How To Do A Coif Hairstyle

Hairstyles have been an essential part of human history for centuries. People have always been looking for ways to style their hair to look unique and express their creativity. During medieval times, a popular hairstyle was the coif, which became a classic and still reappears from time to time. This hairstyle comprised of a close-fitting cap worn under a hood and tied under the chin. It originated in Northern Europe, and it was made of linen, cotton, or silk, and embroidered with pearls and jewels. Modern coif hairstyles have evolved to become more relaxed and less elaborate, but they have not lost their sophistication. This guide will provide you with the steps you need to ensure you achieve that perfect coif hairstyle.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Do A Coif Hairstyle

1. Starting with clean hair. Clean hair is important when trying to achieve this hairstyle because it makes the strands easier to manipulate. You can achieve this by using mild shampoos and conditioners to avoid making your hair too limp.
2. Blow-dry your hair. Once you have cleaned your hair, ensure you blow dry it until it is completely dry. Failure to do this will make the perfecting of the style cumbersome.
3. Create a U-shaped part. Divide your hair into two sections starting from one ear and working your way to the other. It should form a neat U-shaped section at the back of the head.
4. Section the hair. Divide the top part of your hair into three sections. One section should be in the middle of your head while the other two should be on either side. Work with one section at a time.
5. Tease your hair. Pick up one section of hair and begin teasing it. Using a fine-toothed comb, comb your hair backward several times until it gives the desired lift. Ensure it is not too flat or too bulky.
6. Smooth the hair. Once you have teased the hair, brush over the top section of the hair to smooth it over.
7. Form the shape. Take the top section of hair and gently twist it. Bend it to create an arch or bow shape while pressing the teased hair upwards. Use hairpins to keep it in place.
8. Repeat. Repeat the process with each section of hair until they form a row of arches or bows. Use bobby pins to secure any stray hair.
9. Finish with hairspray. You can use a hairspray to keep the hair in place, but not too much to avoid making it crunchy.


1. Can I use hair extensions to achieve the perfect coif hairstyle?

Yes, you can. Hair extensions add more volume and length to the hair, making it easier to tease and form the desired shape. Make sure you are not adding too much hair that it becomes difficult to manage.

2. Can I achieve a coif hairstyle on short hair?

Yes, you can. However, it is advisable to have hair at least past the ear to create the arch and ensure it holds and has the perfect lift.

3. Is the coif hairstyle suitable for all hair types?

The coif hairstyle is suitable for all hair types, but it is easier to achieve on hair types with more texture, such as wavy or curly hair.

4. How long does the coif hairstyle take to achieve?

The coif hairstyle takes about fifteen to thirty minutes, depending on the length and texture of your hair.

5. Can I achieve the coif hairstyle without using hair products?

It is possible but not advisable. Using hair products, such as hairspray, makes it easier to hold the shape and achieve that perfect lift, ensuring the hairstyle lasts longer.


The coif hairstyle is a timeless classic that has evolved over time but still retains its elegance and sophistication. It is an easy style to achieve at home and does not require many resources. Following this guide on how to do a coif hairstyle will not only achieve the perfect look but a sense of history and culture. Always ensure you have clean hair, section, tease, smooth, and form the hair before finishing it off with hairspray. With every step, adjust accordingly to achieve a balanced coif hairstyle.

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