How To Change Hairstyle In Eso

How To Change Hairstyle In ESO

In the world of Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), appearance is everything. From the armor you wear to the hairstyle you sport, it all makes a difference in how your character is perceived by others. While you can change your armor easily in ESO, changing your hairstyle may not be as simple. However, with the right knowledge and a little effort, you can change your character’s hairstyle in ESO quickly and easily. Here’s a guide on how to do just that.

Step 1: Visit the Crown Store
The first step in changing your hairstyle in ESO is to visit the Crown Store. The Crown Store is ESO’s online store where players can purchase a variety of in-game items, including hairstyles. You can access the Crown Store from the menu by selecting “Crown Store” and then browsing the different hairstyle options available. Once you have found a hairstyle you like, purchase it with Crowns, which are ESO’s in-game currency.

Step 2: Navigate to the Character Customization Screen
Once you have purchased a new hairstyle, you will need to navigate to the character customization screen. To do this, press the “Options” button on your PlayStation or select the “Escape” key on your keyboard to access the menu. Then, select “Character” from the menu and choose “Customize” to access the character customization screen.

Step 3: Change Your Hairstyle
On the character customization screen, you’ll see a range of options, including the ability to change your character’s hairstyle. Select the “Hair” option and browse through the different styles you have purchased from the Crown Store. Once you have found the new hairstyle you want, select it to apply it to your character. You can also change other aspects of your character’s appearance, including hair color and facial hair.


Q: How many different hairstyles are available in ESO?
A: There are over 70 different hairstyles available for purchase in the Crown Store, with additional hairstyles added with each new game update.

Q: Can I preview hairstyles before purchasing them?
A: Unfortunately, there is no option to preview hairstyles before purchase. However, you can find images of the different hairstyles online to help you make your decision.

Q: Can I change my character’s hairstyle for free in ESO?
A: No, the only way to change your character’s hairstyle in ESO is by purchasing a new hairstyle from the Crown Store.

Q: Can I change my character’s hairstyle as many times as I want?
A: Yes, you can change your character’s hairstyle as many times as you want, although you will need to purchase each new hairstyle from the Crown Store.

Q: Do hairstyles in ESO affect gameplay in any way?
A: No, hairstyles in ESO are purely cosmetic and do not affect gameplay in any way.

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