79 Incredibly Cute Tattoos For Couple

Couple tattoos go beyond romance – they commemorate an incomparable love with these meaningful and adorable couple tattoos!

Couple tattoos don’t always represent butterflies and sentimental quotes in equal quantities – they can also be adorable, quirky and truly special pieces! What makes couple tattoos particularly charming is what they represent about its wearers as individuals as well as stories they tell.

No matter whether it be the design of an inside joke tattoo, or something more personal like your favorite drink or pet’s picture. There is an infinite number of creative solutions for tattooing couple that go beyond typical cliches and cliches.

Here, we have assembled an adorable assortment of couple tattoos. Ranging from minimalist and simple designs to expressive ones with humorous undertones, there is sure to be something beautiful here for both of you to share and celebrate your relationship permanently! Scroll on below!

Disclaimer: Please use these tattoo designs of cute tattoos for couples as inspiration only and do not copy their artwork. If you like the designs shown here, follow their artists and show your support by supporting their efforts!

Cute tattoos for couple

Small and cute tattoos for couple

Are you in search of something small and adorable for couples? Look no further – our collection of small yet adorable tattoos for couples provides just that, giving your relationship an expressive expression without overstated displays of affection. These small works of art provide subtle yet meaningful ways to show how much love exists between two individuals!

No matter the occasion or reason behind them, these small matching tattoos make an impactful statement while staying out of the spotlight.

Cute paper plane tattoos for couple

Cute paper plane tattoos for couple by @alcampo.tattoo


These paper plane tattoos are indeed a charming and minimalist choice for a couple. They symbolize a shared journey or adventure and can also represent a light-hearted and playful approach to life. Matching tattoos are a popular way for couples to show their connection and commitment to each other in a form that is both personal and permanent.

Matching black cat tattoos

Matching black cat tattoos for couple by @ladyinblueink


The image features two matching black cat tattoos, likely symbolizing a connection or shared affection for cats by the individuals. These tattoos are small, simple, and rendered in black ink, capturing the playful and mysterious essence of cats. Such tattoos can represent a variety of meanings, including luck, mystery, independence, and grace. They’re a cute and whimsical choice for people wanting to commemorate their bond with a fun and endearing design.

Matching star symbol tattoos

Matching star symbol tattoos for couple by @cocoa._.jam_


 These tattoos feature a central star with rays extending outward in various colors. Such tattoos can represent guidance, hope, aspiration, or a shining moment in the wearers’ lives. The fact that they are matching indicates a shared significance of this symbol for the individuals, possibly denoting a meaningful relationship or a mutual milestone they have experienced together. The use of color adds a playful and personal touch to the design.

Mr and Mrs tattoos

Mr and Mrs tattoos for couple by @emily_hontattoo


Two hands with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” tattoos on their respective ring fingers, typically signifying a marital bond between the individuals. These tattoos are a modern alternative to or may be in addition to traditional wedding rings, symbolizing a permanent and personal commitment to each other. The placement on the ring finger is especially significant as it is traditionally associated with marriage and the commitment that comes with it.

Happy dancing skeleton tattoos

Happy dancing skeleton tattoos by @sierradawntattoo


These tattoos are playful and have a light-hearted design, often symbolizing a positive attitude towards life and death or a celebration of life. The skeletons are drawn in a simple line art style, dancing joyfully, which may suggest the wearers’ shared sense of humor or a mutual appreciation for enjoying the moment and not taking life too seriously.

Coffee pot and cup tattoos

Coffee pot and cup tattoos for couple by @nycolaszanotto


Image shows two people sporting matching tattoos of coffee pots and cups; it is a creative way for individuals to represent their shared love of caffeine or to symbolize how complementary their relationships are with one another. Both tattoo designs feature clean lines for an understated aesthetic.

Cute small wine glass tattoos

Cute small wine glass tattoos for couple by @doetanitattoer


The image displays two individuals with matching tattoos featuring cute, small wine glasses. These tattoos are designed with a whimsical style, giving personality to the glasses with simple facial features. Such tattoos can symbolize a shared enjoyment of life’s finer things, like wine, or represent a toast to their relationship or a special occasion they’ve celebrated together. The playful nature of the tattoos suggests a light-hearted approach to life and an appreciation for shared moments of joy.

Cute drink tattoos for couple

Cute drink tattoos for couple by @tattooer_jina


The image you’ve shared features two individuals with tattoos resembling postage stamps, each containing a drink. One tattoo is larger with “NYC” and a date “3/23” inscribed, suggesting a special memory or event in New York City on that date. The second, smaller tattoo shows a similar drink motif within the stamp border. These tattoos likely represent a significant shared experience, possibly a celebration or a memorable trip to New York City. The stamp design adds a sense of travel and correspondence, which can imply that the memory is something they want to “send” with them wherever they go or a reminder of the time they’ve “mailed” into their history

Heart and brain matching tattoos.

Heart and brain matching tattoos by @blue_heaven_tattooz


The image presents two individuals with matching tattoos that are symbolic representations of a heart and a brain. These tattoos could signify the balance between emotion and logic, love and reason, or the importance of both passion and intellect in their relationship or individual lives. The simplicity of the designs highlights their symbolic meaning and the connection between the two elements. It’s a profound and complementary pairing, suggesting that both aspects are valued and essential.

Small smile tattoos for couple

Small smile tattoos for couple by @masa_tattooer


Two delicate smiles entwined, eternally marking a bond of joy and love between partners

Match and cigarette tattoos

Match and cigarette tattoos for couple by @ri9.tounsi


Two ignited matches and a smoldering cigarette symbolize the fiery connection and shared passion between partners.

Matching dinosaur tattoos

Matching dinosaur tattoos for couple by @asylumtattoo666


Two playful dinosaurs, forever linked, embodying the timeless bond and fun-loving spirit of a couple’s relationship.

Pencil and notebook tattoos

Pencil and notebook tattoos for couple by @doetanitattoer


Are you in search of something playful yet meaningful to commemorate your shared passion for creativity and all its associated pursuits? Look no further! These pencil and notebook tattoos may just be what’s necessary! A visual tribute that shows our shared appreciation.

Rabbit and carrot tattoos

Rabbit and carrot tattoos by @vandrago_tattoo_medan


Like rabbits adoring carrots, these romantic tattoos for couples symbolize how essential and fulfilling love is in a relationship.

Super cute tattoos for couple

Super cute tattoos for couple by @chromeink.studio


Tangled lines

Tangled lines tattoos for couple by @doetanitattoer


Life can often be challenging, and life’s journey differs for every couple, yet these matching ankle tattoos serve as reminders that whatever the outcome, both partners are together through it all.

Tiny alien tattoos

Tiny alien tattoos for couple by @richierichtattoos


The shooting duck tattoos

The shooting duck tattoos by @inkling.ph_


Shooting duck tattoos for couples will surely put a smile on your face! Looking for something playful to symbolize your bond? These charming pieces of ink make the ideal statement about love!

Tiny key and lock tattoos for couple

Tiny key and lock tattoos for couple by @rauschtattoo


Are you in search of an adorable symbol to symbolize your compatibility? Look no further – key and keyhole tattoos could be just what’s needed!

Tiny Pacman tattoos

Tiny Pacman tattoos for couple by @inkgie_tattoo


Pac-Man may be well known in gaming culture, but tattoos featuring his face have also become a playful sign of affection for couples.

Unique initial tattoos for couple

Unique initial tattoos for couple by @atticustattoo


Not like most initial tattoos with intricate fonts and designs, these unique yet adorable couple tattoos draw their inspiration from Scrabble – with two letters connected visually representing their relationship and commitment.

XO small wrist tattoos

XO small wrist tattoos for couple by @kat3roo


Cute and minimalist cat tattoos

Cute and minimalist cat tattoos by @tattooberlin_vesna


If you and your significant other share a love of cats, these fun cat tattoos could just steal both hearts.

Small koala and tree

Small koala and tree matching tattoos by @_tan_tattoo


Similar to how some lovebirds seem unable to depart their respective trees, some relationships appear fated to remain.

Cute Pokémon tattoos

Cute Pokémon tattoos by @pigeonpokes


Minun and Plusle are among the cutest Pokemon partners, known for their charming personalities and positive energy. With such cute matching ink depicting each partner’s joy in being together.

Missing puzzle pieces matching tattoos

Puzzle pieces tattoos by @1srecko


Are you searching for someone special who brings out the best in you and makes life better? These adorable puzzle pieces serve as reminders that two are meant for one another!

Hugging heart matching tattoos

Hugging heart matching tattoos by @tattooss.alkaya


Bee and honey pot

Bee and honey pot matching wrist tattoos by @neko.tattooartstudio


If your relationship is truly honeybee-sweet, these matching wrist tattoos are the ideal way to demonstrate it: no complicated metaphors required: just cute and direct expressions of affection!

Ramen matching tattoos

Ramen matching tattoos by @alina_tattoo


Ramen has an undeniably soothing quality; from its comforting broth, to slurping noodles and feeling warm inside it’s like having an arm around me when eating my meal! Why not show off your love of Ramen with these adorable small food tattoos?

Simple and cute matching ducks

Simple and cute matching duck ankle tattoos by @nhi.ink


Matching yin yang couple tattoos

Matching yin yang couple tattoos by @drapal_to_pies_tattoo


Like other designs, yin yang tattoos preserve only its fundamental form; by altering its inner circles into heart shapes instead of circles, the tattooist creates the ideal love tokens to celebrate both partners in relationship.

Initial script wedding ring tattoos

Initial script wedding ring tattoos by @deep0809.tattooer


Tattoo wedding rings make a lasting statement about love and commitment! They make unique keepsakes as a reminder that never goes out of style!

Cute wedding ring wrist tattoos

Cute wedding ring wrist tattoos by @tattooer_insso


Super adorable couple tattoos

Are you ready to proudly show your affection? These charming couple tattoos will do exactly that in a delightful fashion – their expression, warmth, and smile-inducing qualities will ensure a smile from both partners!

Cute matching dog cloud tattoos

Cute matching dog cloud tattoos by @second.pin


Have you ever imagined what a dog-shaped cloud would look like? Well, thanks to these matching dog tattoos from their artist, this whimsical idea has come to life beautifully with just a touch of playful creativity!

Cute matching animal tattoos

Cute matching animal tattoos by @disadoodles


Alpaca tattoos for couple

Alpaca tattoos for couple by @annamaria.tattoo


Alpacas are undeniably adorable animals. This matching alpaca tattoo perfectly expresses your affection while honoring a unique bond you share between both of you.

Cute cat ghost tattoos

Cute cat ghost tattoos by @hiacyntaa


Are you looking to add some Halloween fun and personality to your skin this Halloween season? Look no further! These charming cat ghoul tattoos will do the trick perfectly and provide some playful comic relief – perfect for cat lovers who appreciate humor in tattoo designs.

Matching bird tattoos for couple

Matching bird tattoos for couple by @tattooistbau


Bird tattoos symbolize peace and freedom; when depicted together they can also stand for love and devotion to one another. Cute bird tattoos like these beautifully convey how close two individuals truly are together.

Cute Kirby tattoos

Cute Kirby tattoos by @aves.tatts_


Kirby never ceases to bring joy with its unrivaled cuteness and charisma, making a permanent mark wherever it travels thanks to matching Kirby-and-star tattoos on arms a beautiful reminder. Wearing them everywhere becomes like carrying some part of its magic along for the journey!

Cute matching tattoos for couple

Cute matching tattoos for couple by @e.nal_.tattoo


Cute small forearm tattoos for couple

Cute small forearm tattoos for couple by @doetanitattoer


These small forearm tattoos show two characters experiencing different emotions – serving as an effective yet subtle reminder that no matter how we might feel at any given time, we are never truly alone in this life journey.

The Little Prince matching tattoos

The Little Prince matching tattoos by @fundacja.sheepart


Roses hold great significance to The Little Prince. These tattoos bring this classic tale alive by depicting Little Prince on one wearer and delicate rose on another; together telling a powerful narrative about love, patience, and human connections.

Happy ghosts

Happy ghost tattoos by @teekatatts


King and queen crown tattoos

King and queen crown tattoos for couple by @hotam.tattoo


These striking tattoos of a realistic-looking king and queen tattoo stand out thanks to the addition of reference lines – adding an artistic flourish that sets their design apart and makes each of these tattoos truly one-of-a-kind!

Matching cat tattoos on the back

Matching cat tattoos on the back by @bellezatattooirisyang


Matching Chinese zodiac tattoos

Matching Chinese zodiac tattoos by @e.nal_.tattoo


Chinese zodiacs serve as an iconic emblem for many Asians, representing identity as much as Western zodiacs do. These tattoos showcasing two zodiac signs (ox and rabbit), symbolising two zodiac signs associated with relationships or compatibility are an expression of this.

Planet and rocket

Planet and rocket tattoos for couple by @chapta.too_hk


Soulmates always find each other; like rockets launching towards another world.

Matching oriental bunny tattoos

Matching oriental bunny tattoos by @hwyl.tattoo


Matching turtle tattoos for couple

Matching turtle tattoos for couple by @choiyun_tattoo


Turtles have long been revered as symbols of longevity and wisdom, making them ideal to commemorate relationships while honoring one or both partners’ spirit animals. Tattooist Choiyun’s monochromic designs from this couple tattoo series do exactly that by paying homage to both partners as well as celebrating longevity through tattoo art.

Mickey and Minnie tattoos

Mickey and Minnie tattoos by @noamyona___


These Mickey and Minnie tattoos are absolutely adorable. Everyone knows and adores these classic cartoon characters; now, however, they represent timeless romance!

No rain, no flowers

No rain no flowers matching tattoos by @jadehazetattoo


Realistic and playful dog tattoos

Realistic and playful dog tattoos by @greens_tattoo


Shrek balloon tattoos

Shrek balloon tattoos by @roswell.tattoo


Remember the classic scene from Shrek where Shrek made Fiona a frog balloon? These delightful designs honor that sweet moment by giving wearers an opportunity to show their affection and dedication towards this franchise.

Small penguin tattoos

Small penguin tattoos for couple by @opaltattoostudio


Black cat calf tattoos

Black cat calf tattoos by @moon.cheon


Matching calf tattoos make an elegant statement for couples. From fans of felines, who could appreciate shared symbols to lovers who appreciate an inkcat’s playfulness – these vibrant felines inked on one leg makes an instant fashion statement!

Tom and Jerry tattoos

Tom and Jerry tattoos by @vogli.tattoo


Lovers make great companions; Tom and Jerry certainly exhibit this trait. Although not in an official romantic relationship, their bond goes far beyond romance.

Teacup dinosaur tattoos

Teacup dinosaur tattoos by @tattoosbyeloise


Matching avocado tattoos

Matching avocado tattoo for friends by @mrs.fox_tattoo


Avocado tattoos serve as visual symbols to celebrate an extraordinary love relationship and express it aesthetically. A tattooed avocado represents our special relationship – they serve as reminders that I’ve found my perfect match.”

Unique and cute tattoos for couple

If you want something original and interesting, our next collection could be exactly what you are searching for. Though they might not grab all of the spotlight themselves, wearable art makes your memories an artform worth remembering!

Barcode of love

Barcode of love tattoos by @ali_knz_


Heart shapes are familiar icons. Why not give these classic symbols of affection an exciting spin with barcode engravings instead? Not only is this approach fun and playful, it expresses gratitude without speaking a single word!

Black and white cat tattoos for couple

Black and white cat tattoos for couple by @ritualtattoo.studio


White cat and black balloons: Are they two sides of one coin, or complementary pairs?

Cute dumpling tattoos

Cute dumpling tattoos by @bchan.png


Sushi cat tattoos

Sushi cat tattoos for couple by @loveyoon.too


These sushi cats are irresistibly cute – an irreverent symbol of your friendship and shared affection for cats!

Cute aliens

Cute aliens tattoos by @tribalinktattoos


Touch each finger for instant transport back together – these adorable alien tattoos serve as cosmic portals, connecting you and your sweetie regardless of distance or separation.

Cute and fun ghost tattoos

Cute and fun ghost tattoos by @inkbrushtattoos


Cute ghost tattoos

Cute ghost tattoos for couple by @katiejamestattoo


Diamond heart tattoos

Diamond heart tattoos for couple by @inkedupcouples


Alternatively, geometric designs add sophistication to what can otherwise be an unassuming design element such as heart motifs. A great example would be these matching diamond heart tattoos which bring sophistication into their simple shape.

Happy chemical tattoos

Happy chemical tattoos by @wildflowers.tattoo


Does being around your significant other give you warm fuzzies, or is they someone that always brings sunshine? If this describes the case for you then these happy chemical tattoos allow you to wear those joyful moments on your sleeves!

Matching hand tattoos

Matching hand tattoos by @kogyikyawtattooist


Skull heart tattoos

Skull heart tattoos by @sebastian_tattoo


Here’s a fun yet slightly morbid tribute to undying love: two skulls interlocked within a heart – this design offers an unconventional expression of both romance and affection!

Wedding day stamp tattoos

Wedding day stamp tattoos for couple by @chromeink.studio


These matching stamps make the ideal keepsake to celebrate any marriage and mark it forever in ink.

Wine and wine glass tattoos

Wine and wine glass tattoos for couple by @conio_polifamous


The Pulp Fiction matching tattoo

The Pulp Fiction matching tattoo by @conlll


Love of movies, songs or franchises makes an excellent topic for matching tattoos. If both of you love Pulp Fiction as I do, these adorable Mia and Vincent tattoos may serve as the inspiration behind your next ink piece!

Rapunzel and Flynn

Matching Rapunzel and Flynn wrist tattoos by @h.suantsai


Fairy tales never get old! Get these matching Rapunzel and Pascal tattoos to bring magical energies into your life!

Cute matching cat tattoos

Cute cat matching tattoos by @duchess.tattoo


Tattoos like these matching cat tattoos can bring tears of laughter. Deliberately whimsical and cleverly creative, they represent the love owners have for their furry pals while showing the humor infused in them by nature.

Fingerprints on the heart

Fingerprints on the heart by @one_million._tattoo


Whale crossing the portal

Whale crossing the portal by @punkoflipastattoo

These stunning whale tattoos bring our imagination alive! Depicting an unidentified whale swimming through an unknown portal, these designs become living symbols of fantasy and imagination.

Tree wedding ring tattoos

Creative tree wedding ring tattoos by @endodoula


Matching bear and bunny tattoos

Matching bear and bunny tattoos by @saebom_tattoo


Who knew bears and bunnies could make such an ideal couple tattooed together? Either way, these images make ideal love statements for couples that appear different at first but actually fit well together underneath.

Matching fine line quote tattoos

Matching fine line quote tattoos by @tattooer_jina


Couples that make for successful partnerships share life together on one journey; “one of us” describes that bond.

Matching arrow ring finger tattoos

Ring finger tattoo by @cannuto_ink.csr_


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