How To Do The 90S Blowout Hairstyle

How To Do The 90s Blowout Hairstyle

The 90s blowout hairstyle is making a comeback, and it looks like it’s here to stay. It’s a powerful, voluminous, and sleek hairstyle that looks great on all hair types and sizes. This hairstyle is famous for creating the illusion of fuller hair, and it gives a lustrous shine that everyone desires. You don’t have to be a professional stylist to achieve this hairstyle; you can easily do it in the comfort of your own home with these simple steps.

Step 1: Start with freshly washed hair

The first and essential step in creating a 90s blowout hairstyle is to start with clean hair. Wash your hair and dry it until it’s slightly damp. Leave it damped as it will be easier to work with when you begin styling.

Step 2: Protect your hair

Before you begin using any heat styling tools on your hair, ensure you use a heat protectant spray. It will protect your hair from damage caused by heat. Spray the product evenly on your hair, ensuring it covers all the strands.

Step 3: Divide your hair

Separate your hair into manageable sections. Use a hair clip to secure each section as you work your way around your head. Tackling your hair in small sections ensures you get to each strand and create a uniform hairstyle.

Step 4: Blow Dry Your Hair

Start blow-drying your hair section by section. Use a large round brush and hold it at the base of your hair. Slowly follow the brush with your blow dryer, making sure it’s on high heat and high speed settings. Brush your hair in the opposite direction of the airflow to create tension, add volume, and smooth out any frizz.

Step 5: Roll It Up

Once you’ve dried each section of hair, roll it up using a velcro roller. Remember to roll the curling iron backward, away from your face. Then, apply light pressure for a few seconds until the heat fully penetrates the roller. Repeat this process for all hair sections.

Step 6: The Final Touch

Let your hair cool for 10-20 minutes before removing the rollers. Once you’re done, use your fingers to brush out the curls softly. To finish it off, apply some texturizing spray onto your hair.

Now, you’re ready to rock one of the most popular hairstyles of the 90s.


1. How do you choose the right brush to use for a blowout?

Answer: Choose a brush that’s suitable for your hair texture and length. If you have long hair, a brush with a larger barrel is suitable. On the other hand, a small barrel brush is suited for short hair.

2. Is there an alternative to velcro rollers when creating a 90s blowout hairstyle?

Answer: Yes, you can use thermal rollers instead of velcro rollers. They are more delicate and create a smooth, bouncy curl. Plus, they are more comfortable to sleep in.

3. Should I apply any finishing product to my 90s blowout hairstyle?

Answer: Yes, use a texturizing or finishing spray to give your hair a perfect finish. The right texturizing spray helps hold the blowout style and provides a lustrous shine. Additionally, it can help tame any stray hairs and keep them in place.

In conclusion

Creating a 90s blowout hairstyle is a quick and easy way to achieve a classic yet timeless look. With the right tools and products, it’s a style that can be effortless to do at home. It’s an excellent hairstyle to try out for a special occasion or to break away from your day-to-day hair routine. Achieving a 90s blowout hairstyle is all about adding volume, texture, and movement to your hair while maintaining a sleek and polished finish.

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