How To Get David Beckham Hairstyle

If you’re a fan of David Beckham’s impeccable sense of style, then you may have wondered how to get David Beckham hairstyle. While the former soccer star has sported a range of hairstyles over the years, he is known for his bold and stylish looks that are both trendy and timeless. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most popular David Beckham hairstyles and provide you with tips on how to achieve them.

David Beckham Hairstyles

1. The Comb-Over

One of David Beckham’s most famous hairstyles is his classic comb-over that he sported in the 2000s. This hairstyle is perfect for men with straight, thick hair who want a clean and sophisticated look. To achieve this style, start by blow-drying your hair, brushing it over to one side, and applying a hair product like a pomade or wax to keep it in place.

2. The Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a timeless and easy-to-maintain hairstyle that David Beckham has rocked numerous times. This haircut is perfect for men who want a low-maintenance and understated look. To achieve this style, simply buzz your hair evenly all over with clippers, leaving just a little bit of length on top.

3. The Quiff

David Beckham has also been known to sport an edgy quiff that is both stylish and daring. This hairstyle is perfect for men who want a polished, yet slightly messy, look. To achieve this style, start by blow-drying your hair upwards and back, then use a comb or your fingers to style it in a tousled quiff.

4. The Undercut

The undercut is a popular hairstyle that was made famous by David Beckham in the early 2010s. This hairstyle features short sides and a longer, slicked-back top. To achieve this style, ask your barber to buzz your hair short on the sides and leave a longer length on top. Then, use a hair product like a pomade or gel to slick your hair back.

5. The Side-Parted Slick Back

A current favorite of David Beckham is the side-parted slick back. This style is perfect for men with longer hair who want a polished, yet relaxed, look. To achieve this style, start by blow-drying your hair back and then part it to one side. Use a hair product like pomade or wax to slick your hair back and create a polished finish.

How to Get David Beckham Hairstyles

1. Find the Right Barber

To get a David Beckham-inspired hairstyle, you’ll need to find a barber or stylist who is familiar with men’s haircuts and can help you achieve the look you want. Look for a salon that specializes in men’s haircuts and ask for recommendations from friends or family.

2. Bring Inspiration Photos

When you go to see your barber or stylist, bring along photos of David Beckham’s hairstyles that you like. This will give your barber a clear idea of what you want and how to achieve it.

3. Consider Your Hair Type

Not every David Beckham hairstyle will work for every hair type. For example, the comb-over and quiff work best on men with straight hair, while the buzz cut is suitable for men with all hair types. Discuss your hair type with your barber to see which David Beckham hairstyles will work for you.

4. Use the Right Hair Products

To keep your David Beckham-inspired hairstyle looking its best, you’ll need to use the right hair products. For example, a pomade or wax can add texture and hold to a comb-over, while a gel can provide a slick finish to an undercut.


1. What is David Beckham’s signature hairstyle?

David Beckham is known for his wide range of hairstyles, but his signature look is a stylish and understated comb-over that he sported in the 2000s.

2. What type of hairstyle does David Beckham have?

David Beckham has rocked a range of hairstyles over the years, including the comb-over, buzz cut, quiff, undercut, and side-parted slick back.

3. What hair product does David Beckham use?

David Beckham has been known to use a range of hair products, including pomade, gel, and wax, depending on the style he is going for.

4. How often does David Beckham cut his hair?

David Beckham’s haircuts depend on the style he is going for and the occasion. Typically, he gets his hair cut every few weeks to keep his look fresh and polished.

5. What is the best David Beckham hairstyle for men with curly hair?

The quiff and side-parted slick back are good David Beckham hairstyles for men with curly hair. Both styles can be achieved with a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer and a styling product like a wax or pomade.

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