How Exactly The President Achieves His Hairstyle

How Exactly The President Achieves His Hairstyle

The hairstyle of the President of the United States is something that has always caught the attention of people across the globe. Each President has had their own unique hairstyle that has spawned numerous imitations and discussions. Whether it is the iconic hair of President Donald Trump or the neatly combed hair of President Barack Obama, there is always interest in how the leader of the free world achieves his hairstyle.

So, how exactly does the President achieve his hairstyle? Let’s take a closer look.


The first step in achieving the presidential hairstyle is a proper haircut from a skilled professional. The President’s barber is assigned to him by the White House Military Office. The President’s hair needs to be cut regularly to maintain its shape and volume.

The cut is usually a simple, classic cut that is easy to maintain and style. The barber works to create a balanced and uniform look that is both professional and appealing. The hair is usually trimmed to a length that suits the President’s face shape and style preferences.

Styling Products

After the haircut, the President’s hair is styled using various hair products. Depending on the hairstyle and hair type, the President may use a variety of products to achieve the right look.

For example, President Donald Trump is known for his voluminous hair, which is achieved by using a combination of blow-drying, hairspray, and gels. His hair is first blow-dried to create volume and then set in place with hairspray. Lastly, gel is used to add texture, hold, and shine.

On the other hand, President Barack Obama is known for his neatly combed hair, which is achieved with pomade or hair wax. These products help to create definition and hold, while keeping the hair sleek and in place.

Hair Color

It is not uncommon for Presidents to have their hair color enhanced or maintained with hair dye. A natural-looking hair color that is close to the President’s original hair color is usually chosen.

For example, President Trump is known for his blonde hair, which is maintained with a shade of blonde hair dye. The dye is applied carefully to create a natural look that matches his skin tone and hair type.


Q: Does the President’s hairstyle change while in office?

A: Yes, the President’s hairstyle may change over time. As the President ages and as fashion trends change, the hairstyle may be altered to suit current styles and preferences.

Q: Can the President choose his own barber?

A: No, the White House Military Office assigns a barber to the President. This is done to ensure that the President’s hairstyle remains consistent and professional for public appearances and events.

Q: Do all Presidents have the same hairstyle?

A: No, each President has had his own unique hairstyle that reflects his personal style and preferences.

Q: How long does it take the President to achieve his hairstyle?

A: This can vary depending on the President and his hairstyling preferences. Some Presidents may spend just a few minutes styling their hair, while others may take longer to achieve their desired look.

Q: Is there a specific hairstyle that is required for the President?

A: No, there is no specific hairstyle that is required for the President. However, the President’s hairstyle should be professional, clean, and suitable for public appearances.

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