11 Best Draken Tattoo Ideas

A Draken tattoo is a powerful and mythical symbol that can be designed in various styles, sizes, and colors. Here’s a unique Draken tattoo idea that you can consider:

Nordic Draken Guardian

A fierce, yet wise, Nordic-inspired Draken wraps its body around a runic stone. The stone is engraved with ancient runes that symbolize strength, wisdom, and protection. The Draken has detailed, intricate scales, sharp claws, and piercing eyes that seem to be glowing with an inner fire. Its wings are partially folded, creating a majestic appearance, while its long tail coils around the base of the runic stone.

Style: The tattoo can be done in black and grey for a more traditional, dramatic look, or in bold, vivid colors to emphasize the mystical nature of the creature. You may choose to have it done in a realistic style, or with a more stylized, tribal aesthetic.

Placement: This design can be easily adapted to various sizes and can be placed on different body parts. For a larger, more detailed piece, consider placing it on the back, chest, or upper arm. If you prefer a smaller, more subtle design, it can be placed on the forearm, wrist, or ankle.

Remember to consult with a professional tattoo artist to refine your idea and create a design that works best for you.

Draken Tattoo Ideas
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Ken Ryuguji or Draken is one of the most famous characters of the Japanese manga, Tokyo Revengers.

According to the character of the series, Draken is a tall teenager who has a muscular body, and his head is shaven on the left side, which exposes her Dragon Tattoo. He has blonde hair, which is always tight in a braid.

Dragon is the vice president of the group, the Tokyo Revengers, and he is considered to be extremely wild in nature. He loves meeting strong opponents and having a good fight. His fighting prowess is great because once when he was maimed by a metal pole, he still fought 20 people at once and defeated them. His strength is unbeatable and this is one of the reasons why fans love this character so much.

The Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers already has a huge number of fans. However, the fan following for this character is even more. This character is shown as a sensitive but intense character. Several people have tried to copy the tattoo that Draken has on himself, and some people have gotten Draken tattoos on themselves to show off their love. In this article, we’ll explored the different ways in which you can get a Draken Tattoo or a Dragon Tattoo on yourself which will connect you to the world of the Tokyo Revengers.

Check out the different tattoo designs below and pick out your next body art now.

Tokyo Revengers Draken Tattoo

Tokyo Revengers Draken Tattoo
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Draken is one of the most lovable characters in the Japanese anime series Tokyo Revengers. He is a character with a dark past and very soon he became extremely feared and famous. Although this character is one of the much loved character in the series, the best part about him is the Dragon Tattoo that he has on the left side of his skull. He got this head tattoo when he was in 5th grade and called himself Draken.

This particular tattoo design is extremely beautiful and artistic. It consists of a portrait of Draken. The entire portrait has been made with black ink. Most of the tattoo has been made with fine line work while inserting areas dotwork art has been used. The tattoo artist has made a very accurate representation of the character. The highlight of this tattoo is the red mark that is running from the forehead, across the face, down to the chip. It appears that Draken has been in a fight and it is blood that is flowing. If you want, you can add some more colors to this design and make it more appealing.

Draken Portrait Tattoo

Draken Portrait Tattoo
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This design is another very amazing portrait of Draken. The tattoo artist has done a great job with all the details of the design, from the hair to the jacket of the character. To make this design more accurate, the artist has also added the Dragon Tattoo Draken has on the left side of his forehead. This tattoo extends from his forehead and goes behind the ear down to the neck. There are certain bruises on his face which the the artist has made with brown and red ink to make it look realistic. Most of the tattoo has been made with fine line work and black ink in certain areas. The artist has added Dot work design to add to the effect of the tattoo.

Draken Dragon Tattoo

Draken Dragon Tattoo
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Each Tokyo Revengers character has a tattoo that is a sign of their character. Although most of them have a tattoo different from one another, there are 2 characters that have similar dragon tattoos and they are Draken and Mickey. Dragon has a Dragon Tattoo that starts from his left forehead, goes down behind the ear down to his neck, and Mikey has a Dragon Tattoo that is featured on the left side of his neck.

This particular tattoo has been made with solid black ink and fine linework. The tattoo artist has created this design on the left side of the neck. The body placement is similar to my keys tattoo with the dragon is similar to Draken’s tattoo. If you are looking for a way to show love for this anime series of Japan, then this tattoo is something that you can definitely consider.

Tokyo Revengers Dragon Tattoo

Tokyo Revengers Dragon Tattoo
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This is another very popular tattoo. This design is off the Dragon Tattoo that Draken has on his forehead. Not many people can get a tattoo on their forehead because it is very painful and it can take up a lot of time. This design has been placed on the back of the forearm of the person. It is a simple tattoo made with black ink and it is probably completed in one sitting only. The placement of this tattoo is such that it is not very painful and it also looks extremely cool and trendy. Should you choose to get this design, you will feel content for a very long time.

Draken Mikey Tokyo Revengers Tattoo

Draken Mikey Tokyo Revengers Tattoo
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Mikey and Ken are childhood friends. The friendship began under very weird circumstances. When Ken was in 5th grade in school, he was beaten up by a few seniors and they asked him to bring Mikey from 7th grade. After seeing how small Mickey was can give up the idea of fighting him and instead took him to the seniors. Mikey fought them like the strong guy he was, and that’s when Ken and Mikey decided to become friends.

This beautiful tattoo is representation of the friendship between Mickey and Draken. The tattoo artist has used fine line work of black ink to make both the portraits and in certain areas they have used dotwork design. The tattoo artist has added some grey shading within the design to make it look more appealing. Since these designs are very detailed, it takes more than one sitting to complete it.

Dragon Tattoo On Head

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It is not always necessary to go for a permanent tattoo all the time. You can also go for a temporary tattoo design, especially in the times of Halloween. This Japanese manga Tokyo Revengers is your favorite series. Then you can dress up in the Halloween costumes of you favorite characters like Draken. To make your character look more realistic, you can get the forehead tattoo the dragon hands on your scalp as well. You can go to a tattoo artist in a tattoo shop near you and ask them to give you a temporary design instead of a permanent one.

Draken Dragon Tattoo On Shoulder

Draken Dragon Tattoo On Shoulder
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This is a very simple and artistic design of the Dragon Tattoo by Draken. After these series became extremely popular, a lot of people started getting the Dragon Tattoo as a form of body art. It does not matter where the body placement is, as long as you have this Dragon Tattoo design, it will show off your love for the character Draken and the series. This particular tattoo has been made on the shoulder of the person. It starts from the collarbone and goes behind on the back. The artist has used solid black ink for the design. The curvy lines add to the delicate nature of this tattoo.

Draken And Mikey Matching Tattoo

Draken And Mikey Matching Tattoo
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If you have seen the Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers, then you have definitely heard about the characters of Mickey and Ken. They may also be some of your favorite characters from the entire series. Many people have opted for a Draken and Mikey Tattoo on themselves to show their love for the characters and the series. In this design the tattoo artist has made the portrait of Draken on one hand and Mikey on the other. They’ve used simple strokes of black ink to make this design, and it appears to be a portrait of the two as children. You can also get matching tattoos with your friends if you share love for the series.

Draken Tokyo Revengers Tattoo

Draken Tokyo Revengers Tattoo
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This tattoo design is a very simple and elegant portrait of Ken. The tattoo artist has used simple strokes of black ink to make this entire design. In certain areas like the eyebrow and the T shirt, the artist has used dot work art. To give this tattoo a realistic effect, they’ve added the Dragon Tattoo that Draken has on his skull. This is a very simple and artistic design, and if you are going for a anime tattoo then this design is something that you should definitely consider.

Draken Tattoo – Tokyo Revengers

Draken Tattoo - Tokyo Revengers
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This particular design appears to be of great quality. The tattoo artist has made the portrait of Ken. The details of this design is such that it looks very similar to the actual anime series. The artist has used fine line work of black ink in most of the areas. To fill in the design, the artist has used dotwork art. The main element of this tattoo is the Dragon Tattoo that is there on the scalp of Ken. This is one of those designs that can be placed on anywhere on the body, including the arm, chest, leg and back.

Tokyo Revengers tattoos are actually quite popular amongst people. Not only the character Draken, but also the other characters in the group, like Mikey and Emma, have received a lot of love and appreciation. It is possible that if this tattoo is your first tattoo, it might be a little intense to get a character from your favorite manga series. However, we will let you know that this tattoo is going to be worth it. These designs are cool and trendy and will never go out of fashion as long as your love for these characters stay. If you want to explore further, you can also check out –

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What is a draken tattoo?

A Draken Tattoo is a distinctive tattoo style originating in the Pacific Northwest of North America, particularly seen among First Nations people. The designs are bold and often feature striking colors, with imagery drawn from nature such as birds or animals as well as abstract symbols and shapes. Often these designs contain cultural significance, combining traditional art forms and spiritual beliefs. Drakens are an expression of identity and a powerful way for individuals to connect with their ancestry. They are often given as gifts, signifying luck and protection from harm. The symbolism behind each design is unique and can be interpreted differently by each individual who wears it.

What does a draken tattoo represent?

Draken tattoos typically represent strength, courage and protection. In many cultures, drakens are also believed to have a spiritual quality that can bring good luck and ward off danger or evil spirits. The symbolism of each design is unique, but often includes elements such as birds, animals, abstract shapes or symbols which all have specific meanings associated with them. For example, a bird may represent agility and freedom while an animal might stand for courage and strength. Additionally, the choice of colors used in the design can also influence its meaning; for instance, blues and purples often signify wisdom or spirituality. Ultimately, draken tattoos are highly personal as each individual’s interpretation of their design will be different.

How do I choose a draken tattoo design?

When choosing a draken tattoo design, it’s important to take into consideration the symbolism of each element and color used. Talk to your artist about what you want the design to represent and how it might fit into your lifestyle and beliefs. Consider any cultural or spiritual significance that might be associated with the elements included in the design. Make sure to ask your artist questions about the meanings behind each element, and take into account any suggestions they may have. Also, be sure to look at plenty of reference images to get an idea of what you like before committing to a design.

How much does a draken tattoo cost?

The cost of a draken tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and type of design you choose. Generally speaking, small tattoos may cost anywhere from $50 to $200 while larger designs can range from anywhere between $200 – $500 or more. It’s important to keep in mind that most artists charge by the hour, so the more intricate or detailed your design is the more it will cost. It’s a good idea to shop around and speak to different artists to get an idea of what they charge before settling on one.

Are draken tattoos painful?

Getting a tattoo can be uncomfortable, though the degree of pain will vary from person to person. Some people may experience more pain than others, as everyone has a different tolerance level. Generally speaking, getting a draken tattoo is no more or less painful than getting any other type of tattoo. The location where the tattoo will be placed can also have an effect on the level of discomfort you feel; areas with thicker skin and less nerve endings are usually less painful.

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