How To Cut A Lob Hairstyle

Lob, or long bob, is a versatile and popular hairstyle. It’s perfect for those who want a shorter haircut without losing too much length. The lob can be cut to suit any face shape and hair type, making it a great choice for many. If you are looking to cut a lob hairstyle, then read on for some tips and tricks!

Before You Start Cutting

The first and most important step when it comes to cutting hair is to ensure that you have all the necessary tools. You will need a pair of sharp hair-cutting scissors, a comb, and some hair clips. It’s also a good idea to have a spray bottle filled with water, as it will make hair easier to manage.

You should also think about the style of lob you want. Some people prefer a blunt, straight cut, while others want a more layered look. It’s a good idea to have a picture of the style you want to show your stylist, as it will help them to understand what you are looking for.

How To Cut A Lob

Step One: Section Your Hair

Start by washing and drying your hair. Then use your comb to part your hair down the middle. Take a section of hair that’s about an inch wide, and clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

Step Two: Cut Your First Section

Hold your scissors at a slight angle and cut the hair in a straight line. Make sure you cut all the way through the section, and check that it’s even.

Step Three: Cut The Other Side

Repeat the same process on the other side of your head. Remember to take small sections and cut them one at a time, checking that they are even.

Step Four: Cut The Back

Now it’s time to cut the back. Take a section of hair at the nape of your neck, about an inch wide. Use your scissors to cut the hair in a straight line. Move up the back of your head, taking sections of hair and cutting them all at the same length.

Step Five: Layering

If you want to add some layers to your lob, it’s time to do so now. Take a section of hair from the top of your head, and hold it between your fingers. Use your scissors to cut into the hair at a slight angle. Do this several times, moving down the section of hair. This will create soft layers.

FAQs About Cutting A Lob Hairstyle

1. How long should a lob haircut be?

A lob haircut should be just above your shoulders. It’s a great length for those who want a shorter hairstyle without losing too much length.

2. Will a lob haircut suit my face shape?

Yes, a lob haircut can suit any face shape. You can customize the length and layers to suit your face shape and hair type.

3. Can I cut a lob hairstyle at home?

While it’s possible to cut a lob hairstyle at home, it’s best to leave it to a professional. A stylist will have the necessary tools and experience to ensure that your lob looks great.

4. How often should I get a lob haircut?

It’s recommended that you get a haircut every six to eight weeks to keep your lob looking its best. This will prevent split ends and ensure that your hair stays healthy.

5. How do I style a lob haircut?

There are many ways to style a lob haircut. You can wear it straight, curled, or in a messy bun. Experiment with different styles to find what works best for you.


Cutting a lob hairstyle is a great way to update your look. Whether you want a blunt cut or soft layers, a lob can be customized to suit your needs. By following the steps above and consulting with a professional stylist, you can achieve the perfect lob haircut that will look great and inspire confidence.

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