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As an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences nor do I have personal experience of having a hairstyle. However, from my learning data about hairstyles, I can provide a comprehensive guide on how to decide on a hairstyle that best suits your face shape, hair type, lifestyle and personality. I will also include some frequently asked questions to help you clarify any doubts you may have.

Choosing a new hairstyle can be a daunting task, especially if you are stuck in a rut or simply tired of your current style. With so many options available, it’s essential to consider various factors to get the best outcome possible. Here are some steps to follow when considering a new hairstyle.

1. Determine Your Face Shape

Your face shape plays a significant role in determining which hairstyles will look good on you. There are seven basic face shapes- round, oval, square, heart-shaped, long, diamond, and triangular. Once you know your face shape, it will be easier to decide on which hairstyles will suit you best.

Round Face- A round face is as wide as it is long. To balance out the circularity of the face, keep hair length below the chin and add layers to give the illusion of length.

Oval Face- An oval face is characterized by a slightly narrower chin and forehead, with the widest part being the cheekbones. Almost all hairstyles suit an oval face, so it’s an ideal shape to experiment with different styles.

Square Face- A square face shape has a prominent jawline. Choose styles that soften the features, such as long-layered tresses or angled bobs.

Heart-Shaped- A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and cheekbones but a narrow chin. Short hairstyles like bobs or pixies work well, and longer styles with textures like waves, are suitable too.

Long Face- A long face shape has a more extended forehead, with a narrow chin and cheeks. Try hairstyles that create width and volume around the sides of the face, like structured bobs or beachy waves.

Diamond Face- A diamond face shape is characterized by a narrow forehead and jawline, with wide cheekbones. Opt for hairstyles that accentuate your cheekbones, like sleek ponytails or wavy bobs.

Triangular Face- A triangular face is the opposite of a heart-shaped face, with a narrow forehead and wider jawline. Choose hairstyles that don’t amplify the jawline and add width to the forehead region, such as long layers or side-swept bangs.

2. Consider Your Hair Type and Texture

Your hair type and texture can make a difference in the type of hairstyle that will look good on you. Do you have thin or thick hair? Is your hair naturally curly or straight? Ask yourself these questions and use the answers to determine which styles will work best for you.

Thin Hair- Consider fuller styles, such as long layers or short pixie cuts. Try to avoid styles that are too straight and flat.

Thick Hair- Go for styles that add movement, such as bouncy curls or a layered bob. Thin out the hair with a razor or thinning shears if it’s incredibly dense.

Curly Hair- Choose styles that work with your curls, such as voluminous updos or wash-and-go pixies. Avoid blunt, straight cuts that can make the curls appear frizzy and unmanageable.

Straight Hair- Straight hair works with many styles, but try textured styles like beachy waves or choppy layers to add interest.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle plays a crucial role in deciding on a hairstyle. Do you have a job that requires you to wear your hair in a particular way? Will you have the time each day to style your hair? These are important considerations when choosing a new hairstyle.

If you work in a professional field- Consider neat and structured haircuts or updos that will look polished in the workplace.

If you’re a busy mom- Think of low maintenance styles that don’t require much time to style. Ponytails, braids or messy buns are great choices.

If you’re active- Consider hairstyles that keep hair out of your face, such as braids, buns or ponytails.

4. Consider Your Personality

The way you wear your hair can say a lot about your personality. If you’re daring and bold, you may consider an edgy pixie cut or a bright hair color. If you’re more classic and traditional, you may opt for a sleek bob or long layers.

Once you’ve considered all these factors, you’re now ready to decide on the perfect hairstyle! But remember that hairstyles can always be modified or changed, so don’t be afraid to experiment.


Q: Can I pull off a short hairstyle if I have a round face shape?
A: It’s possible to pull off a short style with a round face, but it’s best to opt for a cut that involves layers, so it doesn’t make the face appear even rounder.

Q: Can I go from curly hair to straight hair?
A: While not recommended, it is possible to change the texture of your hair through chemical treatments like hair relaxers. It’s essential to consult an experienced and trusted stylist for any treatment altering the hair texture.

Q: Can I dye my hair after a cut?
A: Yes, it’s possible to dye your hair after a cut. It’s better to wait a few days so the hair can settle after a cut.

Q: What hairstyles are appropriate for formal events?
A: Formal events call for polished hairstyles like updos, sleek low buns or side-swept curls.

Q: How do I maintain my hairstyle?
A: The best way to maintain a hairstyle is by investing in quality styling products. Regular trims and touch-ups every six to eight weeks can also keep the style fresh.


Choosing the perfect hairstyle can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. By considering your face shape, hair type, lifestyle and personality, you can quickly determine which styles will suit you best. Remember, hair will always grow back and can be modified, so have fun with it, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

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