How To Make A Hairstyle Step By Step

Hairstyles are an important part of self-expression as they can transform our entire look and make a statement about our personality. However, creating a perfect hairstyle can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Whether you’re going for a casual look or turning up for a formal occasion, the key to achieving a trendy hairstyle is preparation, patience, and practice. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a hairstyle.

Step One: Prepare Your Hair

The first step in creating any hairstyle is to prepare your hair properly. It’s important to start with clean and well-conditioned hair. Shampoo your hair and condition it thoroughly. Avoid using too much conditioner, as it can weigh your hair down, making it challenging to style later.

Once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair, gently pat it dry with a towel to remove excess moisture. Avoid rubbing your hair aggressively with a towel as this can cause tangling and damage your hair cuticles. If you have long hair, it’s advisable to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair gently.

Step Two: Determine Your Hairstyle

Before starting your hairstyle, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. You can go for natural loose curls, a simple blowout, or a more elaborate hairstyle with braids and twists. You can create a mood board with images of different hairstyles to inspire your choice.

Step Three: Section Your Hair

Once you’ve determined your hairstyle, section your hair into smaller portions to make it more manageable. This step may not be necessary if you’re only working on a small section of your hair.

If you’re creating an elaborate hairstyle like cornrows or box braids, part your hair into sections that are about a quarter of an inch. Use clips and hair ties to hold each section in place, so it doesn’t get in the way as you work on other sections.

Step Four: Apply Products

The products you use when creating a hairstyle can make a significant difference in the finished result. A good hair product will tame frizz, add shine, hold the hair in place, and protect it from heat damage.

For example, if you’re going for a sleek look, you may want to use a straightening serum or cream to help smooth your hair out. If you’re creating curls, a curling mousse may help to hold the curls in place all day.

Ensure you distribute the product evenly throughout your hair, so every section is equally covered. However, do not over apply these products as this can make your hair sticky and hard to work with.

Step Five: Use Hair Tools

Having the right tools for your hairstyle will make your work more comfortable and produce better results. Different hairstyles require different tools such as combs, brushes, curlers, and straighteners.

If you’re creating a sleek hairstyle, you can use a blow dryer, comb, and brush to achieve this. If you’re creating a curly hairstyle, use a curler to define your curls.

Step Six: Style Your Hair

Now that you’ve prepared your hair, determined your hairstyle, applied the products, and used the necessary tools, it’s time to style your hair. Take your time, stay relaxed and be patient as you work through different sections.

If you’re creating braids or twists, take one section of your hair at a time. Apply products to it, divide it into smaller sections, and weave it accordingly.

If you’re creating waves or curls, take a small section of your hair, apply a heat protectant, curl it with a curling iron, and then hold it in place for a few seconds. You can either pin the curl in place or let it off.

If you’re going for a straight or sleek look, use a blow dryer and a straightener to smoothen your hair. Ensure you set your straightener to a safe temperature, so you don’t damage your hair. Remember to always pass the straightener through one section at a time, holding it for a few seconds to achieve a straight, smooth finish.

Step Seven: Finish Your Hairstyle

The finishing touches to your hairstyle can bring together all the hard work that went into creating it. Use finishing products like hairspray, serum, or gel to add shine, hold, and control any frizz.

If you’re using hairspray, use a soft, lightweight spray that won’t leave your hair stiff or sticky. If you’re using a finishing serum, use a tiny amount to avoid making your hair oily. Lastly, if you’re using a gel, use it sparingly so that it’s not too hard or greasy.


Q: How often should you wash your hair?

A: It’s advisable to wash your hair two to three times a week. However, the frequency can vary depending on your hair type, lifestyle, and personal preference.

Q: What products do you need to style your hair?

A: Some of the essential products to have for hairstyling include shampoo, conditioner, heat protector, hair spray, gel, mousse, serum, and shine spray.

Q: How do you prevent hair loss when styling your hair?

A: Avoid using too much heat, especially from styling tools like straighteners and curling irons. Also, do not over style your hair or brush too aggressively as it can cause hair shedding and breakage.

Q: How do you achieve sleek, straight hair?

A: To achieve a sleek straight hair, blow-dry your hair using a round brush to dry it, and then use a flat iron to straighten it.

Q: What are some easy hairstyles for beginners?

A: Some easy hairstyles for beginners include a simple ponytail, a side part, crown braid, half-up half-down style, and braided crown.


Creating your desired hairstyle shouldn’t be a daunting task if you follow the above steps carefully. Remember to treat your hair gently, use necessary products and tools, and be patient with the process. Always aim for a healthy balance between natural and styled hair for the best results.

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