How To Cut A Long Layered Bob Hairstyle

A long layered bob hairstyle is one of the most trendy and versatile haircuts that can be styled in a variety of ways. It is a great choice for women who want to change their look without sacrificing too much length. The long layered bob hairstyle is characterized by layers that start at the jawline and cascade downwards. This haircut is suitable for all hair types and face shapes, making it an ideal choice for many women.

Getting a long layered bob hairstyle can be an intimidating task, especially if you have never cut your hair before or have never tried this particular style. However, with the right guidance and a few tips, you can achieve the perfect long layered bob haircut at home. In this article, we will discuss how to cut a long layered bob hairstyle step by step and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

Step by Step Guide for Cutting a Long Layered Bob Hairstyle

Before you start cutting your hair, it is essential to gather all the necessary tools. You will need a good pair of hairdressing scissors, a hairbrush, a spray bottle filled with water, and some hair clips.

Step 1: Wash and dry your hair

Wash your hair thoroughly and blow-dry it until it is completely dry. Do not use any hair products or styling tools as they can alter the texture of your hair, making it difficult to cut.

Step 2: Comb your hair

Comb your hair to eliminate any tangles or knots. Divide your hair into sections and clip them away from your face.

Step 3: Decide on the length

Decide on the length that you want your hair to be. Keep in mind that the layers will make your hair appear shorter, so be cautious when choosing the length. For a long layered bob hairstyle, it is recommended to cut the hair at the jawline or slightly below it.

Step 4: Cut the hair in sections

Starting from the back of your head, separate a small section of hair at the nape of your neck. Hold the hair between your fingers and cut it at an angle. This will create a soft and blended look. Repeat this step for all the sections at the back of your head.

Step 5: Cut the sides

Cut the hair on both sides in the same way as you did at the back. Ensure that the lengths on both sides are balanced and even.

Step 6: Create layers

To create layers, take a section of hair from the top of your head, hold it at a 45-degree angle, and cut it. This will create a layered effect. Repeat this step for all the sections on the top of your head.

Step 7: Blend the layers

Using your scissors, gently blend the layers by making tiny cuts. This will create a seamless transition from one layer to the next.

Step 8: Style your hair

Once you have finished cutting your hair, style it according to your preference. You can blow-dry it straight or curl it.


1. Can I cut my own hair?

Yes, you can cut your hair at home, but it is recommended that you seek the guidance of a professional hairstylist to avoid mistakes.

2. What type of scissors should I use to cut my hair?

Use a pair of hairdressing scissors that are sharp and designed for cutting hair. Do not use regular scissors as they can damage your hair.

3. How often should I cut my hair?

It is recommended that you cut your hair every six to eight weeks to maintain the length and shape of your long layered bob hairstyle.

4. Can I cut my hair when it is wet?

It is best to cut your hair when it is dry as wet hair tends to shrink when it dries, making it difficult to gauge the length accurately.

5. How do I maintain my long layered bob hairstyle?

To maintain your long layered bob hairstyle, use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and apply a hair serum to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Moreover, avoid using heat styling tools frequently, as they can damage your hair in the long run.


Cutting a long layered bob hairstyle can be a fun and exciting experience. However, it is essential to take your time and follow the steps carefully to achieve the best possible results. With the right tools and a bit of practice, you can achieve the perfect long layered bob hairstyle that suits your face shape and hair type. Remember to maintain your hair regularly to keep it looking healthy and stylish.

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