How To Hairstyle For Medium Length Hair

Hairstyling for medium length hair can be a challenge, but it’s also the perfect length for experimenting with various styles. From updos to curls, there are a plethora of options that you can try out. However, figuring out what works best for your hair type, face shape, and lifestyle can be daunting. This guide will help you navigate the world of hairstyling for medium length hair.

1. Determine Your Hair Type

Before you start hairstyling, it’s important to determine your hair type. Different hair types require different approaches, products, and techniques. Here are some common hair types and tips on how to style them for medium length hair:

– Straight Hair: For those with straight hair, try adding some volume with a layered cut. Use a round brush while blow drying to add some body to your hair.

– Wavy Hair: Wavy hair is the perfect hair type for adding texture to your hairstyle. You can air-dry your hair to enhance its natural waves. Alternatively, you can add some beachy waves with a curling iron or straightener.

– Curly Hair: Curly hair tends to be more prone to frizzing compared to other hair types. To minimize frizz, use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair. You can also refresh your curls by spritzing some water and applying a little bit of product.

– Fine Hair: Fine hair tends to lack volume, but you can add some body by opting for a layered cut. Use light volumizing products to add some lift to your locks.

2. Choose the Right Cut

Choosing a hairstyle with the right cut is essential in creating a stunning hairstyle for medium length hair. A layered cut can help give your hair some movement, volume, and texture. Blunt cuts also work well for those who want a more polished and sophisticated look.

If you’re looking for a more edgy style, try a shaggy cut or a choppy bob. These cuts generally involve shorter layers and add some edge to your overall appearance.

No matter what cut you choose, make sure it works well with your face shape. Talk to your hairstylist and get their input on which styles best flatter your face shape.

3. Experiment with Different Updos

Updos are perfect for special events, weddings, and even for everyday wear. There are several ways to wear an updo for medium length hair including:

– Messy Bun: Achieve a casual and effortless look with a messy bun. This style works great for a day at the beach or a casual date.

– Half Up Half Down: This style can give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to show off your length and style your hair up. You can also add braids or twists to add some texture to the look.

– Braids: Braids come in many shapes and sizes, and they’re perfect for medium length hair. From fishtail to traditional braids, there’s always a style that you can rock with this hairdo.

4. Add Some Curves to Your Hairstyle

Curls can add some style and volume to medium length hair. Use a curling iron or a straightener to create waves and curls that flatter your face shape. Here are some tips on how to create some of the most popular curly hairstyles:

– Beachy Waves: Wrap sections of your hair around the curling iron and let them fall naturally. This style works great for a relaxed, laid-back look.

– Loose Curls: Use a straightener to create loose curls. Wrap sections of your hair around the straightener and twist while pulling it downwards. You can also use a curling iron to achieve this look.

– Classic Curls: Create a more polished and classic look by using a curling iron to create tight curls. Make sure to add some hairspray to help maintain the curls throughout the day.

5. Accessorize Your Hairstyle

Accessories can make all the difference when it comes to hairstyles for medium length hair. Use hairpins, headbands, or clips to add some glamour and style. Here are some accessory ideas for medium length hair:

– Headbands: Headbands are a great accessory that you can use to highlight your hair and add some color to your ensemble.

– Hair Pins: Use hairpins to hold the various sections of your hair when creating an updo. You can also use hairpins to add some sparkle to any hairstyle.

– Scarves: Tie a scarf around your hair to add some color and style to your entire outfit. You can use a scarf to create a playful or even vintage-inspired look.


Q. How often should I wash my hair?

A. This depends on your hair type and lifestyle. Generally, it’s best to wash your hair every three days to prevent over-drying or stripping your hair of its natural oils.

Q. How can I prevent frizz?

A. Use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair and avoid over-handling your locks. You can also use leave-in conditioners or serums to help minimize frizz.

Q. How can I make my hairstyle last all day?

A. Use hairspray or other styling products to help keep your hairstyle in place. Avoid touching your hair too often throughout the day, as this can cause your hairstyle to lose its shape.

In conclusion, hairstyling for medium length hair is all about experimenting with different cuts, styles, and accessories. With the right tools, techniques, and products, you can create a stunning look that flatters your face shape and personal style. Remember to consult with your hairstylist and pay attention to your hair type before trying out different hairstyles.

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