How To Get Taylor Lautner Hairstyle

Are you a fan of Taylor Lautner’s iconic hairstyle but don’t know how to achieve the same look? Worry not! This article will guide you through all the steps to get Taylor Lautner’s hairstyle.

Taylor Lautner is a well-known actor and model, famous for his remarkable hairstyle. He has had different hairstyles throughout his career so far, but the one that stands out the most is his spiky hair, which has become his signature look. His hairstyle is ideal for any guy who wants a low-maintenance style that is both chic and modern.

So, if you are eager to get the Taylor Lautner hairstyle, here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to achieve the same.

Step 1: Determine your hair type and length

Before getting Taylor Lautner’s spiky hairstyle, you must first consider the texture and length of your hair. This hairstyle is best suited to men with straight or slightly wavy hair with a length of two to four inches. If your hair is too long, you will need to get it cut to the desired length before going further in the process.

Step 2: Get a taper fade haircut

To get the Taylor Lautner hairstyle, you will need to create a taper fade haircut. This means cutting the hair short on the sides and back while leaving the top long. You can get this type of haircut from a barbershop or salon professional who can give you the right cut with precision and accuracy.

During this process, you will need to instruct your stylist to cut the hair on the sides and the back with the clipper, starting with a higher guard number and then gradually blending out to a shorter one towards the bottom. This technique gives a more natural look to the hair, making it perfect for the spiky hairstyle.

Step 3: Style the top of your hair

Now that the sides and back of your hair are shorter, you will need to style the top of your hair. Use a high-quality styling product such as a pomade, wax or gel to add texture to the hair and create the spikes. Depending on the desired look you want to achieve, use a comb or your fingers to comb or tousle your hair into the desired style.

Here are a few tips to achieve the spiky look:

– Rub a small amount of styling product on your palms and apply it on the tips of your hair.
– Take a blow-dryer and dry your hair while you use your fingers to lift the hair to create volume and texture.
– Position the hair to the top using your fingers or a comb.

Step 4: Add the finishing touch

After styling your hair, you can finish off the look by adding some hair spray. This step will help your hairstyle to stay in place for a longer period of time.


Q. What other types of hairstyles does Taylor Lautner have?

A. Taylor Lautner has had various hairstyles throughout his career, including short hair with fringe, buzz cut, spiky hair, and messy hair.

Q. Can I get the Taylor Lautner hairstyle if I have curly hair?

A. It is possible to get Taylor Lautner’s hairstyle if you have curly hair, but you may need to use a styling product to make the hair less curly and more manageable.

Q. What is the best product to use for styling Taylor Lautner’s spiky hairstyle?

A. The best product for styling Taylor Lautner’s spiky hairstyle is a pomade or wax, which gives the hair a flexible hold and creates definition in the spikes.

Q. Do I need to trim my hair regularly to maintain Taylor Lautner’s hairstyle?

A. Yes, regular haircuts are necessary to maintain the length and shape of the hair. You should visit your hairstylist every four to six weeks for a trim to avoid your hair becoming unruly.


Taylor Lautner’s spiky hairstyle is an iconic haircut that has stood the test of time. It is a low-maintenance style that is easy to achieve and looks great on most men. By following these simple steps, you can get Taylor Lautner’s hairstyle too. So, go ahead and try it out and see how it transforms your look and helps you to stand out from the crowd!

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