How To Find A Hairstyle That Suits You

Every person has a unique style that represents their personality and lifestyle. One of the most important aspects of any style is a hairstyle that not only suits your face shape but also complements your personality and lifestyle. However, finding a hairstyle that suits you can be tricky, especially if you are not sure what to look for. In this article, we will outline some tips and tricks to help you find a hairstyle that suits you.

1. Consider Your Face Shape

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a hairstyle is your face shape. Different hairstyles can highlight different facial features and flatter different face shapes. Here are some suggestions for the most common face shapes:

Round: For round faces, hairstyles with volume and height at the crown can help elongate the face. A layered bob or long layers can also create the illusion of length.

Oval: An oval face shape is considered the most versatile for hairstyles, as almost any style can suit it. However, keep in mind that a center part can make an oval face look longer.

Square: For square faces, a soft, layered cut can soften the angles of the face. A side part can also create a more symmetrical look.

Heart-shaped: Heart-shaped faces typically have a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Hairstyles with side-swept bangs or curls framing the face can balance out the proportions.

2. Think About Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also play a big role in choosing a hairstyle. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have much time to style your hair, a low-maintenance cut may be more suitable. On the other hand, if you enjoy experimenting with different styles and have some time to spare, a more complex cut may be worth considering. Here are some examples of styles that can work well for different lifestyles:

Low-maintenance: A shorter cut with minimal layers, such as a bob, can be easy to maintain. A pixie cut can also be a great option for people on-the-go.

Versatile: Shoulder-length cuts with layers, such as a long bob, can be styled in many different ways and offer versatility for different occasions.

High-maintenance: Long, layered hair can offer a lot of styling options, but it can also require more time and effort to maintain.

3. Look for Inspiration

When you have an idea of what might suit your face and lifestyle, it’s time to look for inspiration. Hairstyle inspiration can come from many different sources, including magazines, social media, and even your friends and family. Here are some tips for finding inspiration:

Magazines: Many beauty and fashion magazines feature hairstyle inspiration. Look for magazines that suit your style and taste, and mark any styles that catch your eye.

Social Media: Instagram and Pinterest can be great sources of hairstyle inspiration. You can search for different hashtags, such as #shorthair or #blondehair, or follow accounts that post hairstyles that you like.

Friends and family: Ask friends or family members with similar hair types or face shapes for recommendations. They may have found a style that you haven’t thought of yet.

4. Consult with a Stylist

Once you have some ideas for a suitable hairstyle, it’s always a good idea to consult with a stylist. A professional stylist can provide advice on whether a particular style will work well for your face shape, hair type, and lifestyle. They can also suggest ways to modify the style to fit your preferences and needs. Here are some tips for finding the right stylist:

Ask for recommendations from friends or family members whose hair you admire.

Research local salons and read reviews from other customers.

When you visit the salon, ask to see portfolios of the stylist’s work.


1. How do I know if a particular hairstyle will suit me?

Consider your face shape and lifestyle when choosing a hairstyle. Look for inspiration from magazines, social media, and friends and family members. Then consult with a stylist to determine whether a particular style will work for your hair type, face shape, and personal preferences.

2. How often should I change my hairstyle?

There is no set rule for how often you should change your hairstyle. Many people choose to change their hairstyle every few months, while others stick with a favorite style for years. However, it’s a good idea to change up your style occasionally to keep it fresh and prevent boredom.

3. What should I do if I don’t like my new hairstyle?

If you’re not happy with your new hairstyle, don’t panic. Many hairstyles can be modified or tweaked to better suit your needs. Talk to your stylist about any changes you would like to make. If there are any mistakes or issues with your cut, speak up and ask to have them corrected.

4. Can hair color affect how well a hairstyle suits me?

Hair color can play a role in how well a hairstyle suits you, as different colors can highlight different facial features. Consider your natural hair color and skin tone when choosing a hair color. If you’re not sure what color will work best for you, consult with a stylist.

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