18 Best Steven Universe Tattoo Design Ideas

Steven Universe tattoos, as the name suggests, are inspired by the popular animated series Steven Universe. Created by Rebecca Sugar, the show has garnered a massive following, with fans enamored by its unique blend of fantasy, adventure, and emotion. The series is known for its vibrant animation, complex characters, and profound themes, elements that translate beautifully into body art.

One of the most popular motifs in Steven Universe tattoos is the Gems. These are alien warriors who project female forms from magical gemstones, each with different strengths and personalities. Fans often get tattoos of these gemstones or their corresponding characters, symbolizing their love for these characters. For example, fans might get a tattoo of the rose quartz gem for the character Rose Quartz, or an amethyst stone for Amethyst.

Another common theme is Steven Universe hugging himself. This scene from the series signifies a coming-to-terms with one’s identity, resilience, and acceptance. The characters Ruby and Sapphire are also major symbols of what makes Steven Universe special. They were gems who were once stuck in their respective roles but managed to break free and forge their own identities.

Some fans choose to get tattoos of Steven’s shield, which symbolizes his courage and determination. Others may opt for a star or gemstone-shaped tattoos, which are iconic symbols from the series. There are also those who prefer more subtle designs, like the gem and thorns pattern from Steven’s shield.

Yet another fascinating aspect of Steven Universe tattoos is the triangle symbol. There are many meanings behind this symbol, with one of the most interesting being its connection to ancient Greek culture.

Finally, we have the Rose Quartz shield and sword, items that were passed down to Steven and can be summoned using his Gem. These items hold deep significance in the series and are a favorite among fans looking to get a Steven Universe tattoo.

In conclusion, Steven Universe tattoos are much more than just body art. They are a form of personal expression, a way for fans to connect with their favorite characters and themes from the series. Each tattoo tells a story, whether it’s about love, identity, courage, or acceptance, making them a vibrant and meaningful addition to the world of tattoos.

Steven Universe Tattoo Rose Quartz Sword

Steven Universe Tattoo Rose Quartz Sword
@oldcrowtattoo via Instagram 

Rose Quartz’s sword is a significant artifact in the animated series Steven Universe. This weapon, forged by Bismuth, was once wielded by Rose Quartz herself and later discovered by Steven and Connie in the episode “Lion 2: The Movie”.  The sword, described as Bismuth’s “finest piece of work,” played a crucial role during the Rebellion, a critical event in the series’ backstory.

The sword is known for its unique design and symbolic importance. It is often associated with strength, compassion, and resistance, mirroring the traits of Rose Quartz. This makes it a popular choice for fans seeking a tattoo that encapsulates the spirit of the show and its themes.

In addition to being a powerful weapon, Rose Quartz’s sword also has a distinct aesthetic appeal. The sword has a dark pink hue and features a rose quartz gem embedded in the pommel, which resembles a rosebud. This design element not only enhances the sword’s visual appeal but also reinforces its connection to Rose Quartz.

Given its significance and beautiful design, Rose Quartz’s sword is an excellent choice for a Steven Universe-inspired tattoo. Whether you’re a fan of Rose Quartz, Steven, or Connie, this tattoo can be a meaningful way to express your love for the show and its characters.

Steven Universe Hugging Himself Tattoo

The design features a heartwarming depiction of Steven Universe, the beloved protagonist from the eponymous show, engaged in an embrace with himself. The two figures, though identical, have subtle differences in their expressions. One Steven has a look of comfort and reassurance, while the other seems to be seeking solace.

The design captures the essence of self-love and the importance of self-acceptance. The soft pastel colors characteristic of the show are maintained, creating a visual blend of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia. The detailed outlines and intricate shading bring out the emotional depth and vulnerability of the moment.

Steven Universe Hugging Himself Tattoo
@alexsunflowertattoo via Instagram – Image source


This tattoo embodies several poignant themes:

  1. Self-Love and Acceptance: The embrace between the two versions of Steven symbolizes the importance of loving and accepting oneself, flaws and all. It’s a gentle reminder that we must be our own biggest supporters and allies, especially during challenging times.
  2. Growth and Transformation: The slight differences in the two figures’ expressions emphasize the personal journey we all undergo. The act of hugging oneself represents coming to terms with one’s past and present, and embracing personal growth.
  3. Nostalgia and Memories: For fans of the show, the design evokes a deep sense of nostalgia and reverence for the lessons learned from Steven Universe, especially about love, relationships, and identity.
  4. Unity and Wholeness: The design suggests that despite our internal conflicts and the duality of our nature, we are whole beings deserving of love and understanding.

For wearers of this tattoo, it serves not just as a tribute to a cherished animated series, but as an emblem of self-affirmation, love, and a journey towards personal wholeness.

Steven Universe Lapis Tattoo

This design spotlights Lapis Lazuli, one of the most poignant and intriguing characters from the animated series “Steven Universe.” Depicted with her signature blue hue, Lapis stands with her wings extended in all their majestic and ethereal glory.

The oceanic textures that run through her gemstone and body are intricately detailed, reflecting her deep connection with the sea. Her eyes, expressing a blend of melancholy and hope, capture the audience’s gaze, reminding them of her tumultuous past and her journey toward healing. Small accents, like the reflection of light on her wings and the delicate ripples in the water beneath her, add to the design’s depth and detail.

Steven Universe Lapis Tattoo
@lilianraya via Instagram – Image source


This tattoo carries significant symbolic weight:

  1. Resilience and Recovery: Lapis Lazuli’s storyline in the series showcases the themes of trauma, captivity, and eventual liberation. Her image serves as a testament to enduring adversity and emerging stronger, highlighting the resilience of the spirit.
  2. Connection to Nature: Lapis’s deep bond with the ocean, showcased by her water-controlling abilities, symbolizes the unbreakable ties we share with nature and the environment.
  3. Freedom and Self-Expression: The outstretched wings of Lapis emphasize the importance of freedom and the courage to express oneself unapologetically.
  4. Depth of Emotions: The sea, which plays a vital role in Lapis’s narrative, can be interpreted as a metaphor for the depth and vastness of human emotions, both tumultuous and serene.

For individuals who choose this tattoo, it could be a personal reminder of their own resilience and recovery, a tribute to the power and beauty of nature, or an emblem of the emotional journey they’ve undertaken. The tattoo also pays homage to the series and Lapis Lazuli’s character, symbolizing the complex layers of her story and the universal truths it represents.

Steven Universe Gemstones Tattoo

This tattoo design captures the iconic gemstones from the beloved animated series, “Steven Universe.” Laid out in a harmonious arrangement, each gem is rendered with meticulous detail, showing off their unique shapes, cuts, and colors. From the fiery radiance of Garnet’s red stones to the calming translucence of Pearl’s oval gem, each is a masterpiece in its own right.

The gems seem to shimmer and glow, each telling a tale of the character it represents. The arrangement might be in a linear fashion, a cluster, or even orbiting Steven’s own pink gem, symbolizing the unity of the Crystal Gems.

Steven Universe Gemstones Tattoo
@luniechan via Instagram – Image source


The gemstones are more than just aesthetic symbols; they carry profound meanings:

  1. Identity and Individuality: Each gemstone in the series represents a unique character with their own strengths, flaws, and growth arcs. The tattoo celebrates the beauty of individuality and the richness that comes from diverse personalities.
  2. Unity and Strength: While each gem is powerful on its own, together they form an unbreakable bond. This speaks to the strength of unity and collaboration, suggesting that when we come together, we are stronger than the sum of our parts.
  3. Legacy and Memory: For fans of the show, these gemstones are not just symbols but memories of heartfelt stories, life lessons, and emotional moments shared with the characters.
  4. Metamorphosis and Evolution: Just like gemstones in nature undergo a process to become the jewels they are, the characters in Steven Universe also undergo personal evolutions, highlighting the beauty of growth and change.

For those opting for this tattoo design, it could serve as a tribute to their love for the series and its teachings. It might also symbolize personal transformation, the importance of unity, and a celebration of diverse identities.

Steven Universe Garnet Tattoo

A vivid portrayal of Garnet, the fusion and leader of the Crystal Gems from “Steven Universe.” Standing tall and confident, Garnet’s silhouette is a blend of bold lines and dynamic shapes, showcasing her iconic square-shaped afro and angular shades. Her poise embodies strength and determination, and her hands are clenched into fists, ready to defend or embrace, as the situation demands.

The dual gemstones on her palms – one ruby-red and the other sapphire-blue – are rendered with luminous detail, capturing their ethereal glow and encapsulating the essence of the two beings that make up Garnet. Subtle shading and color gradations capture the nuances of her costume, bringing her character to life on the skin.

Steven Universe Garnet Tattoo
@tattoos_by_penguin via Instagram – Image source


Deeply symbolic and resonant, this tattoo encapsulates the following themes:

  1. Fusion and Unity: Garnet, being a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, represents the power of love and unity. She’s a testament to the idea that love can transcend differences and challenges, creating something stronger and more beautiful.
  2. Strength and Leadership: Garnet’s role as the leader of the Crystal Gems is evident in her confident stance. This could symbolize personal strength, determination, and the responsibility of leadership.
  3. Duality and Balance: The two gemstones on Garnet’s palms highlight the duality within her and the balance she achieves between Ruby’s fiery passion and Sapphire’s calm foresight. It’s a nod to the harmony we seek within our own dualities.
  4. Love and Acceptance: Garnet’s very existence is a testament to the transformative power of love. For many, she stands as an emblem of accepting one’s true self and the beauty of unconditional love, both given and received.

For individuals who choose this design, the Garnet tattoo could serve as a daily reminder of the strength they carry within, the beauty of unity and love, and the harmony that can be achieved through self-acceptance and balance.

Steven Universe Weapons Tattoo

This intricate design showcases the iconic weapons wielded by the Crystal Gems in “Steven Universe.” Beginning with Garnet’s gleaming gauntlets, to Amethyst’s sinuous whip, Pearl’s elegant spear, and Steven/Rose Quartz’s protective shield – each weapon is meticulously detailed, capturing the essence of its wielder.

The layout can be versatile: the weapons may be arranged in a circular pattern, symbolizing unity, or in a linear display, denoting progression. Each weapon, though different in shape and form, has a common thread – an almost ethereal glow, highlighting their otherworldly origin and power.

Steven Universe Weapons Tattoo
@enoctattoos via Instagram – Image source


Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these weapons symbolize deep-rooted themes from the series:

  1. Personal Strength: Each weapon is an extension of the gem who wields it, a manifestation of their personal strengths, and unique abilities. The tattoo serves as a reminder of one’s inner strength and potential.
  2. Protection and Defense: In the series, these weapons are used to defend Earth and its inhabitants. They stand for protection, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.
  3. Growth and Mastery: The weapons also symbolize the growth and mastery each character achieves throughout the series, reminding the wearer of the continuous journey of self-improvement and learning.
  4. Unity in Diversity: While each weapon is distinct, representing the individuality of its owner, together they symbolize the unity and collective strength of the Crystal Gems. This is a powerful emblem of how diverse talents and abilities can come together for a common cause.

For those who choose this tattoo design, it serves as more than just a tribute to a beloved series. It becomes a daily emblem of their personal strength, a commitment to protect and nurture, and a celebration of unity amidst diversity.

Steven Universe Pearl Tattoo

A beautiful representation of Pearl from the animated series “Steven Universe” is etched onto the skin. The tattoo showcases Pearl’s slender form, her pale, almost opalescent skin, and her distinctive pointed nose. She is depicted with her gem, a pearl, perfectly positioned on her forehead. Depending on personal choice, the tattoo might include Pearl’s elegant balletic pose or showcase her with her spear, the weapon she summons from her gem. The colors are soft but vibrant, resonating with Pearl’s ethereal and graceful nature.

Steven Universe Pearl Tattoo
@tattoobrittany via Instagram – Image source


The “Steven Universe Pearl Tattoo” is deeply symbolic and can signify a myriad of meanings:

  1. Personal Growth and Evolution: Throughout the series, Pearl undergoes significant growth, moving from her servitude past to finding her own sense of self-worth. This tattoo can be a symbol of one’s journey of self-discovery and evolution.
  2. Loyalty and Dedication: Pearl’s undying loyalty to Rose Quartz and later to Steven is evident throughout the series. The tattoo can be a testament to one’s own commitment to their loved ones or a cause.
  3. Grace Under Pressure: Despite her struggles, Pearl always maintains a graceful composure, especially in battle. This tattoo might represent one’s ability to handle challenges with elegance and poise.
  4. Love and Sacrifice: Pearl’s story is also about love – a complex, sometimes unrequited kind. It speaks to the lengths one might go for love and the sacrifices made in its name.
  5. Strength in Vulnerability: While Pearl often showcases her strength and combat skills, she is also unafraid to show her vulnerabilities. This duality can be a reminder that true strength often lies in acknowledging and embracing one’s own vulnerabilities.
  6. Fan Tribute: For many, the mere act of getting a tattoo of a beloved character from a show is a way of paying tribute to its impact on their life. “Steven Universe” touched on various themes like love, identity, and acceptance, and Pearl’s character played a significant role in that narrative.

A “Steven Universe Pearl Tattoo” isn’t just a piece of art but carries with it a legacy of storytelling, emotion, and character development. It’s a testament to both the magic of the animated world and the intricacies of human emotion in the real world.

Steven Universe Cookie Cat Tattoo

Depicting the lovable treat from “Steven Universe,” the Cookie Cat tattoo showcases a delicious-looking ice cream sandwich in the shape of a cat’s face. With one half being chocolate-flavored and the other strawberry, this split-colored feline has wide, adorable eyes and small chocolate chip details. The tattoo might be paired with the iconic catchphrase, “He’s a pet for your tummy,” or adorned with playful starry accents, emphasizing the show’s cosmic theme.

Steven Universe Cookie Cat Tattoo
@studioevolvetattoo via Instagram – Image source


The “Steven Universe Cookie Cat Tattoo” can represent several nuanced meanings:

  1. Nostalgia and Childhood: Cookie Cat represents Steven’s fondness for the things from his past. The tattoo can be symbolic of one’s own cherished memories and the comfort derived from revisiting them.
  2. Change and Adaptation: In the series, Cookie Cat is a metaphor for the Crystal Gems, being from space and displaced from their home. This tattoo can signify a person’s ability to adapt to change, acknowledging both their past and the present.
  3. Embracing the Quirky: At its core, the Cookie Cat is a fun and quirky concept – an ice cream sandwich that looks like a cat. It’s a nod to the unique and whimsical, reminding one to embrace their own quirks and individuality.
  4. Simple Joys: Sometimes, life’s pleasures are in the little things, like enjoying your favorite ice cream. A Cookie Cat tattoo can be a tribute to the simple joys and pleasures of life.
  5. Fan Dedication: Like many elements from pop culture, getting a Cookie Cat tattoo might simply be a way of showing one’s love and dedication to “Steven Universe” and its rich world of characters and stories.

The “Steven Universe Cookie Cat Tattoo” is more than just a delightful design; it’s an emblem of joy, change, and cherishing the small moments in life, all while giving a nod to the deep narrative of a beloved show.

Steven Universe Lion Tattoo

Capturing the magnificence of Steven’s mystical pink guardian, the Lion tattoo showcases the creature’s vivid rose-colored fur and captivating large eyes. Lion’s relaxed posture may be depicted, exuding a sense of quiet strength, or he might be portrayed with a playful, energetic stance. Key features such as his thick mane, tufted tail, and the serene expression make the design stand out. Depending on personal preferences, some may choose to incorporate a scene where Lion is emerging from his magical portal or resting peacefully next to Steven.

Steven Universe Lion Tattoo
@r_c_chick via Instagram – Image source


The “Steven Universe Lion Tattoo” is rich in symbolism and can represent a multitude of meanings:

  1. Mystery and Magic: Lion’s origin and powers remain a mystery for much of the series, symbolizing the unknown and the magic that life holds.
  2. Guardianship and Loyalty: Lion’s steadfast dedication to protecting and aiding Steven represents loyalty, guardianship, and the protective nature that one might feel for their loved ones.
  3. Hidden Depths: Lion’s mane hides a vast, magical space within, reminding us that there’s often more beneath the surface. This can be a symbol for someone’s inner world, complexities, and the depths of their personality.
  4. Emotional Connection: Lion’s bond with Steven, stemming from his ties to Rose Quartz, can represent the unspoken emotional connections we share with others, often transcending words or actions.
  5. Strength and Grace: The juxtaposition of Lion’s fierce nature and his gentle demeanor towards Steven speaks to the duality of strength and grace, highlighting that power doesn’t negate tenderness.
  6. Legacy and Memory: Given that Lion has connections to Rose Quartz and holds items and memories of importance inside his mane, he can symbolize the legacy left behind by loved ones and the cherished memories we hold onto.
  7. Fan Appreciation: For many “Steven Universe” enthusiasts, Lion stands out as a fan favorite due to his majestic appearance and deep connection to the series’ lore. The tattoo might simply be a way of showcasing one’s admiration for the show and this particular character.

In essence, a “Steven Universe Lion Tattoo” is not only a striking visual piece but also a profound emblem of protection, depth, memory, and the myriad complexities of relationships. It’s a tattoo that beautifully fuses the enchanting world of animation with the profound sentiments of the real world.

Steven Universe Peridot Tattoo

Illustrating the feisty gem technician from Homeworld, the Peridot tattoo portrays her distinctive triangular hair, green skin, and vibrant yellow-green gem placed on her forehead. Peridot’s expression might vary from her typical confident smirk to a more contemplative look. Details such as her visor, limb enhancers, or her beloved “Camp Pining Hearts” T-shirt can be added based on the wearer’s preference. The tattoo may also incorporate her metal-bending abilities, depicting small floating objects around her as a nod to her newfound powers.

Steven Universe Peridot Tattoo
@fancy_linzy via Instagram – Image source


The “Steven Universe Peridot Tattoo” carries a spectrum of significances:

  1. Transformation and Adaptation: Peridot’s journey from a Homeworld gem to an Earth resident signifies transformation and the ability to adapt and grow in new environments.
  2. Discovery of Self-Worth: Throughout her character arc, Peridot learns her worth beyond her designated role, reminding us that societal labels don’t define our potential.
  3. Friendship and Acceptance: Her evolution from an adversary to a beloved member of the Crystal Gems speaks to the power of friendship, understanding, and acceptance.
  4. Courage and Authenticity: Peridot’s forthright nature, even in unfamiliar situations, symbolizes the courage to be oneself, irrespective of external judgments.
  5. Curiosity and Learning: Peridot’s incessant questions and efforts to understand Earth represent the thirst for knowledge and the joy of learning.
  6. Resilience: Despite being away from her known world and facing several challenges, Peridot’s determination highlights resilience and the ability to stand tall in adversity.
  7. Fan Tribute: For many “Steven Universe” aficionados, getting a Peridot tattoo is a nod to the intricate character development and narrative depth that the series offers. It’s a way to celebrate a character who adds humor, complexity, and charm to the story.

Choosing a “Steven Universe Peridot Tattoo” is not just about commemorating a character but also celebrating personal growth, resilience, and the journey of discovering one’s true self. It serves as a reminder of the transformative power of friendship and the importance of staying curious and authentic.

Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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Steven Universe Tattoo
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7 More Steven Universe Tattoos To Consider

The realm of Steven Universe tattoos is vast and varied, reflecting the rich narrative tapestry and diverse character roster of the show. Here are a few other popular Steven Universe tattoos:

Steven’s Star Tattoo

Steven’s iconic star symbol, often shown on his shirt, is a favorite among fans. This tattoo serves as a subtle yet effective homage to the protagonist of the series.

Diamond Authority Symbol Tattoo

The Diamond Authority is a significant entity within the series, ruling over the Gem Homeworld and its colonies. Its emblem, a four-diamond configuration with each representing White, Yellow, Blue, and Pink Diamond, makes a visually striking and meaningful tattoo.

Fusion Tattoos

Fusions are unique entities formed from two or more gems combining. Notable fusions like Opal (fusion of Amethyst and Pearl), Sardonyx (fusion of Garnet and Pearl), or Stevonnie (fusion of Steven and Connie) are often transformed into tattoos, expressing the unity, harmony, and complexity of relationships.

Crystal Gem Symbol Tattoo

The emblem of the Crystal Gems, a star within a circle, symbolizes the team’s unity and defiance against the Gem Homeworld’s tyranny. It’s a favorite for those who relate to the Crystal Gems’ cause.

Rose’s Shield Tattoo

Rose Quartz’s shield is another prevalent Steven Universe tattoo. As a symbol of protection and love, it’s a powerful choice for those who identify with these qualities.

Bubble Tattoo

Steven’s power to encapsulate things in a protective bubble is a recurring motif in the series. A tattoo of Steven’s pink bubble can symbolize protection, care, and preservation.

Specific Character Tattoos

Characters like Greg Universe (Steven’s father), Lars of the Stars (Lars’ space pirate alter-ego), or the Off-Colors (a group of unique, outcast Gems) also inspire tattoos. These designs allow fans to highlight their favorite characters’ traits and narratives.

The potential for Steven Universe tattoos is limited only by imagination and personal preference. Every character, symbol, or moment from the series can provide the inspiration for a meaningful and visually appealing tattoo.

Discover The Meanings Behind The Various Steven Universe Tattoos?

Each Steven Universe tattoo can hold a range of meanings, depending on the element chosen and its significance within the series. Here are a few interpretations:

Rose Quartz’s Sword Tattoo: Represents strength, love, and compassion. It can also symbolize one’s struggle and resilience in life, much like the character Rose Quartz.

Steven Universe Hugging Himself Tattoo: Symbolizes identity, resilience, and acceptance. This scene from the series signifies a coming-to-terms with oneself, making it meaningful for those going through personal transformations.

Lapis Tattoo: Stands for resilience and transformation. Lapis’ character, who had a tragic past but was able to overcome and find happiness, represents overcoming hardships and change.

Gemstones Tattoo: Represents identity and individuality. Each gemstone in the series is unique to a character, much like how each individual is unique in their own way.

Garnet Tattoo: Symbolizes power, courage, and love. As a fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, Garnet also stands for the unity and harmony of different elements.

Weapons Tattoo: Stands for strength and protection. These are the weapons used by the Crystal Gems to protect Earth, making it a symbol of guardianship.

Pearl Tattoo: Represents loyalty, elegance, and complexity. Pearl’s character showcases a range of emotions and personal struggles, which many people can relate to.

Cookie Cat Tattoo: Symbolizes refugees or those who have had to leave their home, based on the song ‘Cookie Cat’. It also stands for discovery and growth, given that Steven’s gem glowed for the first time when he ate it.

Lion Tattoo: Represents companionship and adventure. Steven’s lion friend is a magical creature who goes on many adventures with him, making this tattoo a symbol for friendship and exploration.

Peridot Tattoo: Symbolizes growth, redemption, and transformation. Peridot’s journey from being a villain to a hero represents personal evolution and change.


Navigating the landscape of Steven Universe tattoos presents an opportunity to express your affinity for this incredible series through an enduring form of body art. Remember, each design holds a unique symbolic weight, offering a rich narrative that can align with your personal values and experiences. Select a design that resonates with you, not just aesthetically but also at a deeper, personal level.

Like any form of body modification, tattooing does come with its risks, including potential allergic reactions, infection, or dissatisfaction with the result. Hence, it’s crucial to approach a reputable and professional tattoo artist who adheres to all safety and hygiene regulations. Ensure you have a comprehensive discussion about your design choice, placement, and aftercare instructions.

Despite these considerations, getting a tattoo can be an empowering experience that allows you to assert your identity and passions visually. Whether you choose a minimalist gemstone or a detailed character design, a Steven Universe tattoo is a personal testament to the show’s impact and your connection with its narrative. Armed with the insights from this post, you are now well-prepared to embark on this exciting journey, transforming your admiration for Steven Universe into a unique piece of body art.

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