today, and all are unique in their ways. One such hairstyle that caught people’s attention is the Zig Zag hairstyle. A zig-zag parting is the perfect way to add some excitement and trendiness to your look. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process of making the Zig Zag hairstyle.

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Zig Zag Hairstyle

The Zig Zag Hairstyle does not require many tools but does need some practice. In few simple steps, you too can achieve this trendy style.

1. Divide Hair: To start, bring all of your hair into a single ponytail or bun. Now, you need to divide your hair into sections of a similar size. Using a comb, create a line in your hair from the center of your forehead to back. This line will divide your hair into two parts.

2. Create Zig Zag: Starting at the part, gently bend the hair to either the left or right, making a zig-zagging pattern that frames your face. Use bobby pins to hold the hair in place. The number of zig-zags you make depends on your hair thickness and density. If you have thick hair, you can create more than two zig-zags.

3. Secure Your Hair: Once you form the zig-zag shape, secure the hair with bobby pins to prevent it from falling out of place while you work. Use a hair spray to hold the hairstyle for a longer time.

4. Brush The Remaining Hair: After completing the Zig Zag style, leave the remaining hair straight and brush it smoothly. Something you’ll have to do is pull portions of hair to the front of your shoulders.

5. Finish it up: Now it’s time to finish it up. If you have curly hair, use a curl smoothing serum to smooth out any frizz. For straight hair, use a texturizing spray to add some texture.


How do I make sure my Zig Zag Hairstyle lasts all day?

Applying hair spray to your Zig-Zag pattern as you go along is essential to ensure it lasts. Bobby pins are also imperative to the success of this style to keep your hair in place.

Can I do a Zig Zag Style with any Hair Type?

Yes, the zig-zag style works with any hair type. It is always smart to check your hair density and thickness to decide how many zig-zag shapes will work best for you.

How much time should I dedicate to making Zig Zag Hairstyle?

It should only take around 15 to 20 minutes to complete the Zig Zag hairstyle if you are practiced enough.

How can I add variation to my Zig Zag Style?

Zig Zag partings are the perfect way to experiment with different styles. Try parting your hair on either side to add more variation to your look.

Final Thoughts

The Zig Zag hairstyle is a perfect hairstyle for those looking to try something new. With a few simple tools and some steady hands, you too can master the Zig Zag Parting Hairstyle. Don’t forget to experiment and try new stylistic twists for your Zig Zag Style, as it’s the perfect way to stand out in a crowd. Happy hairstyling!

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