How To Do Bubble Hairstyle

Bubble hairstyle is a trendy and fun way to style your hair for different occasions. This type of hairstyle involves creating multiple sections of hair, then tying each section with an elastic band to create a bubble effect. The result is a unique, chic, and playful hairstyle that looks great on people of all ages and hair types. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a bubble hairstyle step by step.

Step 1: Prepare Your Hair

Before starting to create the bubble hairstyle, you need to prepare your hair by washing it with a shampoo that suits your hair type. After washing, use a good conditioner to nourish and hydrate your hair. Once you have washed and conditioned your hair, you can either let it air dry or blow-dry it.

Step 2: Create Sections

Creating sections in your hair is essential for creating the bubble hairstyle. Tying your hair into small sections will help you to create the bubble effect effortlessly. Using a comb or your fingers, create sections in your hair, depending on how many bubbles you want to create. If you want to create many bubbles, you can make small sections, and if you want a fewer number of bubbles, create bigger sections.

Step 3: Tie Elastic Bands

After creating your desired sections, the next step is to tie an elastic band around each section of your hair. Make sure that the elastic bands are tight enough to hold each section of hair securely in place. You can use transparent elastic bands that match your hair color to create a more seamless look.

Step 4: Create Bubble Effect

To create the bubble effect, hold one section of hair with one hand, and use the other hand to gently pull the section of hair outwards, towards the previous elastic band. Make sure that you do not pull the hair too tightly, or else the bubble effect will not be visible. Repeat this process for each section of hair, until you have created the bubble effect throughout your hair.

Step 5: Finish With Hairspray

To keep your bubble hairstyle in place, use a hairspray to set it. Use a good quality hairspray that matches your hair type and preference. Apply hairspray evenly throughout your hair, making sure that every section is well covered. This will help to keep your bubble hairstyle looking fresh and stylish all day long.

FAQs about Bubble Hairstyle

Q. How can I make my bubble hairstyle last longer?

A. To make your bubble hairstyle last longer, use a good quality hairspray. Apply a generous amount of hairspray on your hair after creating the bubbles. You can also use a hair tie to secure each bubble, which will help to keep them in place.

Q. Can a bubble hairstyle be created on short hair?

A. Yes, a bubble hairstyle can be created on short hair. Instead of creating many bubbles, create a few bigger bubbles. This will give your short hair a fuller and playful look.

Q. Is bubble hairstyle suitable for all hair types?

A. Yes, bubble hairstyle is suitable for all hair types, whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair. The key is to prepare your hair well, create small sections, and tie each section with a tight elastic band.

Q. Can I create a bubble hairstyle without using elastic bands?

A. No, elastic bands are essential for creating a bubble hairstyle. They help to hold each section of hair in place and create the bubble effect.

Q. How long does it take to create a bubble hairstyle?

A. Depending on the number of bubbles you want to create, the time it takes to create a bubble hairstyle can vary. On average, it takes about 20-30 minutes to create a bubble hairstyle if you have medium-length hair. However, it may take longer if you have longer hair or if you want to create many bubbles.

In conclusion, the bubble hairstyle is a fun and playful way to style your hair for different occasions. With these step-by-step instructions and FAQs, you now have everything you need to create a perfect bubble hairstyle at home. Remember to be gentle when pulling your hair, use a good quality hairspray, and experiment with different sizes of bubbles to create unique and stylish looks.

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