How To Do A Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle

Quick weave bob hairstyles offer the perfect blend of simplicity, style and versatility, making them a popular choice among women of all ages. They can be styled in a variety of ways and are perfect for those who are short on time but still want to look fashionable. In this article, we will guide you through the process of doing a quick weave bob hairstyle, step-by-step.

Step 1: Preparing Your Hair

Before beginning the quick weave bob hairstyle, it is important to ensure that your hair is clean, dry, and oil-free. Start by shampooing your hair to remove any dirt and product buildup. After shampooing, apply a leave-in conditioner and detangle your hair to prevent any tangles or knots during the process.

Step 2: Braid Your Hair

Once your hair is clean and detangled, the next step is to braid your hair into cornrows. Begin by parting your hair in small sections and braiding it tightly to your scalp. To achieve the best results, it is important to braid your hair as close to your scalp as possible. You can choose to make the braids small or large depending on your preference. Once all your hair is braided, use bobby pins to secure stray hairs and tuck in any ends.

Step 3: Preparing The Weave

The next step is to prepare the weave. This can be done by selecting the hair extension that you will use and cutting it into the desired length. You can choose from human hair or synthetic hair, depending on your preference. When selecting the weave to use for your quick weave bob hairstyle, it is important to ensure that it matches the texture and color of your natural hair.

Step 4: Glue The Weave Onto Your Braids

Once the weave is ready, the next step is to glue it onto your braids. To do this, you will need to apply glue to the wefts of the weave and then place it onto your braids. Ensure that the weave is positioned correctly, and use your fingers to press it down firmly onto your braids.

Step 5: Cut And Style The Weave To Your Desired Length And Style

The final step is to cut and style the weave to your desired length and style. Once the weave is attached to your braids, you can trim it to the desired length using a pair of sharp scissors. Ensure that you cut the weave evenly to achieve a uniform look. You can also style the weave as you desire by using a hairdryer, curling iron, or flat iron to achieve different styles.


Q: How long will a quick weave last?
A: A quick weave can last for up to 4 weeks depending on how well it is maintained. It is important to keep the weave clean and dry to avoid any build-up of dirt or product which can cause itching and discomfort.

Q: Can quick weave hairstyles damage hair?
A: When done properly, quick weave hairstyles do not cause any damage to natural hair. However, it is important to ensure that the braids are done tightly but not too tightly to prevent any pulling or damage to the hair.

Q: Can I color my quick weave hairstyle?
A: It is not recommended to color a quick weave hairstyle as this can damage the weave and cause it to lose its shape and texture.

Q: How do I maintain a quick weave hairstyle?
A: To maintain a quick weave hairstyle, it is important to keep it clean and dry. You can use a dry shampoo or hair spray to keep the hair fresh and avoid any product build-up. You should also avoid sleeping with wet or damp hair to prevent mold or mildew from developing.

Q: Can I wash my quick weave hairstyle?
A: Yes, you can wash your quick weave hairstyle but it is recommended to avoid using very hot water or strong shampoos as this can damage the weave and cause it to come loose. It is best to use a mild shampoo and cool to lukewarm water when washing.

In conclusion, quick weave bob hairstyles are a great way to add style and versatility to your hair. With the above steps and tips, you can get the perfect quick weave bob hairstyle that will give you that chic and trendy look without spending hours at the salon. Remember, the key to creating a quick weave bob hairstyle is to take your time, be gentle and have fun!

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