How To Do Korean Hairstyle Male

Korean fashion and beauty trends have been taking the world by storm in recent years, especially their male hairstyles. With a focus on clean lines and minimalist styles, Korean hairstyles have become a popular choice for men all around the globe. But how do you achieve that perfect Korean hairstyle look? Here’s our comprehensive guide on how to do Korean hairstyle male!

Step 1: Decide on the Best Korean Hairstyle for You

Before embarking on any hairstyle journey, the first step is figuring out what kind of style you want. Thankfully, with Korean hairstyles, there is a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on your personal preferences and hair type. Here are some popular Korean hairstyles for men:

1. The Wavy Side Sweep: This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to achieve a textured, natural wave look with their hair. To achieve this style, blow-dry your hair while using your fingers to push it to one side, creating a side-swept effect. Use a texturizing spray to add volume and hold in place.

2. The Textured Crop: This hairstyle is perfect for those looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish look. With faded sides and a textured top, this style is easy to achieve by using a light hold wax or clay product.

3. The Classic Side Part: This classic style is timeless and perfect for those who want a more formal look. Comb your hair to one side, using a gel or pomade to keep the style in place.

4. The Messy Top: This style is ideal for those who want a more relaxed and carefree look. To achieve this look, simply blow-dry your hair, using your fingers to create a messy texture on top. Use a light hold product to keep the style in place.

5. The Undercut: The undercut is one of the most popular Korean hairstyles for men. With short sides and a longer top, this style is perfect for those who want a more dramatic look. Use a pomade or wax to hold the style in place.

Step 2: Prep Your Hair

Once you’ve decided on the perfect hairstyle, it’s time to prep your hair! Start by shampooing and conditioning your hair, making sure to thoroughly rinse out any product residue. Towel dry your hair until it’s damp but not soaking wet.

Step 3: Blow-Dry Your Hair

Using a blow dryer, dry your hair while using your fingers to create the desired style. Remember to start by drying the roots first and then working your way to the ends of your hair. This will help prevent damage and promote healthy hair growth.

Step 4: Apply Product

Once your hair is dry, it’s time to apply product. Choosing the right product is essential to achieving the perfect Korean hairstyle look. For those with finer hair, use a light hold product like a wax or pomade. For those with thicker hair, use a stronger hold product like a clay or paste.

Step 5: Style Your Hair

Using your fingers or a comb, style your hair to achieve the desired look. Remember to start with small amounts of product and add more as needed, being careful not to overdo it.


1. Can I achieve a Korean hairstyle with naturally curly hair?

Yes! With the right products and styling techniques, you can achieve a Korean hairstyle look even with naturally curly hair. We recommend using a texturizing spray to define your curls and hold your desired style in place.

2. How do I maintain my Korean hairstyle?

Maintaining your Korean hairstyle is relatively easy. To preserve the style, avoid touching your hair excessively, and use a light, nourishing oil to keep it moisturized.

3. Can Korean hairstyles work for any face shape?

Yes! Korean hairstyles are versatile and can work for any face shape. The key is to choose a style that complements your facial features and hair type.

4. Do I need to visit a Korean salon to get a Korean hairstyle?

While it’s always recommended to consult a professional stylist, you can achieve a Korean hairstyle look at home by following our step-by-step guide.

5. Are Korean hairstyles suitable for all ages?

Yes, Korean hairstyles are suitable for all ages. Whether you’re a teenager or a middle-aged adult, there is a Korean hairstyle that will suit your age and personal style.

In conclusion, with the right prep, styling products, and techniques, achieving a Korean hairstyle male look is easier than you think. Remember to choose a style that complements your hair type and face shape and to use nourishing products to maintain your hair’s health. So go ahead and try out a Korean hairstyle today and watch as your look transforms!

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