How To Cut Emo Hairstyle For Girls

Emo haircuts rose to popularity in the early 2000s among the alternative culture. It’s a hairstyle that’s characterized by choppy layers, heavy bangs, and bold, vibrant colors. This haircut expresses a certain kind of emotional depth that speaks to the emo subculture. The emo hairstyle is all about rebellion and standing out amongst a crowd; a kind of “I don’t care what society thinks” attitude. However, getting an emo haircut for girls is not as easy as just trimming the hair. It requires some skill, technique, and attention to detail. Here are some tips on how to get the perfect emo haircut for girls.

1. Gather the Necessary Tools

Before diving into any haircut, it’s important to have the right tools. For an emo haircut for girls, you’ll need a sharp pair of scissors, a razor, a comb, clips, and a spray bottle filled with water. You should also have a mirror and a good source of lighting.

2. Start with Wet Hair

It’s easier to create the layers and sections needed for the emo style when the hair is wet. So begin by washing and drying the hair with a towel until it’s damp, then spray it with water to keep it wet.

3. Section Your hair

Take a section of hair just above the ears, clip the rest to keep it out of the way. This is the bottom layer of hair in the back. Take another section of hair just above that and clip it to the first section out of the way. This process will continue until all the hair is sectioned into manageable parts.

4. Create Layers

Using the comb and scissors, cut the hair to create a series of layers. Start with the bottom layer and work your way up to the top layer. For a choppy and uneven look, you can use the razor to create some jagged edges.

5. Add Bangs

The emo haircut is best known for its thick and heavy bangs. To achieve this look, take a section of hair from the top of the head, above the forehead, and cut it straight across. You can adjust the length to fit the person’s face shape. For a more natural look, sweep the bangs to one side.

6. Style the Hair

Once the cut is complete, it’s time to style the hair. The emo hairstyle is typically characterized by bold and vibrant colors such as pink, purple, or blue. So if you want to go all out, now’s the time to add in those hues. You can use hair dye or clip-in hair extensions to incorporate different colors to the hair.


Q: How do I determine the best length for my emo hair cut?
A: The best length for an emo haircut varies depending on personal style and face shape. However, cutting the hair to shoulder-length or shorter is usually the best length for the emo look.

Q: Can I cut an emo haircut myself?
A: Cutting an emo haircut is best left to a professional hairdresser. However, if you do plan on cutting your hair at home, be sure to follow all of the steps above and use quality tools to avoid any mishaps.

Q: How do I maintain my emo haircut?
A: To maintain the emo haircut, trim the hair regularly, every six to eight weeks. Keep the layers and bangs trimmed and avoid heat styling to prevent damage to the hair.

In conclusion, emo haircuts are a great way to express individuality and personal style. However, cutting an emo haircut requires skill and technique to achieve the desired look. By following the above steps, you’ll be able to rock the perfect emo haircut in no time. Remember to always maintain your haircut with regular trims, to keep it looking fresh and bold.

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