How To Do The Beehive Hairstyle

The Beehive hairstyle, also known as a bouffant, is a classic and timeless look that has been around since the 1960s. This iconic hairstyle was made famous by the legendary singer, Amy Winehouse and has since been seen donned by many celebrities such as Adele, Katy Perry, and Jennifer Lopez.

If you are keen on learning how to do the Beehive hairstyle, keep reading this article. Ahead, we have provided a step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect Beehive hairstyle, including some useful tips and tricks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Doing The Beehive Hairstyle

Step 1: Start by washing and conditioning your hair, then towel dry it.

Step 2: Apply a volumizing mousse to your damp hair and blow-dry it. Make sure that you direct the heat of the dryer towards your roots and lift your hair to create more volume.

Step 3: Take a section of hair from the crown of your head and tease it. Teasing helps to give your hair the volume it needs for the iconic beehive look.

Step 4: Apply some hairspray to the teased section of hair to help it keep the volume. You can also use a tail comb to smooth down any flyaway hairs.

Step 5: Next, take a section of hair from the side of your face and twist it upwards and away from your face, securing it with bobby pins. Make sure that the twist is tight and secure, and the end of the twist is hidden under the hair at the crown of your head.

Step 6: Take another section of hair from the other side of your face, and repeat the same process, twisting it upwards and away from your face, and securing it with bobby pins.

Step 7: Gather the rest of your hair and tease it gently, and smooth it back over the twists you’ve made. Make sure that you leave enough hair free to sculpt the desired shape of the Beehive.

Step 8: Using a tail comb or your fingers, create a rounded shape at the back of your head using the teased hair. Pin the hair in place with bobby pins as you go along to keep the shape.

Step 9: Finally, apply a generous amount of hairspray to your hair to help hold the Beehive in place.

Tips and Tricks for the Perfect Beehive Hairstyle

– For added shine to your hair, and to help with the hair’s smoothness and tangle free, you can use a serum or hair oil before blow-drying.

– If you have longer hair, consider using a hair donut for extra volume and to make it easier to style into the Beehive.

– Use a mirror to check the back of your hair to ensure that the Beehive is symmetrical, with no lumps and bumps.

– If you struggle to tease your hair, use a backcombing brush, specially designed for the Beehive style.

– Use a strong hold hairspray to keep the Beehive in place, as the last thing you would want is for the hairstyle to fall out during your event.

FAQs about How To Do The Beehive Hairstyle

Q. How long does it take to create the Beehive hairstyle?
A. Depending on what you consider “long,” you should allocate at least an hour. This includes washing and drying your hair. With more practice, you may find you can do it quicker.

Q. Do I need any particular hair length and texture to achieve the Beehive style?
A. The Beehive hairstyle can be created on both short and long hair. While thicker and coarser hair types best hold the desired shape, thinner hair can achieve the Beehive look using the right styling tools.

Q. Can I still pull off the Beehive style even if I have a low-density hairline?
A. Absolutely, the Beehive should lift the hair from the crown and create the iconic shape. A low-density hairline won’t affect the overall result.

Q. Can I wear the Beehive for a casual look?
A. Yes, wear this hairstyle for any event or occasion, formal or casual. Try to style the Beehive smaller for a more casual look or bigger for a bolder glam look.

Q. Can I achieve the Beehive style without using hairspray?
A. Hairspray is the glue that holds your hairstyle in place and should not be skipped in creating the Beehive. Otherwise, the hairstyle might just fall apart.


The Beehive hairstyle can be a tricky style to achieve, but with the right guidance, and practice, anyone can pull it off. With this step-by-step guide, you will get a head start in creating the iconic bouffant hairstyle, loved by many celebrities and fashionistas.

From timeless and elegant affairs to high school proms or night outs, the Beehive style can be paired with different outfits and events. Feel confident by practicing the steps and tips provided above and don this chic hairstyle with pride.

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