How To Do G Eazy Hairstyle

G-Eazy, the American rapper and songwriter, is known for his unique style both in music and fashion. His signature hairstyle has become a popular trend among his fans, and many people try to imitate it. If you want to know how to do G-Eazy’s hairstyle, then here is a guide for you.

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

Firstly, to do G-Eazy’s hairstyle, you need to have the right hair texture. The perfect hair texture for this style is thick and wavy hair. If you have straight or curly hair, you may find it challenging to get the same look. However, with the right products and techniques, you can achieve a similar style.

Before you start styling your hair, you should wash it thoroughly and dry it completely. It is essential to get rid of any dirt, oil, or residue that might be present on your hair. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner that matches your hair type.

Once your hair is clean and dry, apply a small amount of hair gel or pomade. Rub it between your palms and apply it evenly throughout your hair. Make sure you cover all the strands from the roots to the tips. The pomade will help to hold your hair in place and add some shine.

Step 2: Create a Deep Side Part

To get G-Eazy’s hairstyle, you need to create a deep side part on your hair. Use a fine-toothed comb to create a clean and precise part that goes from the front of your hairline to the back. You can either go for a left or right part, depending on which side you prefer.

Once you have created the part, use the comb to smooth your hair along the back and sides of your head. You can use a hairdryer to set your hair in place and get rid of any frizz or flyaways.

Step 3: On the Top

Now, it’s time to work on the top section of your hair. The top section is the most critical part of G-Eazy’s hairstyle. The top section should have a lot of volume, texture, and hold.

To create the textured look, use your fingers to tousle your hair randomly. You can also use a hairbrush to create some volume and lift on the crown area. Pull the hair in the opposite direction of the deep parting, and gently tease it with your fingers.

If you have extra curly hair, you can straighten the hair from the top with a straightening iron. This will enable you to add some volume and thickness to your hair. You may also want to blow dry your hair upwards, which will give you extra volume.

Step 4: Style The Sides And Back

The final step in achieving the G-Eazy hairstyle is to style the sides and back of your hair. G-Eazy’s style usually has the sides and back tapered and trimmed to a short length. The sides and back should blend seamlessly with the top section.

Use a hair clipper to trim the sides, back, and nape. You can go for a high or low taper, depending on your preference. The fade should be primary to the back of your head and gradually becomes short towards the ears. The back should also be very low and not extend too far down.

After tapering, brush the sides and back, then tidy up with trimmers to make them look neater. You can also add a few lines or patterns on the sides of your head to make it more unique.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I do G-Eazy’s hairstyle if I have straight hair?

Yes, you can do G-Eazy’s hairstyle if you have straight hair. However, you may need to use some texturizing products to add some volume and texture to your hair.

2. How long does it take to do G-Eazy’s hairstyle?

It usually takes around 10-15 minutes to do G-Eazy’s hairstyle.

3. Which products should I use to do G-Eazy’s hairstyle?

You will need to use a hair gel or pomade, a hairbrush, a hairdryer, and a hair clipper.

4. Can I do G-Eazy’s hairstyle if I have short hair?

Yes, you can still do G-Eazy’s hairstyle if you have short hair. However, the style may not look exactly the same as it does on G-Eazy due to the length of your hair.

5. How often should I trim my hair if I have G-Eazy’s hairstyle?

If you have G-Eazy’s hairstyle, you should trim your hair every 3-4 weeks to maintain the shape and texture.


G-Eazy’s hairstyle is unique and trendy, and it’s a perfect style if you want to stand out from the crowd. With the right products and tools, you can achieve this look at home. Just remember to create a deep side part, use a texturizing product on your hair, and trim the sides and back. With proper maintenance, you can rock this hairstyle for as long as you want.

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